Is a GPA of 98 Good?


GPA  is an acronym for grade point average. It is a form of a score grading system that is used in the universities to measure a student’s academic performance in a given academic year. It’s a  numerical index of the score that provides a summary of a student’s academic achievement in the ĺ year. This score helps in determining whether the overall grade taken by a student is high or low.  Here we will see about Is a GPA of 98 Good?

GPAs are calculated for high school, undergraduate, and graduate students it can also be used by potential employers to evaluate and then compare the candidates. 

 Each university or degree program has set a standard GPA score to enter into the university and this score differs from university to university. Hence this GPA helps the students to assess their scores to enter a particular university. 

Is a GPA of 98 Good?

What is the importance of a GPA? 

GPA will give a broader indication of the overall grades taken by the student helping in narrowing down a particular university for a bachelor’s or a master’s degree program. 

GPA can also be used in applying for a scholarship,  joining a particular organization or club, or doing any extracurricular activities.

Hence it’s important to have a GPA score for the student.

How Is GPA calculated? 

GPA is a total of all the scores earned by the student. The GPA is the total number of scores of all subjects throughout the year and is divided by the total number of subjects the student attended.

The GPA is then produced. There are different ways GPA can be considered. Some schools consider the percentage GPA where the scoring is given in the form of percentile.

Some schools prefer the dividend GPA which is the total divided by the number of examinations given.

However, GPA is a total dividend score that is given to all students after every examination, this score is what gets a student into college or university.

Is a GPA of 98 good?

When we talk about GPA in terms of double-digit, it is out of a total of 100.

A GPA of 98 means the score is 98 on 100. The number is 2 points away from 100 itself tells how good the score is.

98 GPA is not just good but an excellent score. This score can get the student into any college or university they want within the United States and other countries as well.

Most prestigious universities such as Oxford, Harvard and so take students are based on their GPA and SAT score. A GPA of 98 cannot stop the student from getting into any of these colleges. The score is eye-pleasing and outstanding.

Even when converted to percentile, the GPA will be rounded to 4.5 to 4.8 out of 5 which is the best score one can get.

A GPA of 98 is attained after scoring full in multiple examinations and getting a score one or two-point away from the complete scoring.

Will you get into college with a GPA of 98?

With a GPA of 98, the student can apply to any university and get accepted being the student is applying for a degree or course which requires good academics.

With a GPA of 98, the acceptance rate of the student just like their score is 98 to 99%.

All prestigious universities would want to have a student with excellent academics. 

Most universities will even offer scholarships for their academic GPA score. 

However, with academics, the student must also have some sort of other achievements as well which make the student stand out more than their academics.

A student who wants to get into a professional basketball game, they don’t require a GPA of 98 but must have a good record in the field and a recommendation from at least three coaches of the same game field.

Hence, accepting to get into college with a GPA of 98 is highly possible only if the student wants to get into a field or bachelor’s degree which looks for academic scores only.

How much is GPA 98 in the percentile?

A GPA of 98 is 4.5 or 4.8 in the percentile. 

A GPA score of 3.5 is well enough for a student to get into a decent good college but a 4.5 percentile is enough to get into any prestigious college. 

The percentile of more than 4 out of 5 is going to get the application of the student on top of all the other applications.

GPA 4.5 is also going to get the student a scholarship or completely funded education for their entire degree course.


Being in high school can be stressful. With worrying about their social status the student must worry about their future and getting into a good university.

Keeping the score and doing well in the examination during the entire high school year will result in a great GPA and a promising future in a reputable university.

But, with a good academic score, one must allow to participate and become a part of cultural or Liberal events which will increase the student’s chances of being the first choice in any university or college.

With a GPA of 98, the student wouldn’t have to worry about which university to select or which degree to choose. The choice is open to them because of their score.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Is a GPA of 3.5 good enough to get into universities?

Yes, 3.5 is an adequate score to get into a good university.

  1. Can I get into the medical field with a GPA of 98?

One can get into any academic involved field with a GPA of 98. If they have a good reputation in their skills they can get into their skill field with a 98 GPA as well.