Boise State University Transfer Acceptance Rate

Boise state university is a research university in Idaho, operating for the last eighty-one years. It is a doctoral research institution and offers 200 programs, among which fourteen fall under doctoral programs. It is the largest University in Idaho because it has almost 22,678 students. The classification of programs offered by it is graduate, doctoral, technical, and undergraduate. Let us see about the transfer acceptance rate of Boise State University.

Boise State University Transfer Acceptance Rate

Every year many students apply to Boise State University as transfer students. Since they apply after discontinuing their studies in another institute, they are known as transfer students. The details related to transfer students’ acceptance rate are elaborated on in this article.

Boise State University

The number of transfer applications received in 2019 was 2956. Among those applications, the University accepted an application from 2410 students. So we can say that the acceptance rate was 81.53% in 2019. Getting transferred and accepted to Boise state university is not much difficult. You need to apply with all the required documents, and your academic record will get you admitted to the University as a transfer student. The total number of transfer students for 2021 was 1393. In 2021 admissions, the total acceptance rate was 85%. The transfer-student ratio is 7% at Boise State University.

Boise State University Transfer Students

It is not hard to get admission to Boise state university as a transfer student because the competition among the regular new students is low, so the University does not discriminate between new or transfer students. If they fulfill the admission criteria and are good in their studies also, then it becomes easier for the University to pass them as transfer students and include them as part of the University.

Transfer students have to fulfill the admission criteria for selection in the college. If they have a good student record and submit all test scores, which can help identify their potential as a student, transfer students get accepted easily.

Boise State University Transfer Acceptance Rate

The transfer acceptance rate at Boise State University was 82 % in 2019, nearly the same in 2022. Among the complete student body, 7.08% are transfer students. The acceptance rate is reasonable, but how much was the yield, i.e., how many students enrolled? The enrollment was nearly 56.85% in 2019 because 1370 students enrolled out of 2410 students.

Documents required for transfer students

The details of the documents required for transfer students are given below:

Basic Documents

You count as a transfer student when you have graduated from high school and completed at least one transferrable academic GPA credit. Transcripts from all the previous schools and colleges you have attended must be submitted as a transfer student.

Good Standing Statement and Interview

The University does not demand any excellent standing statements from the previous institution of transfer students. An interview is also not necessary to enter the University.

Application Fee

It is a must to submit a $50 nonrefundable application fee with the application form. If the transfer student mentions financial needs, the University can consider it.

Those who are nonresidents of the state or are applying as online students must also pay a nonrefundable Application Fee, or they can submit an approved App Fee Waiver.

The fee waiver request must be submitted through typical applications. The counselor affirms the request, and you can proceed with financial assistance if selected. 

Transfer Deadlines

For fall 2023, the transfer deadline is December 15, 2022, for the nonresident application and Scholarship. For fall 2023, the transfer deadline is February 15, 2023, for the resident application and Scholarship. For spring 2023, the transfer deadline was October 1, 2022, for the application and Scholarship. 

Transfer GPA requirements

A minimum college GPA of 2.2 is required from transfer students, whereas the high school GPA requirement is 2.5, with a fixed standard GPA of 4.33.

Applicants with less than fourteen transferrable GPA credits after high school are eligible to provide an official copy of their final high school transcript. They must also go through and fulfill the requirements of first-year student admission.


A cumulative transfer GPA of 2.25 is acceptable for Boise State’s transfer admission if you also have a good academic position in your previous institution.

A cumulative transfer GPA of 2.0 to 2.24 is acceptable for Boise State’s transfer admission if you grabbed a hand on a degree of Associate of Science or Associate of Arts or an Associate of Applied Science, after high school, from a regional academic institution.

Cumulative transfer GPA of 2.0 to 2.24 without the above degrees are reviewed additionally. Your Transfer GPA and GPA fluctuation throughout your previous studies are given special attention. You are asked to provide a personal statement answering essential questions about your student life and its possible outcomes.

Cumulative transfer GPA of 0.00 to 1.99, transfer students are not given degree-seeking admission. They can re-apply after they reach the required standards.

Personal Statement 

You have to tell in the personal statement about the goals you have set for yourself as a student at Boise State University. What have been your accomplishments since you last attended your school? Also, mention the challenges you faced. How you overcome those challenges should also be described. This personal statement helps the University identify the students’ potential and reading and writing skills in expressing their experiences.


The University asks for a minimum requirement of 14 credit hours to apply for admission as a transfer student.

Credits that do not count

The following credits are not part of the required transferrable academic credits for admission.

  • Joint Services Transcript credits
  • Dual enrollment credit
  • CLEP exam credits
  • Prior learning credits
  • Pass/fail grade credits
  • Non-accepted regional University of college credits
  • Technical and Vocational credit

Boise State University is a research-based university for students seeking education in graduate, doctoral, technical, and undergraduate nature programs. The transfer acceptance rate of Boise State University is almost 82% which shows it is not difficult to get admission to this University for transfer students. Although the minimum requirement of a GPA is 2.2, you must ensure that you reach a 2.5 GPA out of 4.34. 

Boise State University is an excellent choice for transfer students because its transfer acceptance ratio is high and shows that its admission requirements are not very demanding and strict. Hence, the University accepts almost 8 out of 10 transfer student admission requests.

  • Is it hard to get accepted into Boise State University as a transfer student?

The transfer acceptance rate of the Boise state university is 82%. It is easy to get admission for transfer students in this University because of lower admission requirements and equal status of fresh and transfer students.

  • What GPA do you require to transfer to Boise State University?

The minimum GPA requirement is 2.2, but applying is always recommended if you have a GPA of more than 2.4 because it increases your chances of being selected as a transfer student.

  • Is there any online degree at Boise State University?

Boise State University offers the opportunity of online degrees for nonresidents of the state in different programs. The details related to all courses offered are available on the website of the University.