Full Sail University Acceptance Rate

To know about the acceptance rate of Full Sail University..read on this article..!


Full Sail University is considered to be one of the world-class technology-driven schools that has a lot of wonders for potential students. 

Whether you are undergraduates, postgraduates, or international students, if your interest lies in art, music recording, website development, video game development, film production, animation, and media technology and communication, Full Sail University is going to be a good choice for you.

Full Sail University Acceptance Rate

Acceptance rate of Full Sail University

The University is located in Winter Park, Florida, United States. It has over 100 well-equipped recording Studios and more than 60 classrooms for students.Full Sail University has both offline and online training for potential students, and every student has access to a pre-programmed Apple personal computer which is loaded with tons of software for practical training. These computers are provided to the students at highly subsidized rates, making it possible for all students to have the package added to their tuition from the beginning.

Interestingly, the admission acceptance rate at Full Sail University is 100%. That means that for every student who applies for admission into  Full Sail University, there is an equal chance and probability of being admitted. 

Stages of Admission at Full Sail University

1. Application

2. Acceptance

3. Confirmation

4. Registration

Let’s discuss these four stages one after the other

1. Application

The first step in your admission to Full Sail University is to apply for admission. You can apply online via the University portal at: https://www.fullsail.edu/

You can also apply physical appearance at the school office. The address is 3300, University Building, Winter Park, Florida.

 At the time of writing this article, the University website indicates an application fee of $75.

2. Acceptance

After submitting your application with all the required and necessary documents, which should include your SAT or ACT scores; or the transcripts (for the high schools and colleges graduates), you’re expected to wait for the school management to do all the necessary sortings, and then inform you about your admission status. 

When your application is successfully processed, and you’re offered admission, you’ll be notified by the school admission office. If otherwise, you’ll still know the outcome.

As we said earlier, the chances that every applicant will be admitted are high, except if you failed to submit all the required documents during the application process.

3. Confirmation

The successful applicants are expected to confirm their acceptance of the admission offered to them by notifying the University admission officers of their willingness to continue with the admission processing. 

At this stage, the candidates are expected to furnish the University management with the full details of their financial status — including their financial sources and sponsorship. 

Moreover, before proceeding to register for your courses, candidates are expected to make part payment of their course fees covering tuition, accommodation, and several other things.  

4. Registration

After the three conditions above (that is, Application, Acceptance, and Confirmation) have been met, candidates are then allowed to proceed with registering for their courses. 

This particular stage in the admission process is as important as the other preceding stages. Without registering for your courses, you’ve forfeited the admission.

What Are The Admission Requirements at the Full Sail University?

The potential candidates who are prospecting admission into the Full Sail University are expected to have the following academic papers:

  • A High School candidate’s Transcript (for undergraduate programs)
  • College candidate’s Transcript (for graduate programs)

The foreign students who do not have the English language as their native language are expected to have additional English language tests with specific minimum scores as shown below.

Minimum Score67953

Where the above conditions are met, a potential candidate can hope for admission into Full Sail University.

What are the Costs Implications?

Depending on the course you are studying, the costs of studies at Full Sail University vary from one course to another. However, we have provided a summary of the range of costs an individual should expect to pay for studying at this University.

Credit Hour8 – 2360 – 12041.5 – 58
Cost per Credit Hour$400 – $500$583 – $758$621 – $916
Degree Total$4,400 – $14,400$50,000 – $95,000$36,000 – $38,000


Getting admission at Full Sail University may not be as difficult as some people think because this school runs an open and transparent admission process that gives equal opportunity to all. 

The acceptance rate is 100%, which makes Full Sail University one of the Universities with the highest acceptance rates in the whole United States.

If you have an interest in media, film production, animation, app, and website development, Full Sail University is a good choice for those who can shoulder financial responsibilities.  

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Long Does It Take To Study at Full Sail University?

Accordingly, unlike other conventional university education, the academic duration at Full sail university is almost half of its counterpart. In other words, while it may take between 5-6 years to complete your education in other Tech. University, you need between 2-3 years to complete your education at Full Sail University. 

You could have been working, earning, and paying back your education loan while your counterparts who go to other Universities are still schooling. 

2. What is the Cost of Living & Studying Like at the Full Sail University?

The logic here is that Full Sail University does not change your payment and living costs time-in, time-out. You pay once. All your living costs are added together with your tuition at once. 

Since your study period is short compared to other schools, your spending period reduces, and your spending will automatically be reduced.

3. How Soon Do I Start My Program at Full Sail University?

Education at the Full Sail University does not run on a semester basis; this school runs every month. Starting your program could be as instantaneous as possible. You can start the program as soon as you are offered admission.

4. Are There Scholarships and Financial Aids For Students at Full Sail University?

The answer is obviously yes. There are many gateways to access these available scholarships and financial aids. The first step in applying for these scholarships and aids is for you to check your eligibility status.

There are broadly many scholarships you can apply for, but each has its own different eligibility requirements. Some of them include:

  • Academic Advantage Scholarship
  • Dedication Scholarship
  • Emerging Technology Scholarship
  • Full Sail Alumni Scholarship
  • Global Achievement Scholarship
  • Intensive English Alumni Scholarship
  • Pathway Scholarship
  • STEM Scholarship
  • Student Support Scholarship
  • Women in Technology Scholarship
  • The available financial aids include:
  • Grants
  • Loans
  • Work-Study