Can You Get A bachelor’ Degree At Macomb Community College?

Community Colleges are tertiary institutions that one can attend immediately after high school. It probably has different meanings in other countries, in the United States, it is a higher level of learning where students can obtain diplomas and associate degrees after they have graduated. Community College is referred to by many diverse names, some are; city colleges, junior colleges, and two-year colleges. Whichever one it is, they all mean the same thing. The first community college in the United States was founded in the year 1901 in Joliet, Illinois, it was named Joliet Junior College. In this article we shall see Can You Get A bachelor’ Degree At Macomb Community College?

Bachelor’s degree can be earned at Macomb Community college, even though most community colleges are built to offer bachelor’s degrees. One can obtain his bachelor’s degree at Macomb Community College, but first, he must finish the first program which is the associate degree program. It is not only a bachelor’s degree that one can obtain at this community college, one can obtain a master’s degree or even a doctoral degree. 

Can You Get A bachelor’ Degree At Macomb Community College?

Macomb Community College as a Degree-Awarding College 

Macomb community college is situated in southeast Michigan. In 2012, in December of that year, Michigan joined twenty other states who have all permitted their community colleges to award bachelor’s degrees to worthy students. 

Presently, Macomb Community College Awards the Following Degrees; 

  • Bachelor’s degrees 
  • Master’s degrees 
  • Doctorate degrees 

Now a person can attend a community college and still be able to gain a university equivalent degree. Considering the high cost of attending one of these universities or colleges, one may consider the idea of attending Macomb Community College, there is a great chance that the preferred program is on the Macomb Community College bachelor’s degree or master’s degree list. 

Macomb Community College can offer a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree, and even a doctoral degree because of the partnership they have secured with several universities across the country. So, most of the degrees one will get will be affiliated with other universities outside Michigan, but classes will be at the Macomb community college university center. 

Programs Offered at Macomb Community College

Macomb Community College offers a wide variety of programs in the arts and sciences fields. Some of these programs were officially published by the school’s official education website; 

  • Civil Technology 
  • Court Reporting 
  • Digital Marketing 
  • English 
  • Floral Design 
  • IT – Professional 
  • Marine maintenance technician 
  • And various many more 

One can offer one of these programs to obtain a degree or a certificate, it could also be a continuing education where one can further apply to a high college or university. Some of these programs are available for studying online, the student does not need to be present in class. 

He can just do everything needed to do on the course over the Internet, all the tests, exams, and lectures can be accessed online. Most programs offered at Macomb Community College are three years programs, which prepare the student for life after high school and be ready for what the world has for them. 

How to get admitted into Macomb Community College ?

Even though it is a community college, and not as competitive to get admitted as the usual colleges and universities. A prospective or aspiring student of Macomb will have to meet a few basic prerequisites. Primarily, the person must have completed high school and graduated with his certificate. This however applies to just persons below the age of 18. 

There are no strict rules for persons in the working force. Tuition is not free unless one is fortunate enough to grab a scholarship which is rare for a community college student. Macomb Community College practices an open admission policy, which means it is very easy to get in, in fact nearly everyone that applied to it will gain admission except the very few who could not be met up with the minimum requirements. 

So, to get admitted into this community college, one will have to do the following;

  • contact the admissions office department of the community college to register interest in attending the school, 
  • then he will be expected to provide some documents on his personal life and so documents suggesting he is very fit for the program to which he is applying. 

All these, the prospective student is expected to consider. 


Even though most community colleges are incapacitated to grant a bachelor’s degree or its superior degrees. Macomb Community College is what most will refer to as a special case because, at Macomb Community College, one can obtain a bachelor’s degree or even a master’s degree at this community college. Macomb Community College is a respectable institute of learning and has produced some great alumni. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. where is Macomb Community College located? 

   Macomb Community College is situated in Michigan in the southeast area of the state. Its exact address is 14500 twelve-mile road, Warren MI 48088, United States.

2. Does one have to finish high school to be eligible for community college? 

    Not really, community colleges are not strict at all in their admission process. They practice what is called “Open Admission” which means that they have an education you have to fulfill before you can be enrolled.

3. Can one obtain a Masters’s degree from Macomb Community College? 

    Yes, Macomb Community College now does have the capacity to award not just master’s degrees but also a doctoral degree to successful students at the end of their different programs. It is a bit backward to think that all community colleges can only give a diploma or an associate degree.