Is College Park MD a Good Place to Live


  Students and families are often faced with the difficulty of finding a good and safe environment to live in. It is important to consider a lot of things like crime rates, access to good education, affordability, and employment opportunities amongst others when choosing a place to live. Over the years, College Park has undergone some restructuring to make the community a safe space. 

College Park, MD is a great place to live. It brings so many exciting and fun activities. College park ranks well in a combination of education, high quality of life, and low crime rate. We will be looking at what makes college park a good place to live in terms of affordability, adventures, categories of people, and livability rate.

Is College Park MD a Good Place to Live

How Safe place Is College Park, MD Live

  There is a saying that “a good neighborhood is recognized by the actions of those who reside there”. College Park is filled with kind, helpful and welcoming people who are ever ready to assist one another. The neighborhood has been recorded to be the 12th best place in Prince George County to live.

The population of People Living In College Park, MD

  College Park MD accommodates different races, languages, and groups. Statistics show a record of over 32,000 residents living in college parks yet they live in peace with one another. Here is a table showing the population of the different people living in college parks

   Population by Race

2Black American19.29%
3Asian 14.45%

  Population by Language

1Residents who speak English 69.85%
2Residents who speak other languages30.15%
3Residents who speak Spanish12.41%

  Population by Household Types

NOHousehold TypePercentage 
1Married owners 66.3%
2Married renters33.7%

  Population by Education

NO.Educational LevelPercentage 
1High school graduates16.13%
2Associate degree5.22%
3Bachelors degree24.84%
4Graduate degree24.42%

From the above population rates, it is safe to say that college Park MD is welcoming to all ethnic groups without discrimination.

Reasons To Consider Living In College Park, MD 

  1. Individuals can get easy access to transportation as a result of available stations.
  2. Concerts:

College Park features upcoming musicians, giving them a space to showcase their talents. This helps in keeping the environment buzzing as talented bands play live music.

  1. Great Amenities:

Individuals get to enjoy great amenities like affordable and tasty food from various restaurants, cafes, bars, supermarkets, and grocery stores.

  1. Aviation:

College Park has in store important histories and old planes as it houses one of the oldest airfields in the United States. The college park aviation museum is a place where individuals can go for adventures and learn.

  1. Schools:

 Individuals have access to both public and private schools. College park houses one of the best universities in the nation. It has a serene environment for learning. 

Average Cost of Living in College Park, MD

    The average cost of living is about $2,006, with single-family homes being the most expensive.

  Here is a table on the cost of living per person in College Park, MD.

NO.Cost of LivingCost Per Person
1Total cost with rent (renters)$2,006
2Total cost without rent$661
4Rent and Utilities$1,345

Neighborhoods Near College Park, MD 

  These neighborhoods are selected based on the ” Livability rate”. 

NO.Name of NeighborhoodLivability ScorePopulation
1Westover Village Arlington, VA88Over 2000
2Friendship heights village, MD86Over 4000
3Chevy Chase Town, MD86Over 2000
4University Park, MD85Over 2000
5Mc Lean, VA85Over 48,000
6Lexington, VA84Over 13,000
Historical Places that Make College Park, MD a Good Place to Live

  There are various safe and fun-filled places where one can relax with friends, loved ones, and families.

  1. National archives archaeological site:

The National archives archaeological sites store artifacts and tools from old times. The site contains archaeological deposits from ancient times.

  1. Cory House: 

This is one of the architectural historical sites in College Park. It is a private residence with the American Queen Anne architectural style.

  1. College Park Aviation Museum:

The Museum contains historical aircraft. The main aims of aviation are to foster research, clear curiosity, and encourage inventiveness.

  1. Lake Artemesia: 

This is a man-made lake with beautiful scenery. One can go to the lake Artemesia with friends and families to chill out.

  1. University of Maryland Art Gallery:

The Art gallery comes with beautiful artworks and eye-catching abstract pieces. 

Why is College Park MD a good place to live?

  1. For students, there are lots of exciting and fun places in college park and their environment. You cannot be bored.
  2. In terms of the recorded number of crimes, the place is safe. College Park MD has a recorded overall low crime rate of 11 per 1000 residents. About 97% of its cities are safe and the remaining 3% aren’t.
  3. The people who live in College Park are kind and ready to help.
  4. College Park MD is diverse and close to transportation.

  There are advantages and disadvantages to every neighborhood and College Park is no exception. Though College Park is a very safe neighborhood, it is not 100% perfect. College Park is a suburban area that has been recorded to be a place of various opportunities and access to good education.

Frequently Asked Questions:
  1. Can a student live in College Park, MD?

Answer: Yes, anyone can live in the College Park Neighborhood. It is safe for students as long they also follow necessary precautionary measures.

  1. How affordable is an apartment in College Park, MD for students?

Answer: There are various apartments available to all kinds of people. It all boils down to your budget and the place you would love to stay. It is advisable to seek budget-friendly apartments.