Brigham Young University Transfer Requirements


Brigham Young University is a US Christian college best known for its diversities in research. The university has its location in Utah around the city of Provo. Brigham Young University (BYU) is an institution for learners with such demands for the Christian religion, for it is also run or sponsored by a Christian ministry.

Some students may prefer to join the BYU students. So, to join the university would depend on what kind of admission or which type of applicant one would be. There is the typical first-year application, while there is the transfer application. 

Like any other university and higher learning institution, a particular applicant should apply with the lowest requirements to get admitted to BYU. This article will mainly detail the Brigham Young University Provo transfer requirements. 

Brigham Young University Transfer Requirements

Brigham young university transfer requirements

For the admission process to continue as usual for higher education, applicants should pass through the acceptance activity. Acceptance in a specific college or university helps maintain the number of students they would like to take in every application period.

The rate of acceptance at BYU usually is 69%. Otherwise, transfer students have a rate of up to 58% of being accepted to that university. Therefore is wiser for applicants to BYU to have their academic information on the performance required by BYU admissions should be at least like the institution requires.

There are some minimum requirements for applying to the university and other minutes that may not be necessary but are worth it anyway.

The following presents the Brigham Young University Provo transfer requirements for the same applicants.   

Credits Requirements

The credit value for academics that one will have achieved earlier has to be at a specific cut line or above to get admission at BYU. The minimum credit value for one among the applicants to be accepted should be at least 30 credits by value for those courses that an applicant would have gained from the former institutions.

So, for those who would like to apply as transfer students to BYU, keeping a higher credit value is something to be concerned about before applying. Higher credits mean one will have a higher chance of getting an enrolment. 


Transcripts are always a concern for admissions to a specific college or university or higher learning institutions. So to have consideration for joining the BYU campus, a transcript is a requirement. There would be no admission without the transcripts, which is how basic the transcripts are.

So, to get to BYU for transferring as a student, getting the transcripts for the formerly enrolled colleges is a significant action. 

Transcripts help the BYU admissions office check on the individual’s total achievements and overall academic performances. So, after the checking, one could have an admission after being accepted. 

Therefore, a college transcript for transfer applicants to BYU is mandatory.    

High School Work Transcript

The High school transcript has information on academics for a particular student at their pre-college level. Depending on some applicants, the transcript is essential, while it is not applicable or a must for others.

High school work may be impressive for other applicants to BYU. So, the high school work could apply even if it is not a must for most applicants.

 However, to have a high chance of getting an admission, it would be best if one provides such a document even though it is not mandatory for others. 

Therefore, for the individuals who would not be required to produce such a document for high school work, including them for Brigham Young University Provo transfer requirements, it would be a better occurrence for upgrading the acceptance probability.

Financial Declaration

To enroll at the BYU campus, applicants must agree with a financial perspective. There is a declaration requirement which every individual applicant before admission to Brigham Young University; the requirement needs a particular individual to declare about financing themselves on the campus.

The university prefers to make such a declaration, especially when they enroll with their finance with no aid from the government or private loans.

The declaration an applicant is regarded to for financing is also mandatory for other admitted students to BYU.

Personal Statement or the Essay

A personal statement is writing or essay that a student writes about them. To apply or enroll at BYU, such an essay describing applicants’ personal information is mandatory.

The university requires the essay to make the applicants tell more about themselves in writing and their interests, which could benefit the university.

So, for transfer students to Brigham Young, they should provide a personal statement which is one of the bare minimum requirements for applying to the university. 

Standardized Test Score

The test scores include the ACT and SAT scores for particular students who take standardized tests. The test scores values are an alternative for the applicants with no GPA grade.

Brigham Young University needs applicants to have their test scores at average or higher to be included in applications and admissions. An individual should maintain a value of 72 for the ACT while 1270 for the SAT scores.  

Hence, presenting the scores for application may be mandatory for others while not inclusive for most. So, one should be competent with the way they present their scores and GPA values for success in acquiring admission to such a religious campus of BYU.

The allowable average to have before applying to BYU is 3.86. So, maintaining such a value places an applicant very close to enrolling at Brigham Young University in Provo. 


There are specific Brigham Young Provo transfer requirements that a particular applicant should meet at a minimum. Such necessities as transcripts and credit score values are mandatory, while others like test scores and high school transcripts are not for some. Depending on where applicable, one should otherwise have their requirements beforehand to get admission to the BYU campus.


What is the minimum value for GPA students require to join BYU?

The minimum GPA value nationally stands at a value of 3.0 on a scale of 4.0. Every applicant at BYU should maintain the average.

Does BYU accept transfer students?

Brigham Young University accepts every kind of transfer student in terms of academic level, especially those with incomplete levels like the undergraduate. However, those students at certain levels cannot transfer, like those who completed a four-year course.