SFASU Admission Requirements and GPA

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Stephan F. Austin State University or shorter SFASU is a public university located in Texas, Nacogdoches. This university is instituted by State Senator Wilfred Roy Cousins Jr. in 1923. The university is established on the rural side of Texas, so mostly it includes students from Greater Houston and other cities in Texas. The university served many students from outside of Texas and even coming outside of the USA. Stephan F. Austin offers undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral degrees. It is famous for its baseball team, Lumberjacks, who won a lot of incredible results in the United States. 

SFASU Admission Requirements and GPA

Stephan F. Austin University(SFASU) Admission Requirements and GPA

The college admissions include about 80 undergraduate and about 60 master’s degree programs. It includes six different colleges and one independent school. The college presents countless educational services with astonishing professors and degree programs for everyone. The application for the college requires SAT or ACT exam results. According to college requirements, scoring an 1180 SAT or a 24 ACT would be enough for admission. Though college requires a high GPA for acceptance and the approximate GPA is 3.26, the university is flexible when it comes to acceptance. If you have a lower GPA than the required one, you still have a chance to get in by getting better SAT scores. Admissions also include athletic opportunities for students with good athletic results from high school, giving a chance for a scholarship too. Accordingly, we can conclude that this university requires a lot of preparation and good results for admission, that’s why it’s graded as one of the best colleges in Texas. 

Steps to Apply for the Stephan F. Austin State University

The first thing to check when applying to any university is the acceptance rate. Stephan F. Austin University has an acceptance of 65,4% which means it is in fact a selective university. 

First of all, the university requires GPA results from high school and as mentioned before the number required is actually high. 

Second of all, it requires SAT or ACT test results, but it is verified that this school is more flexible than any other. 

The college is believed to be flexible because of its below-average students which are the ones with low GPAs but who won high SAT results. It had three groups of students, top-ranked students, below-ranked students, and low ranked students. You should avoid being in a group of low-ranked students because the university can still decide not to accept you actually at all.  Though even if it is a competitive university, you have many chances of getting in.

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Stephan F. Austin State University Athletics

This college is famous for its athletic programs. The college has a highly ranked baseball team, Lumberjacks, with countless achievements. In order to keep up with those results, the college offers scholarships for athletes and members of baseball teams in high schools. 

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Stephan F. Austin State University Programs

Academia has a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs and three doctoral degrees. University has programs in Fine Arts, Natural Sciences, Business schools, etc. The university offers education in any field that a person can be interested in. 

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Stephan F. Austin State University Campus

This property is built in the countryside of Texas, and that is why it was a perfect place to build an agricultural research centre for beef, poultry, and swine production. The campus is surrounded by a great forest and reservoir which gives students the opportunity to spend more time in nature, and outdoor and have many outdoor activities such as hiking, agricultural activities, exercising, etc. The campus includes separate buildings for male and female students and many other buildings for different centres and clubs. It is a great place for entertaining and hanging out with friends and colleagues. 

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Student Experiences

Most of the students of this college comment and enjoy the beautiful campus. A great number of them in their reviews stated that the first thing that attracted them to this university is the nature surrounding campus. Despite that, the university is classified as the second-best university in Texas. It made students fulfilled with the knowledge they got and experiences with some of the greatest professors in the country. 

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Is SFASU Hard School?

As mentioned before, admission requirements and GPA for SFASU good performances and scores therefore we can say the university is also a tough one. Difficult means giving a great educational background and working with high-quality professors. Likewise, having an opportunity to work in a beautiful environment, using their research centers which are shown to be one the best centers in Texas. Furthermore, it is one of the safest universities in the United States.


Stephan F. Austin State University is one of the best universities in Texas because of its high profile of education and the wide range of opportunities that it offers. It is a competitive university to get in but it does not mean it is unmanageable. It entailed good scores and results but then again it is flexible, which means it will give you many chances to prove yourself, such as essay writing, test results, high school athletic results, GPA, and many others. The university is worth trying and giving your best performances in high school. 

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Is Stephan F. Austin State University a good teaching school?

The school is ranked the 299th out of 391 National Universities in the United States and this number makes it a good teaching school. 

  1. What is the minimum GPA for the university?

The minimum GPA is 3.33, SAT score is 980 and ACT is 62.

  1. Is SFASU a pretty campus?

Most of the students were impressed with the campus and its nature. It is bounded by forest and beautiful big trees, a perfect place for relaxing and studying. 

  1. How many students attend this university?

According to its official site, the university contains 11,624 students. Most of them are coming from Texas, but it includes students outside of Texas and even a high number of international students from Europe, Africa, and Asia. 

  1. Is SFASU a safe place? 

The university is ranked as one of the safest universities and campuses in the whole United States.