How many Indian students are in Harvard University?

Harvard University is considered one of the most esteemed and renowned Ivy League Universities located in Cambridge, Massachusett. Founded in 1636 and named after its first benefactor, the Puritan clergyman John Harvard, it falls under the list of one of the oldest institutions in the world.  Here we will see about How many Indian students are in Harvard University?

Ranked #3 in the list of best universities worldwide in 2021, Harvard is the top choice of domestic as well as international students worldwide for higher education. For its top notch education and research quality, Harvard has bagged 99th position out of 999 colleges and universities in the US.

A survey based on student visa data recorded that the number of Indian students that applied for American colleges and universities were 213,062 out of which 37,305 were for Harvard university. Moreover only 527 Indian students were the lucky ones who got the golden opportunity to study at Harvard. 1.7% of the entire student body and 7.2% of the international student body at Harvard consists of Indian students. 

Every year, there is an increase in the number of Indian students getting enrolled at Harvard university with an average rate of 7.3%. Research demonstrated that the students studying at Harvard university are 40% white, 13.7% Asian, 9.21% Hispanic or Latino, 5.98% Black or African American, 0.215% American Indian or Alaska Native and 0.0979% Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islanders. 

It has been recorded that only 40 out of 1300 Indian students that apply to Harvard Business school get accepted annually.     

How many Indian students are in Harvard University?

How to apply at Harvard University as an international student?

Applying to any international university is a complex process and can be very confusing as there are many requirements to be taken care of. Undermentioned are the most important requirements broken down in easy steps for better understanding. The requirements can vary depending on the program/course you want to choose. But the general documents that are supposed to be shared irrespective of the course you choose are:

Digital Application:

The digital application is the first prerequisite and mandatory step for applying to Harvard because only after reviewing your application form, the university will review other application materials like essays, test scores etc. One of the important things to take care of is to fill the application well before the deadline of the application process as waiting for the last moment to apply will decrease your chances of getting accepted by a considerable rate. Along with the digital applicalication you must also submit the application fee mentioned on the university’s website.

Standardized Test Scores /English Language Test Scores/School Grades(CGPA): 

Having great SAT and ACT scores play a great role in getting you into Harvard university. You are required to submit your SAT or ACT scores (with or without writing) and scores from two SAT subject tests while applying to Harvard. Moreover, if you are not a native English speaker then you will also need to take a standard English language test ( usually TOEFL). Also Harvard values school academic performance to a great extent. At Least 7+ CGPA out of 10 is required for getting admission at Harvard.

Statement of Purpose:

You need to submit a statement of purpose( also called letter of intent) to Harvard stating your reason for applying to that college. It should be 1-2 pages long and

describe your ambition, experience, qualities and why you deserve being a Harvard student.

Letters of recommendation:

Submitting a letter of recommendation is an integral part of the application process. Generally, you will require two recommendations for your teachers and one from your school counselor describing your academic performance, personality and caliber. Choose those people to write the letters of recommendation whom you are known to very well. 


Submitting a resume is not required for all Harvard schools. It depends on the type of course/program you are applying for. Generally schools that prefer work experience require resumes. Therefore, be sure to check the school’s website before submitting one. 


Not all Harvard schools conduct interviews as the final step of your application judgment. So in order to know whether you will be required to give an interview or not, check the school’s admission page. In some cases, you will be informed via zoom/ telephone/ skype if you are supposed to give an interview or not.


 Some Harvard schools require applicants to submit a portfolio along with their application which describes your academic/ professional work. Check all the necessities to put together a portfolio on the school’s website.

What is the cost of studying at Harvard University for Indian students? 

The annual tuition fee for Harvard ranges from $40,000 to $52,000  ( Rs. 30 Lacs to Rs. 39 Lacs) without any financial aid. However, Harvard provides scholarships to the students having financial problems. The annual tuition fee after financial aid is $15,000 – $30,000 ( Rs 11 – 22 Lacs) per year.

What is the acceptance rate at Harvard university?

According to the official admissions statistics of Harvard, only 3.19% students have been accepted for the class of 2025. This percentage includes domestic as well as international students.

What is the difference between Harvard school and Harvard University?

Harvard school comprises the undergraduate liberal arts program whereas Harvard university is an aggregate of 10 graduate, undergraduate and professional colleges along with the aforementioned program.


Harvard is the dream university of the students around the globe. But not every student gets the honour to study at Harvard because the acceptance rate of Harvard is as thin as 5%. Harvard not only looks for a good academic record but pays equal attention to the extracurricular activities too. To get into Harvard, you need to score more than 2100 in SATs, above 85% in 12th standard and 100+ in TOEFL.. Any volunteering and community service can serve as a plus point in your application. So all in all getting into Harvard is arduous but not impossible.