UC Santa Barbara Acceptance Rate

To know what is the acceptance rate of university of california(UC) Santa Barbara…read on this article…


If you are a nature lover and want to study in a natural environment, then the University of California(uc) Santa Barbara is a perfect option and acceptance rate, It offers multiple disciplines of studies for local students and foreigners as well. The University had a long journey to reach this marvelous level since it was started in 1909. Millions of good students have completed their research at this institute. Among them, some personalities are outstanding researchers. A huge figure of about 24000 students got admission here in the year 2020. The numbers may increase that year due to demolishing of COVID-19.

UC Santa Barbara Acceptance Rate


It is located on the beautiful Coast Of California. A reasonable place for learning and living because of the beautiful scenery.

Acceptance Rate for University of california (UC) Santa Barbara

The acceptance Rate for UCSB is surprisingly attractive as it is much lower. It is about 37% which allows many researchers to get benefit from this School of research. Some test percentages are also compulsory for admission such as Those students easily enrolled who got 1480 marks on SAT and it also demands a score of at least 27 on the ACT. It demands a GPA between 3.75 to 3.96.

Ranking of University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB) at National and International levels:

University was at 5th rank in the year 2020 at the National level.

The Rank of the University at the International level was #67 in 2020

UCSB has sub colleges for undergraduate programs in the following Colleges:

  • College of Engineering for undergraduate program
  • College of Creative Studies for Undergraduate Programs
  • College of Letter and Science for Undergraduate programs

Short Summary for Acceptance Rate for University of Californian Barbara (UCSB):

YearGPASATACTAcceptance Criteria
20203.75 to 3.9614802737%
20213.0 (3.4 Non California Students)14803230%

UCSB Acceptance Rate and Best Chances for Students to Enroll:

As the UCSB offers a low acceptance rate so students have a great opportunity to get enroll there But when we saw the GPA criteria it is very obvious that a student should have an A grade or GPA or Average of 3.8 to 3.96 out of 4.0.

It indicates the University’s Quality education, that why it has huge criteria of GPA besides its low acceptance rate.

Why choose UCSB?

The first thought that comes to every student’s mind while getting admission to an institute is what rank does that university holds? UCSB is ranked among the top universities in America, it is among the top 10 universities in America. For this maintenance of higher rank, all credit goes to the teaching faculty of the University, because nominated education experts are the part of faculty of UCSB, with many award-winning titles with them. Another reason to choose UCSB is its educational and natural environment, Faculty pay full attention to every student and arose their hidden capabilities and ideas, and encourage them to implement their ideas in real practice

Other reasons are attractive scholarships, low fee budget and opportunities for self-employment provided by the University are major reasons why should a student enroll himself in UCSB.

Discipline Offered for Post graduate programs at UC Santa Barbara:

It offers a number of programs for post graduate discipline such as:

Course titleApplied mathematics, Ecology Evolution, and Marine Biology,        Education, Asian Studies, Philosophy, Statistics, Global StudiesComputer Science, Chemistry, Media Arts and Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Marine ScienceAnthropology, Education, Economics, Materials, Marine Science, Mechanical Engineering, Biochemistry Molecular Biology, Chemical EngineeringEducation Teacher Education Program, Chemistry Joint Graduate DegreeEnvironmental Science and ManagementMusic
Budget for Studying at the University of California Santa Barbara:

The budget for acceptance and admission to UCSB is different for different programs. As they are different for undergraduate programs and Postgraduate programs.

The attendance criteria for UCSB are of 9th Month with a minimum budget.

But fee structure isn’t finally delivered by the University President because they are willing to give relief on tuition fees. And that fee will be non-refundable in any case.

Budget for undergraduate programs:

*Undergraduate program 

budget is different in the case a student wants a residence inside the campus apartments. The total fee budget, in this case, is 33,963$

*In case a student doesn’t want the residence inside the campus, charges, in that case, will be different they will be approximate 66,633$

Because it includes a Non-residence tuition fee.

Budget for Acceptance and Admission in UCSB for graduate or Postgraduate programs:

In this case, there is also a type of budget for students as, with campus residence or without campus residence.

*With Campus residence, it will be 41,631$

*With Out campus residence it will be 59,811$.


The local housing budget cannot be compared with the student academic budget.

Scholarships offered by UCSB:
  • A student can enjoy federal aid when he applies for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and California Dream Act (CADAA).
  • Many scholarships are available which have the facility of DO NOT repay, from the California community colleges scholarships. These scholarships are so surprising that you have qualified for them even if you do not know about them.
  • University offers aid in the form of self-employment for students who may be on campus or community basis.
  • University offers several students loan as well which have to repay, so a student must look for non-repay aid first before applying for a student loan.
  • UCSB offers a Reagent Scholarship of 20,000$ for undergraduate students, who score superb grades in their previous academic history. This Scholarship is for those students which take admission in the Summer semester. It is valid till the student maintains his GPA quarterly and cumulative of about 3.20

Note: This year UCSB offering Scholarship Universe on 1st July.

Silent features and achievements of UCSB:


  • University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB) has a very intellectual staff, among which most of them are Nobel Prize winners, Pulitzer Prize Winner, Oscar and Emmys, and many other famous and non-famous awards.
  • It is very surprising to know they have 45 staff members which is the part of the top American honorary Society named “American Academy of Arts and Sciences”.
  • Its engineering college is among the top-ranked engineering college in public universities sectors.


  • An efficient learning environment for learners and Scholars.
  • Provide maximum attention to an individual student by maintaining the number of students in each class only by 20.
  • Encourage and stimulate students to create their ideas and implement them with freedom.
  • Provide all tools for teaching and research work.

Career opportunities at UCSB:

UCSB offers many opportunities to scholars and graduates from their university to make their careers by becoming part of their institute. It offers career opportunities in Science and Health, Arts, Business, Education, Engineering, technology, and many other attractive fields. By Acceptance, at UCSB a student can enhance his teaching method, research, and capabilities in a natural learning environment with amazing faculty members and at a low cost.

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