What Is the Cost to Attend University Of Oregon?

The University of Oregon (UO) is one of the best universities in the US. The university is a public and research institution in Oregon State around the region of Eugene in the US. The cost of attending the UO differs from one student to the other by the way they enroll on that campus. For example, the fees may vary if one student gets financial aid and the other does not. Lets see what is the Cost to attend university of Oregon?

Also, there are different residential areas, and their costs are additional. The rate of acceptance by the university is around 84%, with its graduation rate standing at 72%.

The average cost of attending the UO is roughly about $16K after a particular student receives financial aid.

The following will detail the amounts one may require to join UO, considering the specific costs like federal aid allowance, tuition, and other fees.


The tuition payment is a regular fee every student pays to a university before enrolling or going for classes. Every academic year each student at the University of Oregon must pay the tuition fee for a successful registration. 

Since different groups of students join, the amount each group pays is generally additional. For example, there are; in-State residents and out of the State residents in terms of residence. The cash amount the out-of-state students pays is $36,912, while for the in-State students is around $11,460, and that is different. 

Therefore, if one is willing to join the UO students, depending on the much they can afford, choosing from the amount of tuition is necessarily possible. 

Other Fees

International Students

At the University of Oregon, international students have the freedom to join. There are 7% of international students enrolling in UO. So, if one has the scholarships and financial aid as an international student, joining the UO is simple, just like the other students, but only the application procedure may differ.

The rate at which the university accepts other students is slightly different from that of international students. Also, the fee amount might be additional as other factors such as household income are a consideration for every individual student willing to join UO.

Get Price

The net price is the amount a student will have to pay when all the grants and other financial aid and scholarships are available and considered in the tuition payments and additional applicable fees such as rooms and board and the supplies and books. 

The net price per year is estimated to be an average amount of $17,646, considering the family income for a specific student and considering the scholarships or grants the student receives per year.

So, what is the cost to attend the University of Oregon? The net price is the exact amount that can answer such a question, but only if one has gained such financial aid as grants and a scholarship. 

The Aid for Federal Students

Federal aid for students is an excellent help to the qualified students and those willing to receive it. The aid helps to support the students in joining universities. The University of Oregon accepts such aid so that the students can enroll peacefully without financial difficulties that may arise, considering the support one has.

So, if one wants to attend UO but finds the cost is pretty high, applying for federal aid is something they would consider at any price.

For a first-year student, a total aid of $10,480 is what they can receive when joining the UO students. Also, the federal assistance awards a cash amount of $3,404 as self-help money.

The aid to students reduces the cost of attending the University of Oregon to a more excellent value. 

Attendance Cost

For what is the cost to attend the University of Oregon, it would be possible to say that it is the total attendance cost. 

For the undergraduate students, non-residents have to pay an amount of $15,054 as the fees and the tuition, while the resident students pay $41,700 in cash. The money for rooms and the board is around $14,640 for the residential students and $14,640 for the non-resident individuals.

The total amount of cost to join UO is around $29,694 paid by the resident students and a total of $56,340 for non-residents. 

Other costs are applicable and added to the estimated total cost. Such additional include supplies and books, personal expenses, and the transportation fee. Consequently, if willing to enroll, the above amounts are the average one would consider for the total cost of attending the University of Oregon.  

Application Procedure

Before one considers the university’s fee structure, it is good they know the procedure followed to apply and join the university. After one has confirmed eligibility, it would be straightforward to enter the UO campus. 

Like any other university, one could apply physically to the university’s office or achieve that by the online way. Whatever application procedure renders one viable to the university. If one is taken or accepted to the campus, following the costs required is the next step to confirm the campus’s validity and if one would qualify for the financial aid. 

However, when one finds out they can afford to attend the university, they may make the application.


In conclusion, the cost to enter UO considers the entire application fee less other costs for personal issues. Although, if one gets grants and other scholarships from the federal aid organization, the total amount and personal matters will be part of the consideration, and the organization provides it all. The amounts above are the cost estimates for one to have at hand before enrolling in UO. 

What is the cost of enrolling in the UO?

The attendance cost required for one to join the University of Oregon is;

Undergraduate Attendance Costs
The residents ($) The Non-residents ($)
Campus fees and tuition15,05441,700
Rooms and the board14,64014,640
UO’s total costs29,69456,340
Other estimated cash ($)
Supplies and books1,2271,227
Personal expenses2,3252,325
Transportation 3931,383

How much does it cost for four years at the University of Oregon?

The tuition payment for students admitted in 2022 has to pay a total of $64,273 for those resident students and for the out-of-state students to pay $174,711. The COA for the four years is $135,290 and $245,727 from the residents and out-of-state students, respectively.