Best Actuarial Science Colleges In The US

These Actuarial Science college students have a lot to benefit from the institution asides from the degree. They benefit from fellow top actuary societies, actuary clubs, actuary alumni, and also scholarships to pay their school fees. Students who are interested in studying Actuarial Science will be knowledgeable and experienced in how to observe and spot risks in undesirable circumstances. They would also know how to treat and solve unforeseen circumstances using mathematical methods. The best thing about this college is that aside from their well-grounded knowledge and impactful programs, they offer job opportunities for their graduates. It is a profession that uses mathematical methods and statistics to access risk in finance and insurance. Let us know about ‘Best Actuarial Science Colleges In The US’.

Best Actuarial Science Colleges In The US

Actuarial Science is well ranked among the best degree programs. It was rated #274 and among 102 colleges in the United States. It came best for students willing to pursue a degree in Actuarial science. The course curriculum will equip students with creative ways of foreseeing undesirable events and risky livelihoods, and ways to avoid and manage them using statistical methods and figures. Their course-related will be statistics, computer science, finance, mathematics, macroeconomics, political science, macroeconomics, calculus, and more.

Perhaps you have been wondering what actuarial science is all about and where the best actuarial science colleges are in the United States? Read on for more information.

Best Actuarial Science Colleges In The US 

The study of actuarial science at the bachelorette’s degree position applies probability theory and risk management to various fields. They are pension plans, casualty insurance, health insurance, property insurance, employee bonuses and benefits, and life insurance. 

Find below the best lists: 

New York University 

Tuition fee: $49,063 

New York, NY 

Study period: Four years duration

It is a well-known and prestigious private university based in New York. 

It’s an institution with a registration of over 6,022 bachelorette’s degree students. The admission criteria are highly competitive with an acceptance rate of 27%. Students are well taught the basics of actuary science, and the business aspect and it is overall a well-rounded course with great lecturers. Students who are studying actuarial science at New York University have the opportunity to read, be taught, and be encouraged to take the bold step of enrolling in professional examinations. This qualifies the students after successful completion of the three-part examinations and passes the mark to become a member of the Society of Actuaries and the Casualty Actuarial Society.

The University of California, Los Angeles( Los Angeles, CA) 

Tuition fee:$40,704 

Study period: Four years duration 

UCLA is one of the best colleges in terms of academic excellence and integrity.

Since Actuarial science entails technology, statistics, and mathematics, the institution also offers the program because it excels in so numerous areas. They have different approaches to assist students to achieve their careers in actuary. UCLA has a mentorship program to guide students throughout their studies. As a supplementary course to their major course, they take them to actuary career fairs, workshops, career expositions, and job opportunities. They have good resource libraries and reliable course advisors. The course duration is four years. While it takes some UCLA students four years to bag their bachelor’s degree, some spend over five years doing the same.

Georgia State University 

Atlanta, GA 

Tuition fee: $26,404

Study period: Four years duration

The degree curriculum at Georgia State University is well designed to upgrade leaders in the actuary field. It is a vast program that uses mathematical methods and statistics to solve problems in the real world. Graduates of Georgia State University have opportunities for job placement in good places after an excellent degree. Bachelorette of Business Administration in Actuarial Science is what they would be offered. The college also exposes its students to enroll in professional exams and some were elected associates of the Society of Actuaries or the Casualty Actuarial Society. Georgia State University students also are introduced to past graduates( alumni group of Actuarial graduates) and international connections.

Pennsylvania State University 

Located at University Park, PA 

Tuition fee: $51,460. 

Study period: Four years duration

Pennsylvania State University is a public university located at University Park, Pennsylvania. It is an institution with a registration of over 7,863 bachelorette’s degree students. The admission criteria are highly competitive with an acceptance rate of 50%. Due to the college’s expertise in actuarial science, it is being offered as a minor to other college transfer students and as a major course to their students who are already enrolled and studying actuarial mathematics. The university offers scholarships at least three within the department for their actuarial science students and posts relevant information about other various scholarships outside the college. They have affiliations with disciplines like neuroscience, computer science, public policy, and finance.

Brigham Young University 

Bachelorette of Science in Actuarial Science 

Tuition: $6,120

Study period: Four years duration

Brigham Young University students are trained in statistical studies to analyze the major outcomes of risks. The students learn to estimate the drawback of dreaded circumstances and develop creative plans to reduce their detriment. They also seek to know the impact of adverse effects associated with undesirable events. Students at BYU are prepared for different fields as well since actuarial science doesn’t only dwell on mathematics and statistics. It also delves into finance and political knowledge. This prepared their students for careers in politics, technology, and businesses and not only being an actuary.

Valparaiso University 

Tuition $37,550 

Study period: Four years duration

Valparaiso University is a large private Lutheran institution in Valparaiso. Their Actuarial Science program is offered by the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Valparaiso University. The course is mainly focused on micro and macroeconomics, statistics, calculus, and finance. Students of Actuary are well prepared for undesirable events and challenges in the real world using their expertise in mathematics and technology to solve them. The college offers career advancement for graduate statistics and further MBA programs for students.

Binghamton University 

Binghamton University( Suny) 

Binghamton, NY 

Tuition: $22,164 

Study period: Four years duration

The University has two major different degrees in pursuing a career in actuary. There is a recommendation of at least six credit hours for a BA in Actuarial Science. There are more extensive studies in statistics, economics, and mathematics for those studying Bachelor of Science. There is not much difference between the two, only that of their specialization but both lead to a more successful career and prepare them for the professional body examination;  Society of Actuaries (SOA). The College graduate students are offered help in job placements, career advancement, and graduate programs.

Drake University 

Des Moines, IA 

Tuition $35,206 

Bachelor’s degree 

Study period: Four years duration

Drake University’s Actuarial Science degree program has been honored by the SOA as a Center of Actuarial Excellence, promising scholars the best quality of actuarial education. At Drake, students are not only set for success in the actuarial test but success as actuaries as well in their respective places of work. They are entitled to externships before graduation. The college’s status at Iowa as an insurance company and business sector gives its students opportunities for job placement, internships, and business jobs. Most Drake graduates are easily connected and get job placement in prestigious companies after the successful completion of their studies. 

Michigan State University 

Located in East Lansing, MI  

Tuition fee: $23,670 

Study period: Four years duration

Michigan State University is a public university. It is an institution with a registration of over 8,366 bachelorette’s degree students. The admission criteria are highly competitive with an acceptance rate of 71%. These students are offered Actuarial studies in the Mathematics Department. Both undergraduate and graduate scholars in Statistics, Mathematics, and Education are enrolled. During their college period, the lecturers at Michigan State University put their students through the three parts professional exams for the Society of Actuaries or the Casualty Actuarial Society. They should be able to pass the first one out of the three before they graduate. The college promotes connections with alumni, professionals in their field, and training openings. 

Ohio State University 

Columbus, OH 

Tuition: $29,229 

Study period: Four years duration

Ohio State University gives actuarial training to its students in its Department of Mathematics. The eligibility criteria are that students must have a pre-major in actuarial science and must have basic knowledge of statistics and mathematics. Afterward, they can proceed to study actuarial science as their major program. Students would have to pass their professional exams( Society of Actuaries and the Casualty Actuarial Society) to fully work as an actuary. Hence, Students at Ohio State University are encouraged and taught to write the professional exam. They should be able to pass one out of the three examinations during their bachelor’s degree.

University of Wisconsin 

Madison, WI 

Tuition: $32,738 

Study period: Four years duration

The University of Wisconsin in Madison Wisconsin is honored as one of the top Business Administration B.A. programs in the country. The actuarial training is offered at the Department of Business Administration. It offers to give the student in-depth knowledge of actuarial science using both mathematical models, finance, and statistics. These graduates have the opportunity for job placements, sure to business sectors, and alumni groups. Wisconsin has set a good record in that its graduates also have job offers in consulting enterprises, insurance companies, and governmental agencies. 

Baruch College

New York, NY

Tuition: $7,464

Study period: Four years duration

BA in Actuarial Science

The Actuarial science program includes mathematics and statistics. The students are offered the course through the Department of Mathematics. Students are to enroll early enough. They should have basic mathematics foundations. The students at Baruch College are trained in financial modeling, applied mathematics, computational techniques, and mathematical foundations. The college helps the students specialize in preparation for work in the insurance and finance industry.

University of Nebraska (Lincoln, NE)

Tuition $71,791

Study period: Four years duration

University of Nebraska’s actuarial science program believes that quality education means giving students a choice in the path they can take to become an actuary. The University of Nebraska’s actuarial science program is connected to the Nebraska Actuaries Club, which offers students access to the NAC scholarship. This exposes students to externships in time and to build up their careers as soon as possible. Students in the University of Nebraska’s Actuarial Science program can tailor their career path to their special interests by choosing from a variety of paths. Their students get job placements; in places like insurance companies, banks, and politics after the successful completion of their studies. 

Admission Requirements For Actuarial Science

The entry requirements are as follows: There is a level 6 mark for Mathematics (70%), a level 4 mark for English (50%), as well as a minimum AP score of 34. Even though it varies depending on the school, Mathematics and English are preferred. Students also need computer science.


Actuarial science is a rewarding degree program. Even though the course entails using mathematical styles and statistics, students who do not major in mathematics are well put through. The graduates excel well in using statistics and data to calculate the risk of unforeseen events and circumstances. They also major to test the physical impacts of similar undesirable events. Businesses and individual finance companies are helped by actuaries. The program is best suitable for those are have made up their minds to pursue actuarial science. It requires devotion and training. If you are up to the challenge, the career is best for you.


Is calculus mandatory for actuarial science? 

Yes. Calculus is preferred.  

How long is the actuarial science course? 

It takes an average of 9 years to qualify as an actuary, of which 4 years are typically full-time University studies and 5 years part-time studies.  

How good should my computer skills be? 

The computer is a necessary skill for actuarial science.

What kind of jobs would I get as an actuarial science graduate? 

You will get jobs in the business industry and finance department. Also at universities. labor unions, insurance, banks, investment sectors, and private sectors.