Why Do Students Lose Interest in College?

Going to college indeed is a dream for most people. There are so many benefits you can get from going to college. Nevertheless, with a long process to get a graduate degree, not a few people could not make it until the end. What are the causes of this problem? In this article you are going to find several things about why students lose interest in college. Start from having a bad circle of friendships, financial matters, wrong major, and many more. Last, I will draw a simple conclusion for you to answer this question. 

Why Do Students Lose Interest in College?

Things That Might Ruin Your Mood in College

Does not match with the campus environment

After graduating from the previous school, those of you who want to continue to college must still choose carefully which campus you will enter. Because not a few students complain about dropping out of college just because they don’t fit in with the campus environment, whether it’s regulations, systems, or so on.

Having a toxic friendship

Running the world of lectures will certainly be very fun if you have a lot of friends. However, this can backfire if your circle of friends has a negative influence that results in your loss of interest in continuing your studies. This is very influential, especially for young people who have just entered the world of lectures.

Financial matters

There are times when all your efforts in learning to achieve your goals to graduate are hindered by financial problems. Besides being able to make you stop studying materially, this can also make your mind to go to college disappear.

Wrong major

Furthermore, it is not uncommon for college students. When they do not prepare well before entering the world of lectures, they are often trapped in a major that does not match their interests. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare carefully which majors will be taken during college.


Excessive overthinking destroy your mood and results in a loss of interest in studying. This happens when a student feels depressed whether it’s because of problems with friends, girlfriends, or family. This makes a loss of focus to study.

Poor time management

Often time management problems make a student’s mood go awry. For this reason, it is necessary to pay attention to which things are important to take precedence so that later it will not be difficult to manage time. It should also be realized that an irregular lifestyle greatly affects the mood of young people.

Teenagers love

Passionate romance, new friends, and a new environment make young people often lulled by the beauty of love in adolescence. Although this love may be considered as one of the motivations for studying, it is still not good for your study if it is done excessively. For example, if you break up with your boyfriend, of course, this will ruin your whole mood, including your interest in continuing with college.

Having a problem with the lecturers

In simple terms, as long as you attend class and do your assignments on time, you will not have problems with the lecturers. However, on the other hand, if you act a lot and irritate your lecturers, you will get bad grades. This bad grade will be an obstacle for you to continue studying, especially if it occurs in the first semester.

Things You Can Do to Prevent from Losing Interest in College

Set your own goal 

The first thing you must do is to set your own goal. You must realize what is the main purpose of your going to college. After all, you are going to stick to that goal until you finish your studies. 

Pay attention to all classes

To add to the appeal to be excited about college is to pay attention to the material given in each class. This can help you to focus more on your main goal, namely studying and completing college on time plus high grades.

Avoid negative friendship

As mentioned before, as much as possible to avoid friendship circles like this. The goal is to maintain your interest and main goal in college. So, not to play around or show off and do mischief in your youth.

Get an internship to help with financial matters

Another way so you don’t get lost in college is to find additional income through an internship program. Although this can indeed divide your focus and take time, isn’t it better to fill your college years with positive activities than other unclear things?

Prioritize your study above everything

Always use this principle when you are pursuing your education. Just as your main goal is to learn, therefore you must prioritize this above anything else. Unless you want to spend college with useless things.


Don’t forget to appreciate yourself. A small example is occasionally refreshing your mind by refreshing after doing a test, or there are many other ways. The point is, don’t forget to appreciate yourself for what you’ve been through and live, whatever the results as long as it’s positive.

Join some organizations and clubs

Well, if you don’t have financial problems in college but you still want to fill your lectures with something positive, then joining an organization or club is the way to go. Besides, you will meet friends who have the same interest as you, here you will also get a very useful experience. Following these two things is also able to provide its spirit because there will be many events that you will go through with the organization or club that you will participate in later.


In a nutshell, there are so many things that influence the mood of average young people, but we should care about the things that might ruin the interest of students in college. Some problems like unfit for the campus environment, negative friendships, wrong majors, financial matters, anxiety because of love, family, friends, etc., having problems with the lecturer, and poor time management.  All those things are causes that might ruin your mood in college.

However, there are several tips for you to prevent that happen. Start by setting your own goal, avoid negative friendships, pay attention to the class, join organizations or clubs, get an internship, and the most important is to reward yourself. Mood swings are normal, if we focus on what we want to achieve, I’m sure nothing will get in the way.


  1. How to avoid negative friendships in college?

By being wise to choose friends that have the same interest as you and don’t ever hang out with friends who are dealing with the drug stuff, etc.

  1. How to manage your time properly?

Start by making a to-do list, prioritize the things you have to do from the important ones, and so on. From there, you may develop your way to make your time management better.

  1. How to deal with sensitive lecturers?

Never miss their classes, pay attention to every little thing that they said, and don’t ever try to argue with them when you have no strong legal basis. Overall, just submit the assignment and homework on time, and they will be pleased. 

  1. How to deal with anxiety because of the many college assignments?
  • By dividing tasks based on their level of difficulty and deadlines so that they are easy to do sequentially.
  • Next, don’t force yourself if you’re not in the mood to do the work. Take a break until your mood returns.
  • Don’t forget to give yourself a self-reward every time you complete a task that is considered difficult.