Is University of Tampa a black School?

Are you a black student? And you wish to study in a school dominated by black students and you think the University of Tampa is the one for you? Also, you may want to find your place in an institution where you will feel at home.

The University of Tampa (UT) is a unique private institution in Tampa, Florida, United State. With over 200 degree programs for both undergraduate and graduate studies. Also, the UT offers admission to all students of all races whether you are a white, Latin American, Hispanic, or African American student.

Is University of Tampa a black School?

Types of Admissions offered by the University of Tampa

The University of Tampa is one institution you will keep talking about as one of the best universities ever to attend after you have graduated from the university. Not only will you do the extraordinary, but you will explore your career, discover your talents and fulfill your dreams. Thus earning a degree in a world-class university.

·         Undergraduate Admissions

·         Transfer Admission

·         Graduate Admissions

·         International Admissions

Undergraduate Admissions

Undergraduate admission is for a high school student or graduate who has never attended a university before or taken any courses. High school students may apply at the end of their junior year while home school students should submit a copy of their 11th-year annual assessment test. At the University of Tampa, you will be immersed in a vibrant community that strives toward excellence. You are required to apply before the admission deadline of March 1.

Transfer Admission

The University of Tampa admits transfer students on a rolling basis that’s applications are received throughout the year, however, students are always encouraged to apply early. Over hundreds of students apply each year at this institution.

Furthermore, UT offers both transfer admission to students and the UT Transfer Admission Guarantee Program (UTAG). The UTAG program offers a $1000 annual scholarship and has constructed transferability and admissions for qualified transferred students thus making it easy to apply.

Graduate Admissions

Looking for a place where you will be taught by leaders? The University of Tampa will train you to become the leader of tomorrow. In this graduate school, not only will you come to learn but you will network and have a rewarding lifelong career.

At UT graduate school, after you have chosen your degree program, you must contact your admission counselor who will put you through the whole admission process.  

International Admissions

UT welcomes students in more than 130 countries, with a very unique diverse community. Applications are open each Fall, Spring, and Summer term. The TOFEL standardized test should be written by International students during their application. Although this is waived for international students from the commonwealth nations.

After you have been fully admitted, an I-20 form will be sent to you, which you will use for your visa application. UT has provided all information that will guide you through the admission process.

Is The University of Tampa Reputed?

The University of Tampa is a university whose academic excellence is an urban oasis where’s work hard and playing hard in this institution is the key. Summers classes are offered for you to explore something new during the holiday (it could be online, in person, or hybrid). This university houses over 10,000+ students with a student-faculty ratio of 17-1 and 92% of these students are receiving financial aid. With over 24 years of enrollment since the year 1995, students come from Florida state, other states in the US, and international students. Each year, about 2,400 degrees are awarded yearly.

Athletics at the University of Tampa

UT offers a lot of sports to students, staff, and faculty members thus the Tampa Spartans. The fitness and recreation center is about 6,000-square-foot, offering bicycle rental, treadmills, cardio machines, a basketball court, and sand volleyball.

There are a lot of activities such as intramural sports, club sports, fitness, and informal recreation. Intramural sports provide students, faculty, and staff an opportunity to perform in non-varsity teams and individual contest leagues. The Cass Gym serves as a recreational venue for registered students organization to serve as a rents space for events, students are required to book ahead before 5 business days.  And club sports provide a platform for competition and the development of skills among students and faculty members.

What is the Cost to Attend the University of Florida?

For a full-time, undergraduate student, tuition fees cost about $31,500, and residence cost $11,750. The graduate school tuition and school of continuing studies cost $664-$462 per credit hour respectively. Their Executive MBA Program cost $52,200 for the two-year program while Physician Assistant Medicine cost $112,888 for the whole three-year program. The Doctor of Nursing Practice cost about $32,900 for 27 months.


The University of Tampa which is a private university is not a black school nor a member of the Historical Black Colleges in the US. Although black students are encouraged to apply as this institution embraces diversity. 3.6% of the student body make up of Black or African American students at UT. They also have a black student union, showing people of color a positive image by supporting its members to achieve their social and academic goals.

This institution is a globally connected campus in the oasis of Tampa Bay Area, with a distinguished faculty of approximately 9,700 students from all across North America and 130 countries around the world. It has been ranked by the U.S. News & World Report, Princeton Review, and Forbes as one of the best universities to attend in the US. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1)  Is the University of Tampa a Black Institution?

No, the University of Tampa is not a black school.

2)  I’m an African American, do you think the University of Tampa is best for me?

Well this depends totally on your preferences, UT welcomes black students.

3)  What is the acceptance rate of black students at UT?

About 3.06% make up the black student body each admission cycle