What Channel Is The NCAA Final On?

The NCAA has a long-standing tradition of having sports fans worldwide on the edge of their seats, and this year is simply going to be no different. Not everybody will be able to grab a golden ticket to witness the events unfold, so for those who will not be able to make it, be sure to tune to TBS from the comfort of your home to see the best athletes compete for the top spot. The best part is there will be multiple broadcasters in attendance this year. Lets find out what channel is the NCAA final on?

Tuning In To March Madness In The United States

The competition has traditionally been broadcast by CBS, which will have the rights to broadcast the semi-finals and the championship game next year. Other well-established networks have often shared the competition, including TBS, TNT, and truTV. Although truTV might not be broadcasting the main event this year, there will still be an array of games to watch as the competition comes close to reaching fever pitch. Don’t forget that there is also the women’s competition to watch out for and the same TV networks will broadcast all games. 

Below are some key points on where to tune in for this year’s mouthwatering March Madness, depending on which television carrier you are subscribed to in the US.

  • AT&T Universe – 164/1164
  • Direct TV – 246
  • SlingTV – Varies by Location
  • Spectrum Cable – Varies by Location
  • Verizon Fios – 183/683
  • Cablevision/Optimum – Varies by Location
  • Comcast/Xfinity Cable – Varies by Location
  • Cox Communications – Varies by Location
  • Mediacom – Varies by Location
  • Suddenlink Communications – Varies by Location 
  • Dish Network – 242
  • Wow! Cable – Varies by Location

1. How Do I Know Which Channel To Tune Into?

This depends entirely on where you are situated in the US, and you will likely be unable to view the game if you are outside of the network’s jurisdiction. 

2. Can I Watch The Games For Free Online?

The games can be viewed free of charge by tuning into NCAA March Madness Live.

How Long Will The Tournament Last?

The competition is scheduled to begin with the first four matches taking place on Tuesday, March 15th, this year. This will determine the final 64-team field, and the first-round proper is set to start on Thursday, March 17th. Be sure to have an empty diary on April 4th as this is when the all-important Championship game will be taking place. Fans can expect to see fireworks as two teams compete for the title, but of course, there can only be one winner. The specific times are yet to be officially confirmed beyond the 2nd Round, and this will likely be confirmed by the governing body once the dates draw closer. There are 67 games taking place in total throughout this year’s competition, so there is plenty of action-packed entertainment to keep an eye out for. 

Which Stations To Tune Into?

As previously mentioned, the game will be divided between different TV stations, but not to worry as there will not be any clashes of dates and times when deciding which games to watch out for over the coming weeks. TruTV has secured the rights to broadcast up to thirteen games for this year’s annual competition and they will be getting things started with the preliminaries commencing on March 15th. Fans can follow the game closely by clicking on the following link to keep track of the events as they unfold. 

What Will the Winners Receive?

The jackpot for the winners this year is likely to top $8 million as the country’s top talents compete for the first prize. Teams will win more than $300,000 en route to the final rounds of the competition, but it will stop once the final four have been confirmed. The top talents from the competition are likely to move on to potentially being drafted for NBA as this is where the cream always rises to the top in elite competition. There’s lots of talent on show this year, making every game as unmissable as the next. 

Who Is The Favorite To Win This Year’s Competition?

The Baylor Bears were the team to emerge victorious in 2021, but this year is billed to have a new name on the coveted trophy. The odds are highly stacked in favor of Kansas City and Duke, so it is well worth placing your bets early to be in with a chance of cashing in on this year’s winners. As we all know, anything can happen in College Basketball, and this year’s events are no different. There is a lot of talent on show for every team this year, so it really is difficult to predict a worthy winner before the competition has even started. 


No matter who your favorites are this year, the tournament is sure to have fans on the edge of their seats from the very first bell, so be sure to not miss out on any upcoming news or schedule changes that may be confirmed closer to the time. And no matter which station you tune into this year, the coverage will be of the highest quality as fans will have the option of watching the games in HD. Wherever you are located in the world, it has never been easier to stay informed and check the outcome of each game. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Are all games live?

Yes, all games can be viewed either by tuning in to one of the approved broadcasters or by accessing the official NCAA website, which is free of charge. 

2)Will there be highlights?

Yes, there will be highlights to keep fans across the country up to date with the latest news on the court. Be sure to check the certified broadcasters for regular updates. 

3)Can I Watch From Outside of The United States?

There will be foreign broadcasters in attendance as this interest spans across the globe. Be sure to investigate this, as the games cannot be viewed by American broadcasters outside of the country.