How Much Are Tickets to The College Football Championship Game?

Who doesn’t know the national-level college football championship?? This championship under the auspices of the NCAA is one of the championships held to determine the champion of the NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) on a national level. In this article we shall see How Much Are Tickets to The College Football Championship Game?

This year, the CFP (College Football Playoff) has been held on January 9th, in Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis, Indiana with Georgia Bulldogs coming out as a winner after getting knocked off Alabama Crimson Tide (33-18). With the capacity of the stadium, it is approximately this match attended by 68 thousand people. 

How Much Are Tickets to The College Football Championship Game?

How Much Are They?

Well, you must be wondering how much money you have to spend to attend this prestigious match.

In connection with the ticket that sells, the price provided also varies depending on the seating position in the stadium. In addition to match tickets, you also have to pay attention to plane tickets whose prices vary. Here is the list of those prices.

  • Broadly speaking, tickets for these matches range from $400 – $2000 according to sources such as StubHub, Ticketmaster, Vivid Seats, and also Seat Geek. 
  • Reporting from the site, flight ticket prices range from $800 – $2000 depending on the origin of departure and the selected class. However, most people would choose economy class considering the price is more affordable. The price seemed cheap because it was ordered close to the D-day of the match.

The following year, the show will be held at Sofi Stadium, Inglewood, California on January 9th, 2023. Due to the long match schedule, the ticket prices for this match still seem expensive. 

  • Reporting from ticket booking sites as mentioned above, the cheapest ticket prices are currently in the range of $4000 – $5000 per ticket. This price can change over time, because the closer the match is played, the cheaper the tickets are sold seeing that the remaining seat options will decrease. 
  • Ticket prices are sold close to the schedule of this match, almost the same as the ticket prices mentioned above, which can reach a price range of $400 – $2000 only. 

Is it Worth it?

Maybe in other countries such as Spain, England, Germany, or France, this sport is not as popular as in America (because Soccer is more popular and popular there). If asked whether it’s worth it with such an expensive ticket to watch a match of this class, of course, the answer is yes for fans of this sport. However, of course, you need to think about how expensive this ticket is at that price. Indeed, the advantage of watching live at the stadium can give different vibes so that it is more memorable, and the euphoria is more pronounced than just watching the match through the screen.

So, it’s not surprising that in the previous series of tickets, around 68 thousand tickets were sold out of a total capacity of 70 thousand spectators. This proves that this price does not prevent the audience’s interest from spending more to witness a very prestigious football match on the field. When else will you be able to see the fun of athletes who are very macho and cool directly even though they are not close…

Can People Afford it?

  • Considering that the number of tickets sold has almost fulfilled the available capacity, it means that the price can be said to be affordable for the community. 
  • And of course, people from different social levels occupy several distinctly different levels of seats. 
  • For some people who try to make ticket prices cheaper, they buy through secondary markets on a date close to the day. It is inconceivable how rich the American people are.

Whatever the nominal price, people who like this sport, especially big fans of this sport, will buy it. It’s human nature when love for something must be like this. It’s the same with soccer fans whose love is unstoppable. Because for them, this sport is not just a sport, but a part of life that has been fused with their hearts.

We’re They Always This Expensive?

Playing in a magnificent stadium like Lucas Oil, Sofi, and others is not an easy thing to imagine. Starting from the field preparation, maintenance, security, logistics, transportation, and so on, they are not kidding.  Therefore, the tickets sold are also considered with the cost of the event expenses, and for that range, it can be said to cover the costs of this event plus the profit.

Event expenses also vary from those already mentioned, such as security, consumption, and even media and sponsorship. Therefore, for an event of this magnitude, the cost is always this high from year to year.


The CFP (College Football Playoff), is a very prestigious event even among college students, is an event that most enjoyed so much that they could afford to buy such expensive tickets. 

  • As mentioned above, this year’s ticket price range is around $400-$2000 because it’s close to D-day. 
  • Nevertheless, tickets the following year, rose to the lowest at $4000 per ticket because it was still a long way from D-day.

However, this will not dampen the interest of the audience, given the magnitude of this event and the high enthusiasm of the audience. So that in any way, in the end, the capacity of the Sofi Stadium will be filled to approximately 90% of its full capacity. 

So, for you, especially fans of this sport, get ready to save from now on to at least reserve a seat for you to watch the excitement of this match. You can order tickets on the official Sofi Stadium platform or some of the previously mentioned platforms such as StubHub, Ticketmaster, Vivid Seats, and Seat Geek. What are you waiting for, who knows for you singles, you will find a new crush and be highlighted by the fancam at the stadium? Something you will live with for the rest of your life.