Qualities Colleges Look For

when we apply for any college or university, they look out for some qualities rather than your scores and GPA. Your qualities and personality and values play a great role. Colleges look out for some qualities that a student should possess and who can express their opinions and abilities much better. 

Qualities Colleges Look For

It is good to score high for getting into top colleges. But only scores are not sufficient for that purpose. Colleges do look for some other things rather than good grades and scores when you apply for college. They need to know about your worth which will make you successful in the future. It is not that grades are the only basis for getting admission to a good college but also some personality factors add to it. They thought that these factors are more valuable and considerable than the marks in numbers.

Qualities colleges look for

It is not true that only some colleges look for qualities but even most schools focus on these factors. Students with only scores and not having proper extra qualities does not get admission because they got failed in the interview section. The college needs a mix of scores with good abilities. They need students who are involved in other sectors such as music, dance, athletics, and many others. 

What are the character qualities that colleges look for?

Colleges look for qualities and skills over marks and grades. Commitment, collaboration, curiosity, character, challenge, cultural intelligence, and creativity are some major factors that add up to the personality development of a person. These need to be very sharp to be successful in the future. You should mention your traits in the admission that will help you to get into a better college. Here are some qualities discussed:

Positive attitude:

Positivity can help you go long. A person with a positive attitude always shines brighter. The college needs students to have a positive attitude towards learning and it creates a passion and interest in some activities that the college needs. A person having a positive attitude means that the student is very motivated and ambitious in the classroom. This is what the university needs. Students have to identify their positivity through essays and interviews while applying for admission. 

Students have a positive attitude and are ready to learn things in the classroom. He is also a good learner that finds things to learn outside the classroom as well. They are involved and interested in not only studying but also in extracurricular activities. This reflects their passion for learning things.

Independent thinking:

This is the thing that the college search for most in the students. The officers appointed for admission know better that the students that come out of schools perform and work according to the set the teachers set for them. So, they search for students who think independently for opportunities. They search for the thinking ability of the student who will be able to participate in debate, run their local and own private business, completing research. 

You have to prove to the officers that you can see problems and find their solutions. You have the skill to think and make your suggestion for the problem.

Innovation and creativity:

More than 95% of admission officers do focus on the creative skills of the student. It is the top-rated quality that the university searches for. Creativity is searched among students because they want problem solvers, innovators, business builders, future world leaders, and entrepreneurs. This one can only have creativity and innovation skills. 

Projects and extracurricular activities are mean the best way to prove your creativity skills. A creative student knows well how to launch a product, and new methods to sell a product, advertise it and provide services. These kinds of skills put a good and effective impression on the admission officers and they are bound to select you. 

Critical thinking:

Critical thinking is one the best traits that are known very good for students. As a student will critical thinking is appropriate for taking challenges. Engineering, business, or computer science are the degrees that search for by such students. This means that they want students who do not repeat the same studies but add some me their techniques to them. 

They not only want students who can study the given material but the students who do research, create their opinions by searching from different sources and conclude it. Participating in the debate, forming their business, and doing research are the things that can only be performed through this trait. 

Hard work and perseverance:

College needs hard-working, responsible, and disciplined type of students who can mark a name for their college. They want students who do hard work without any guidance from their parents. They want students who are ready to take risks and are perseverant in nature who are always eager to take a risk and did not fear working hard. These types of students are best suited for long and big projects and can work with consistency and the same level of confidence. 


Curiosity is the factor that is needed by the admission officers to see that the students are passionate about their work and learnings. The level of curiosity is measured and helpful in various areas such as seminars and conversations that led you to spark different from other students. Colleges want students’ curiosity-minded students who are eager and very curious about learning. They need the desire in the students to study not only what is in books but also to look forward and study beyond the text notes. 

Working on projects and participating in programs that focus on new things rather than books are the best way to express your quality to learn something new. 

Ambitious and initiative:

Colleges need students that are change makers and successful in the future. They need ambitious and initiative-taking students who can have a positive impact on the campus. They want students who can initiate and create opportunities that anybody does not create. So, creating opportunities and scopes at a new level is good for the college environment. These types of students are best for creating new ideas, projects, manufacturers, and new services. 

Students who have the ambition to create something new and move forward are needed to compete with the world that can bring things into reality. 


Students who have leadership qualities are the best to lead a team or set goals and targets for the team. Leadership quality is that one which makes a person loud and confident who does not fear and who handles their team efficiently. A leader always does inspire and motivates his team which makes him a good leader. Students with such traits can easily lead a music team, gather people, and event organizing, and create a good business model. 


College is the platform where people from different backgrounds, cultures, and ideas came in touch with one another. Colleges need open-minded students who are ready to accept every type of student and their perspective and open their minds to learn something good from everyone. Open-minded students accept new ideas, psychologies, different subjects, experiences, viewpoints, and different ideas and are ready to accept and learn something from them. 


The admission officers want a collaboration type of attitude which helps the students to collaborate with different types of students and backgrounds. They can put their team’s opinions and needs can put forward. If you have leadership qualities and are a leader of the team it is necessary to collaborate with every member of your team well. When working as a team, on projects, and any collaboration, you need to collaborate and set a good example of collaboration. 


Risk-taking is not what it means by its word definition like jumping and climbing. Risk-taking here means getting out of your comfort zone and taking on new challenges in study and other activities on the college campus. Risk-taking means initiating a new project without the fear of failure, participating in debate and expressing your opinion freely without hesitating from the public, or taking challenges in the classroom to express yourself properly.

Risk-taking means that if you do not fear new challenges and fear losing then you are on your way to success because a person who does not take risks cannot do something new and challenging. 


Creativity skills mean that you have a creative mind and can create new things from existing ones. Creativity skills are a major factor needed in arts faculty who things creative skills and new ideas, innovative ideas, solving problems, and innovative services. It helps create new ideas and beliefs. You may experience new things which create new levels of thinking and creating products. 


The above given are the major traits that colleges look for in the students to get admitted. Major traits like innovation, creativity, open-mindedness, curiosity, risk-taking, collaboration, leadership, ambition, and many more are some of the top listed traits that a student must possess with grades and scores. Only grades cannot help us out some personality traits are also needed to be successful.

Frequently asked questions:
  1. Do colleges look for the qualities and extra-curricular activities?

yes, the admission officers give top priority to the extra activities and skills that you have to meet their requirements. Only grades cannot help you to be a good and strong competitor.

 Having some personality traits are focused during the admission process that you have to explain them.

  1. What are ways to make our admission application strong?

There are several other methods rather than grades that will help your application look strong and impressive. These tips are:

  • Speak their language
  • Keeping it very relevant
  • Sell yourself
  • Always do not forget to combine a cover letter with the application
  • Do take your time.