Is Harvard University an Ivy League School?

An introduction to Harvard University:

Harvard University was established in the year 1636, under the name Harvard College. This league was founded by the Massachusetts General Court. It is also the oldest academy for higher education in the United States.  Here we will see about Is Harvard University an Ivy League School?

Harvard has given numerous talented scholars, researchers, and laureates to the world. The medical school of Harvard has been consistently ranked number one for research in the United States. More than 20% of the students are international students at Harvard.

Is Harvard University an Ivy League School?

What is an Ivy League School?

Founded in 1954, it is known by the name “The Ancient Eight”. An Ivy League is a body consisting of eight private research universities, constituted to conduct American scholarly athletic conferences. 

These universities belong to the Northeastern United States and hold connotations of academic excellence. The headquarters of this league are located in Princeton, New Jersey, United States. 

The schools that come under Ivy League School are considered to be the most prestigious learning institutions in the world due to their selectivity in admissions, exceptional academic excellence, and social gentry.

Is Harvard University an Ivy League School?

Yes, besides the remaining seven universities, Harvard University is an Ivy League School. Harvard is not just a part of the Ivy League Schools, but it is also one of the top Ivy League Schools. 

It has received several worldwide ranks for its exclusive academic excellence. It is also a member of the alliance among the four ivies, namely, Columbia, Yale, Harvard, and Princeton. 

The US News named Harvard University as the best national university, twice. It was also ranked first for the Best Global University by the US News and Reports. 

List of other Ivy League Schools:

1. Yale University: This private research university is located in New Haven, Connecticut. It was established in the year as a Collegiate school and, is accredited to NECHE. Renowned by its nickname Bulldogs, Yale University ranks as the third-oldest institution for higher education in the United States. Its curriculum initially began with theology and sacred languages. Currently, the university offers Ph.D. programs that have led to it being the tenth-largest source of doctoral degrees. 

2. Princeton University: The University was founded in the year 1746, under the title College of New Jersey. It is a private research school Princeton University ranks fourth among the oldest institutions for higher studies. The college was chartered before the American Revolution and is counted among the nine colonial colleges of that era. The college is MSCHE-accredited. Princeton University offers bachelor’s degrees in Science and Arts, and their curriculum includes Liberal Arts. The college is also renowned for its R1: Doctoral Research University tag. 

3. Columbia University: Formerly known by the name King’s College, Columbia University was founded in the year 1754. The royal charter under George ׀׀ of Great Britain established Columbia University. The university offers degrees in Applied Sciences and engineering. 

4. Brown University: This private university was established in the year 1764 in Providence, Rhode Island, United States. Formerly known as the Rhode Island College, it ranks seventh on the list of most ancient institutions for higher education. The college is accredited by NECHE. One of its exceptional traits is that the college accepts students regardless of their religious affiliation and it was the first North American college to do so. The college offers both graduate and undergraduate degree programs in various fields.

5. Cornell University: This private statutory land-grant research university was established in the year 1865. Ezra Cornell and Andrew Dickson White were the founders of the college. The university focuses on teaching and making contributions in all fields of knowledge. 

6. Dartmouth College: This private Ivy League Research University was established in the year 1769. The founder of the university was Eleazar Wheelock. The University is NECHE-accredited. The college was founded with the motive to educate Native Americans in Christian Theology. The institution follows liberal arts curriculum. Both graduate and undergraduate courses are available here.

7. University of Pennsylvania: It was established in the year 1740 with its former name College of Philadelphia. The university was chartered before the US Declaration of Independence and comes among the nine colonial colleges. Its founder was Benjamin Franklin. The university follows a Liberal Arts curriculum. The university is MSCHE-accredited. The college offers four undergraduate courses along with twelve graduate and professional courses.


The Ivy League Schools are undoubtedly some of the best schools with a worldwide ranking for excellence. Harvard is a name that is a dream of many scholars all across the globe. However, the remaining Ivy League Schools are no less in comparison. They have been contributing some very talented scholars and laureates to the world and will continue to do so.