How long does it take the university to reject you? 


University or college is a higher educational institution usually after high school where one can take up a particular degree or course. University or college takes students who have decided to do their bachelors in a particular degree based on their scores and achievements in high school. Here we will see about How long does it take the university to reject you?

After high school, the student who wants to study further apply to colleges or university of their choice.

In the United States, a student is accepted into college or university on various factors such as their high school GPA score, their participation in multiple events in high school, their SAT score, and many more such factors.

Once high school is near the final examination, the student can apply to their desired university or college.

How long does it take the university to reject you?

When to apply for university?

The best time to apply for university is at the beginning of high school final year.

The university or colleges select the applicant based on their score and achievements throughout the high school hence each student should be aware and make positive choices for a better future.

Some universities take applicants just before the high school final year examination, which allows the students to make up for a good score and extra curriculum during their final year of High school. The university decides on students’ admission without seeing their final examination score however, the final examination score is the final point for the admission process to be completed.

The university year begins in either September or January depending on the university and their yearly semester beginning date.

How long does it take the university to reject you?

There isn’t a fixed date or duration given for the acceptance or rejection of an application.

The application intake begins in the fall which is during the October month, when all applicants can start applying to all their desired colleges or universities.

Once you apply, the possibility of you hearing back from the college can take a shorter or longer time.

Some universities or colleges rely on acceptance much later after applying, such as it can take around four months to hear from a college.

If the student applying is a ranked student with good grades and an exceptional portfolio, the college or university can reply sooner that is within a month or two with their acceptance.

However, if a student is the second choice when compared to a ranking student until the ranking student confirms their admission, the other students wouldn’t hear from the university, which can take around four months at the maximum.

Some students who want to major in their athletic field hear back from universities sooner than most, some even get accepted before the admission is open itself.

A college or university will take four months to reject an application some universities, if given the opportunity of enrolling a student with a better portfolio or rank, will reject your admission.

 What do you do after rejection from a college?

It is important to always keep your options open and think ahead in the future.

To get into a university of your choice, the student must start preparing in high school itself, hence before the beginning of the high school year, the student must go through the requirements for getting into the university of their choice and work on it.

The student must always have multiple options such as various universities of choice and second bachelor’s degrees in mind in case they fail to achieve their primary plan.

Applying to multiple universities always reduces the chance of not getting into any college or university at all.

Applying to two different courses as well will increase the opportunity of getting into at least one university by the end of high school.


In all one must not be disappointed if they fail to get into their university of choice.

The student must look at the positives of the rejection, and work much harder to get into universities or college in the coming year. There are multiple small durations courses one can do when rejected to make up for the time available and bring their portfolio up.

Universities reject an application on not just score but comparison as well. Some universities accept a student who is a possible choice by a university much more prestigious than theirs, this can also cause rejection of many other applications.

All one month before the beginning of the university year, all applicants will be informed of their admission results.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Will I hear from the college immediately after applying?

No, The admission application is open during fall but by January it closes giving it 4 months before the academic year starts.

  1. How will I hear from the university regarding the rejection?

Both rejection and acceptance will be sent to students via e-mail. Some universities send a letter to their residential address with an official email.