“Tell Me About Yourself” In a College Interview 2022

To know what to say in a college interview 2022 ”Tell me about yourself ”…read on this article..!


“Tell Me About Yourself” has always been the very first question of an interview to be prepared for; not only in case of the college admissions interviews 2022 but also, in all types of career and educational interviews; So dealing with this tricky “Tell Me About Yourself”  cannot be denied within any stage of your professional life. What you need to do here is to constantly prepare well-structured content that impresses your target field interviewer.

“Tell Me About Yourself” In a College Interview 2022

 What to Say in a College Interview 2022 “Tell Me About Yourself”?

In short, to answer “tell me about yourself” you need to follow a formula that is often started by writing about the place in which you grew up; you need to connect your background story to this specific college and major that you are applying for in 2022. As you continue, indicate your strengths, accomplishments, passions, and positive personality traits. Keep it short and persuasive enough for your interviewer. 

What is the Purpose of Asking the “Tell me about yourself” Question in an Interview 2022?

You need to think of the “Tell Me About Yourself” question as the best opportunity to showcase your potential, moreover to demonstrate the qualifications that the college admission believes are necessary to contribute to the college community.

 Being invited to this interview means that they have already recognized your qualifications and now it is the time to evaluate your communication and verbal skills; That’s why they start the conversation by asking easy and light questions as a transition to jump right into the challenging ones. This opening can set you at ease and provide a natural flow for the entire talk session.

 Another important reason is that the interviewer is looking for ways to unveil the real you and your personality by asking the “Tell Me About Yourself” question. Someone who has conducted maybe hundreds of interviews knows whether it’s the real you or not. This interviewer also knows how to conduct it and make it to the next step. So, “Tell Me About Yourself” is a definitive question that determines your next steps and that’s why you need to carefully plan it.

 To wrap it up, an ideal college interview flow exactly feels like a productive and profitable conversation mutually; on one hand, it is your time to prove yourself and on the other hand, the interviewer sets the path and tone for the rest of the conversation.

How to Answer “ Tell me about yourself ” in a College Interview 2022?

We can’t deny how challenging” Tell me about yourself” can sound the first time as you quickly realize that there is no right or wrong answer to it and no one else can expert it except yourself.

There is a specific step-by-step guide and some points to include for a competitive answer and below we have gathered the content You need to discuss in your conversation.

Preparation Stages to Answer” Tell me about yourself” 

  1. Research the College:

Equip yourself with a good overview of the college and its introduction on different platforms over years. It is like the about us page on any website. Only if you find the right frame of the college identity you will be able to start defining your way through that college to make it show that you are indeed a good fit and candidate.

  1. Start by Talking About Your Birthplace and Where You Grew up

A common and effective way to start this summary is by sharing about your hometown and where you come from. while describing your past connect it to when you discovered you had the passion and interest in your major.

  1. Include Your Passions and Interests

Mention the activities you participate in and your hobbies both in and outside of school; try to relate it to your membership in certain communities or clubs in related fields and how they connect to your major and that exact college you are applying for. Other good examples are your internships and volunteer work.

  1. Indicate Your Strengths and Accomplishments in Your Life Story

Apart from other factors, it can help you the best to demonstrate how eligible your qualifications are for the position ahead. You need to carefully select those strengths which will show you the right fit the best. Relate them to how your presence will benefit the community.

Also, if you have accomplishments in related fields, try to illustrate the story behind them.

  1. Talk About Personality Traits that Describe the Best Characteristics for the Desired Position and Major.

Your answer to ” Tell me about yourself” should include your personalized version of the very unique characteristics that set apart you from other candidates. You need to demonstrate how your overall characteristic and morality has been structured to lead you to succeed in the intended position.

  1. Share Your Prospects and Goals

You need to clarify why one certain field of study and that specific college Can lead you to your future goals and why you have targeted these goals or how they can be beneficial for society and yourself.

Tips That Help You Master Answering” Tell Me About Yourself” Like a Champion!

  1. Keep it Short 

Your answer to the ” Tell me about yourself” question should be limited to two minutes only. This is fair enough time to share the necessary information without losing your interviewer as your audience. Furthermore, one factor that your interviewer is searching for, is your ability to communicate efficiently. They want to see whether you can organize and deliver essential information to an open-ended and challenging question like “Tell me about yourself” which would easily deceive you to answer with all sorts of random facts about yourself.

  1. Unveil Your Personality

A common mistake that students do is that they limit their answers to who they are and what they do in the school environment, but the reality is that your academic background already meets the required qualifications and now the interviewer wants to know about the person behind those documents and attachments. They have already gone through your CV and now it’s time to know about the way you present yourself.

  1. Be Prepared for All the Unexpected

it is impossible to predict the exact flow of your interview and all the questions that will be discussed; but instead, by trying to master the fundamental knowledge about why you are doing this interview, what the interviewer wants to know about me by asking” Tell me about yourself”, etc. and, bringing all these cases on paper you can arrange your mind, outline the key points and answers and write all the possible variations to those key points.

Using this method, it will be so easy to recognize the alternative questions and without knowing them beforehand you will answer them with great fluency.

  1. Ask a Friend’s Perspective About Your Personality Trait 

You can ask their ideas about how to answer the ” Tell me about yourself” question about yourself. Their perspective as someone who knows you well will be surely helpful and inspiring to prepare your script.

  1. Practice, Practice, and More Practice

If you dedicate enough time to go through all the variations that we mentioned to cover when writing your script, you will find yourself way too comfortable with the interview ahead which levels up your confidence at the same time as your success rate.

Sample Answer to” Tell me about yourself” in a College Interview 2022

I was born in a small city by the beach Dubrovni of Croatia. I grew up writing lots of short stories near the beach and I want to confess how amazing this was to me and I still feel the same thing about it. Later on, I started traveling around Europe and visited many of the major cities. One of these cities I fell in love with was London, which I believe should be recognized for its literature and art even more than what is done today. I cannot describe how impactful my first visit to London turned. I got to know Professor X and he invited me to his exhibition where I got to connect with lots of high figures in the World of Literature and decided to pursue the same career path.

Reading and writing, are what I dedicate most of my time for. Whether it is for business, studies, or even hobbies. As my second priority I choose to travel around the world and gain great insights into getting to know other cultures, historical backgrounds, and literature; and, that’s why I’m planning to on majoring in English literature or journalism. It is the perfect way for me to share my insight into the world with other people who are fond of reading and may get to come across my articles and even get inspired by them. Which is my absolute pleasure.

I have good attention to detail and am in love with generating creativity. I want to use words and ideas to astound my audience and go beyond its expectations. Last year I took part in a writing competition in London and ranked second. Some of my previous articles have been published in magazine X and newspaper Y, and …. After that, I was invited to this famous club of writers in London and collaborated on some projects for the media and entertainment channels in London.

I also tutor English and Spanish at an after-school program online. I’d love to attend this college because of its strong potential in  English and journalism with such high prospects. So, I think I get to know some other recognized peers as well as these absolutely great professors to develop a high-growing college community of writers.

To wrap it up, it is pretty obvious that you need to dedicate enough time to search, scriptwriting your answer to “Tell me about yourself” and repeat it several times, it is important to talk in a way that would be persuasive for your interviewer and make your upcoming steps easier and more successful; You can easily reach this goal by using the above step by step guide to answer “Tell me about yourself”. We hope you enjoyed this article and by the time you are inspired enough to nail it with your interview.