What College did Kobe Bryant go to?

What College did Kobe Bryant go to?

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Basketball might be the national game for Serbia, but thousands and millions of the American people love playing and watching it. The people in the country love and appreciate the gameplay and players of the game. In the same way, many players are well known because of their basketball careers. 

Many people around the country have asked what college beloved and late Kobe Bryant went to. The famous basketball player did attend high school college at Lower Merion High School. Unfortunately, he did not exactly go to a college after completing his high school studies at the mentioned school above. 

But, this does not mean that the basketball player was not educated. The world-famous basketball player had the manner that was required and was highly educational. This basketball player was loved and well-appreciated by almost every citizen of the country. 

Kobe Bryant 

Kobe Bean Bryant is the full name of Kobe Bryant. Interestingly, he was also known as the shooting guard of basketball. Other than that, this player spent his whole 20-year life playing for one club, and that is Los Angeles Lakers. 

This was the reason why many people around the country supported the basketball club ever since the player joined. During his tenure in the basketball club, the professional basketball player won many awards from various hosts. The legendary player won five NBA Championships and was an 18-time All-Time star. 

Ever since his childhood, he always wanted to become a basketball player and wanted to represent his country. Interestingly, he achieved all his dream at a very young age because of his additional playing skills and intelligence. Other than that, he completed all his studies that were required for his professional field. 

Kobe Bryant Education And College Life

The education life of this professional basketball player was incomplete. Unfortunately, he was not given the chance to complete his further studies. But, some people say that they were grateful to see the big man play basketball for Los Angeles Lakers. 

Bryant earned his recognition during his tenure in high school career. He was quite a famous basketball player at the Lower Merion High School in Ardmore and in his previous schools. This high school college is situated in Philadelphia and in the suburb of Lower Merion. The college is still known because of the world-famous basketball player. 

Before visiting or enrolling himself at Lower Merion High School, the professional basketball player finished his studies at School of the Woods Montessori and Bala Cynwyd Middle School. His middle school and early-middle school life were quite amazing and normal, just like other students in the schools. 


Most players studying at any university are either on scholarship or they are playing just for the sake. But, Kobe Bryant was on scholarship during his tenure at Lower Merion High School. The player was recognized at the same high school because of his great and unique basketball skills. 

He attended high school in the United States and completed it with an SAT score of 1080. This incredible SAT score would have bought him a scholarship to multiple colleges around the country. But, he did not get the chance to finish his college life at any university any colleges around the country. 

Interestingly, his basketball skills were so unique and good that big clubs in the country called him to play for their club. At the age of seventeen, Kobe Bryant directly went to play for NBA, and he never completed his further studies after completing high school. 

Kobe Bryant’s Professional Career

His professional career skyrocketed like anything as soon as he joined the basketball league. NBA was the biggest league that is held in the country, and an individual could participate. The player earned his reputation and respect by playing in such huge tournaments. 

Soon after completing high school, the basketball player joined Los Angeles Lakers to play for their club. Initially, he was paid less, but that increased gradually. Additionally, Kobe Bryant was the first basketball player who was guard drafted directly out of high school. As of today, there have been no reports of any basketball player who has faced this. 

After he was signed for Los Angeles Lakers, his parents had to cosign his contract with the same club. This was because he was just seventeen years old, and it was illegal to sign any contract before eighteen years of age. Additionally, the basketball player had made a three-year rookie contract that totaled $3.5 million. 


Kobe Bryant might not have completed his higher or further studies, but the respect and reputation he had for the game and people were just awesome. No player can be compared with this player in the country. He will always remain in the hearts of all basketball lovers and players around the world.