Is South Dakota State University a Good School?

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All tertiary students love to see their school ranked or classified as a good school. Hence, to categorize a tertiary institution or a university as a good school, the university has to meet set standards to earn such a badge of honor. The article evaluates whether South Dakota State University can be classified as a good school.

Is South Dakota State University a Good School?

Is south Dakota state university a good school?

Yes, the South Dakota State University can be categorized as a good school /university for different reasons, but the main factor to consider is the 2022 Best Global Universities Ranking. The South Dakota State University was ranked #1145 in Best Global Universities for 2022. This is very crucial because the rankings are based on thirteen different indicators: the global research reputation, regional research reputation, publications, books, conferences, normalized citation impact, total citations, publications among the 10% most cited, international collaborations, and the percentage of top 1% research work cited from South Dakota State University. All these indicators were independently examined and graded, and the total marks for each indicator were added to determine the best global marks for the universities in the pool. These marks are then ranked among universities across the globe.

It is also important to note that, even though there are thousands of universities worldwide, it is not all the universities in the world that qualified to be considered for this ranking. For any university to qualify to enter the pool of universities for the ranking, that university must first meet the minimum qualification of having published at least 1,250 papers from the year 2015 to 2021 (Morse and Castonguay 2021). The South Dakota State University’s ability to meet the minimum threshold to qualify for the Best Global Universities Ranking shows that the university is a good one. The South Dakota State University also outperformed 704 universities globally and ranked #1145 out of a total pool of universities of 1849 (Morse and Castonguay 2021). 

Academic Field (Major Areas)        

All prospective students of any selected university need to know that their area of study is offered by the selected university they wish to attend. This is very important because not all universities have all departments and colleges (Anderson 2021). South Dakota State University has colleges and departments for all the major areas of studies: College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences, College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, College of Natural Sciences, College of Pharmacy, and College of Engineering. This shows that South Dakota State University is a good university because students with different interests and fields can come and get the best education at the university. After all, the colleges and departments are there to serve the students’ academic needs.

University Library

A modern library with access to online resources is critical to students learning. All students require a library with all the current books on the various subject to help them learn (Olah 2022). South Dakota State University has college libraries and a central modern library with books on all the courses. The library also has online electronic resource access to the library materials both on and off-campus through the use of student ID and usernames to access the electronic library site. This aids the students to learn and have access to all relevant learning resources even outside of the campus. This is another key criterion that shows that South Dakota State University is a very good university. 


Accommodation is another critical area of consideration when classifying a university as good. All students need accommodation where they can relax after lectures to sleep. South Dakota State University has 13 different halls of residence for its students. This indicate that there are a lot of rooms for students to get decent accommodation for the duration of their study at the university. This is a good characteristic of a university as a student will have no challenges with accommodation. South Dakota State University can be classified as a good university because the university can provide appropriate accommodations for its students. Manuela (2021) explained that the rooms are shared with other students hence each student has room-mates and flat-mates. These room-mates and flat-mate mostly become best friends within days of staying together as room-mate. This will also boost the social development of students as new friendships and bonds are formed. New skills such as cooking, washing, and other basic lifestyle skills may also be learned by students.

Course Content 

The course content of programs helps students to know the possible subject that they will be learning. All graduate studies have the various programs and what time the students will start. South Dakota State University has provided the details of all the various programs with their respective courses. This makes it very easy for prospective students to know all the courses they will learn when and when they start learning. The availability of the courses under each program helps students to prepare personal learning time and prepare for their academic success making the South Dakota State University a good university. 


After a comprehensive review of four different articles in comparison with the conditions of the South Dakota State University. I can conclude that South Dakota State University is a very good university. Apart from ranking #1145 in the Best Global Universities for 2022, the university also has modern libraries, and excellent accommodations and offers most of all the major programs with their respective colleges and departments.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Does South Dakota State University qualify for the Best Global Universities?

Yes, the university was ranked #1145 in the 2022 Best Global Universities

2) How many major departments does the University have?

The university has major departments and colleges that offer all the sciences and humanities programs.

Does the University have accommodation for students? 

Yes, the university has 13 different halls with excellent rooms for every student to get accommodation.

  1. Are certified professional courses offered at the university?

Yes, the university offers certified professional programs in some of their departments