Wofford College Transfer Acceptance Rate

One of the famous private religious colleges in Spartanburg, South Carolina, is Wofford College, which has more than 1,772 enrolled undergraduate students. It was established in 1854. The college provides accommodation facilities to the students as well. The majority of students prefer staying in campus accommodation, and it is a must to follow for first-year students. Let us see about the transfer acceptance rate of Wofford College.

Wofford College Transfer Acceptance Rate

The transfer students are allowed into the college if they complete coursework in any other higher education institute. They must fulfill the regulations provided for admission by Wofford College. 

Wofford College

The number of transfer applications received in 2019 was 71. Among those applications, the college accepted an application from 32 students. So we can say that the acceptance rate was 45.07% in 2019. Getting transferred and accepted to Wofford College is not much easy. You must apply with all the required documents, and your academic record will get you admitted to the college as a transfer student. The total number of transfer students for 2021 was 24 out of 82. In 2021 admissions, the total acceptance rate was 29%. The transfer students who enrolled at Wofford College were 18.

Wofford College Transfer Students

It is not easy to get admission to Wofford College as a transfer student because the competition between the regular new and transfer students is at an equal level.

Wofford College has an admission team to assist all transfer students so that they can manage the transition to Wofford College. Your status is considered as a transfer student when you previously attended a college since you graduated from secondary or high school.

Transfer students’ admission and selection process requires academic and documented preparation. The administration and faculty of the college design the criteria. 

Courses accepted are the ones that are similar to the courses provided at Wofford College, and the grades must be C or higher. The regional accreditation association must recognize the previous institution of the transfer student.

Wofford College Transfer Acceptance Rate

The transfer acceptance rate at Wofford College was 45 % in 2019 and 28% in 2021. Among the complete student body, 1% are transfer students. The acceptance rate is reasonable, but how much was the yield, i.e., how many students enrolled? The enrollment was nearly 65.63 % in 2019 because 21 out of 32 students enrolled.

Documents required for transfer students

The details of the documents required for transfer students are given below:

Basic Documents

All institutions the applicant has attended must provide their College Official Report to be submitted to Wofford College. Final high school transcript and Official College transcripts of all institutions attended by the transfer student must also be submitted to the college as an essential requirement.

Good Standing Statement and Interview

The college demands standing statements from the previous institution of transfer students. An interview is also necessary to enter college, but this interview is conducted on the phone.

Application Fee

It is a must to submit a $50 nonrefundable application fee with the application form. If the transfer student mentions financial needs, the college can consider them.

In-state and out-of-state tuition fees are the same for transfer students.

Optional SAT/ACTs

It is optional in the case of Wofford College for transfer students to submit their SAT or ACT scores to gain admission. Most colleges have now made it optional to submit their SAT or ACT scores with admission forms.


Wofford College considers factors other than SAT or ACT scores as criteria to give admission to transfer students. Some of them include grades in high school, student activities, course selection, essay material, etc. The best indicator is the GPA to determine eligibility for admission. 

The SAT scores are taken later after all admission decisions are final for predicting how students’ first years are expected to go.

Transfer Deadlines

Fall Semester

The priority deadline for the fall semester of transfer students is June 1st, whereas limited class opportunity with housing facility is given if applied before the deadline of July 1st. Admission notification comes after two weeks after the documents’ submission. The decision deadline is august 1st for the priority deadline submissions.

Spring Semester

The priority deadline for the spring semester of transfer students is October 15th, whereas limited class opportunity is given if applied before the deadline of November 15th. Admission notification comes after two weeks after the documents’ submission. The decision deadline is November 15th for the priority deadline submissions.

Transfer GPA requirements

Transfer applicants are required to apply if they have a GPA of at least 2.50 from accredited four-year institutions. They can also apply if the applicant has a GPA of at least 3.00 from an accredited two-year institution.


Credits come in the form of semester hours at Wofford College. The other colleges might have a different credit system for their courses, so transfer courses are converted to semester hours. The registrar’s office determines this course conversion into semester hours and whether they apply to majors or other programs available.

Sixty semester hours are acceptable as maximum credit hours. In physical education, two hours are accepted. More than half of the majors must be completed at Wofford College to earn their degree.

Application Evaluation

Application evaluation starts with high school and college GPA, and core subjects like math, history, science, English, etc., are emphasized. The applicants’ high school and college activities are evaluated, and the essay submitted gives a visible idea of the applicant’s potential. ACT and SAT scores are also evaluated if the transfer applicant submits them

Scholarship and financial aid 

Merit-based scholarships are provided to transfer students. A cumulative GPA of 3.5 from a two-year college and a cumulative GPA of 3.0 from a four-year college makes the transfer students eligible for the scholarship.


The transfer acceptance rate of Wofford College stays between 28% and 45%, which shows it is difficult to get admission to this college for transfer students. Although the minimum requirement of a GPA is 2.5, you must ensure that you reach a 3.5 GPA. 

Wofford College is a prominent university that is not an accessible institution to enter, but it helps later in grooming your educational capabilities at its best. Wofford College is an excellent choice to join as a transfer student because you get every possible attention as a student to complete your education. You must also provide access to your test scores to ensure a smooth entrance into the college. 

  • Is it hard to get accepted into Wofford College as a transfer student?

The transfer acceptance rate of Wofford College is between 28% and 45%. It is not easy to get admission for transfer students in this college because the criteria for admission are highly competitive.

  • What GPA do you require to transfer to Wofford College?

The minimum GPA requirement is 2.5, but applying is always recommended if you have a GPA of more than 3.5 because it increases your chances of being selected as a transfer student.

  • Is the essay required to be submitted by the transfer student?

SAT or ACT essay part must be submitted to Wofford college, or the applicant should write a fresh one to get admission to Wofford College.