Dartmouth College or Vanderbilt University

To have an excellent study experience, selecting the right educational institute to attend is very pivotal to your journey and is of utmost importance.  However, it is only natural to be torn between two choices when considering schools like Dartmouth College or Vanderbilt University, and the earlier you make a choice, the better. 

Vanderbilt University, having gathered years of momentum and legacy, ranks #16 best in National Universities and is known universally for its outstanding level of educational excellence and research. The university offers study in a wide range of majors like Political science, Computer science, Neuroscience, Economics, Government, and Mathematics. Dartmouth College ranks #12 in national universities and is located in Hanover, NH. It is well known for consistently ranking among the top 20 national universities as this college intentionally places esteem on the importance of quality academics and reflects this by selecting candidates with impressive results, topping their class or amongst the very best in their class. Still in search of more information like the Uniqueness of these institutes, Tuition, chances of acceptance, and more? Read further below.

Dartmouth College or Vanderbilt University?

Which School is More Difficult to Get into? Dartmouth or Vanderbilt?

When considering which school possesses a more difficult chance of getting into, there are several factors to be aware of and these factors are :

  • The Average High school GPA: based on statistical results, it has been gathered that the average High School GPA to be considered for admission to Dartmouth College is 3.9, while the average High school GPA to be considered for admission to Vanderbilt University is 3.86
  • Average Number of Applicants: The number of application entries to Dartmouth College is higher compared to the number of application entries at Vanderbilt University. 
  • The standard for Admission: It is not a surprise that Dartmouth College and Vanderbilt University are both schools of prestige, which makes their standard for admission remain at the point where they can only accept elites; those with excellent grades, into their school. 
  • Schools Acceptance Rate: Unlike Vanderbilt University whose acceptance rate percentage is 14, (14%), Dartmouth University has an acceptance rate a percentage of 10 (10%).
  • ACT range: The ACT range for acceptance in Dartmouth college is 34/35, while that of Vanderbilt university is 34/35
  • SAT range: For Vanderbilt University, the SAT range eligible for acceptance is 1520/1570, while that of Dartmouth University is 1500/1600.

Does Dartmouth College Provide more Financial Aid Compared to Vanderbilt University?

Irrespective of the overwhelming number of Dartmouth and Vanderbilt applicants, these schools respectively provide financial support to their students. At Dartmouth, the average amount allocated for the first-year financial aid plan is $55,163. Vanderbilt University provides an average of $53, 225 for the first year. Therefore, the students at Dartmouth College receive on average, more financial aid than the students at Vanderbilt University.

Which School has a Better Learning Environment? Vanderbilt or Dartmouth?

Vanderbilt maintains a 330-acre campus and it is just a mile and a half from the heart of downtown national. Vanderbilt offers more than just great and top-notch facilities and great locations, the university has four undergraduate schools which are:

  • Blair School of Music
  • The college of arts and science
  • Peabody College of Education and Human development
  • School of engineering

Also, be aware that Vanderbilt sought after students who are well engaged in their communities. 

On the other hand, there are a lot of opportunities that schooling at Dartmouth offers, and one of the best things about Dartmouth is the big sense of community, everyone works together. The environment is very connected and because the school has a small campus, it makes it easy to socialize and make good connections. 

Vanderbilt Graduation Outcome vs. Dartmouth Graduation Outcome

Which schools have a better outcome? Dartmouth or Vanderbilt? Factors to note are the graduation rate, amount of debt from student loans, and salary when considering which school has a higher graduation outcome. Dartmouth College has a higher number of graduate students with Masters and Ph.D. compared to Vanderbilt University as the percentage is 95% in Dartmouth college and 93% in Vanderbilt University.  

Tuition and Fees of Vanderbilt University vs. Dartmouth College? Which School is Cheaper?

 Dartmouth college has a tuition of $77,520 and a total cost expense for one year of about $114,825, while Vanderbilt University has a tuition fee of $57,974 and a total cost expense for one year of about $ 80,546, which makes Vanderbilt University cheaper than Dartmouth College. 


If you are excited about the prospects of attending Vanderbilt or Dartmouth, bask in the knowledge that you are in good company, they get more than 34000 applications and the right acceptance rate, fortunately, the admission committee does take a holistic approach so that you can rest, assured knowing that all aspirants are closely considered. 

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is the minimum GPA needed to get accepted into Dartmouth College?

Having read thus far, it should be no news that Dartmouth College is one school that requires outstanding grades for a successful application. Therefore, the average/minimum GPA required by the admission committee to get into Dartmouth College is a 3.9 GPA

  • What is the minimum GPA for a successful entry into Vanderbilt University?

Vanderbilt University is extremely competitive as the average/minimum required GPA to get into Vanderbilt is 3.83. Perhaps your GPA does not amount to this? Then you will have to make up with a very impressive/higher ACT/SAT score. 

  • When is the deadline for Dartmouth College application and what is the cost of the application fee?

Applications for admission into Dartmouth College are currently closed as the deadline was on the 1st of January, 2022 and the application fee is $80. 

  • When is the deadline for application to Vanderbilt University and how much is the application fee?

Applications for admission into Vanderbilt University are currently closed as the deadline was on the 1st of January, 2022 and the application fee is $50.