How do I get a Student Development Pack?

How do I get a student development pack?

Many of us think what is the need for the student development pack when we are already studying at the university or college. Already we are getting enough knowledge from there why to crave for more. Yes! This is right that we are getting knowledge from our universities and colleges but sometimes there are such things which are also left by the college or university which can be important for the further development of the knowledge. in colleges and universities they mainly focus on the mainstream subjects. Because of this reason, students should enroll in the student development pack.

What is the student development pack?

A student development pack is a pack in which a student gets knowledge about the other tools like development, programming, etc. when students get access to such tools they are intended to learn many other such things which are other than their mainstream subjects. Not concentrating on the mainstream subject is obviously not a good sign but also not learning the other programs is also not healthy for a student’s career. In a student’s career, not only does CGPA matter but also a getting knowledge through these packs is important. Many students don’t concentrate on these packs and have to regret about that in their earning phase, especially for the engineering students. They have to be experts in many areas for their job purposes. Through these packs, students get expertise in many programs which makes their job easy to do. 

How do I get a student development pack? 

There is much professional-level software which is very very expensive. Due to this reason, many students aren’t able to afford such type packs and get lag in such fields. To solve this problem there is a platform called GitHub Education which is free of cost. This platform provides free access to many of the tools. In this platform, the student will be provided with the different tools and software for their learning with their mainstream study. These are the requirements for getting the pack:

  • Should be studying in degree or diploma course in college, university, high school or any other educational institute.
  • One should have their school verified email address or they should upload documents that approve them as a student.
  • One should have their own personal account on GitHub
  • Your age should be 13 or above than that.

Once all the requirements are made one can open an account for the student development pack and start using its benefits.

Applying for the student development pack

  • Search for the Github education and click get benefits 
  • Select student under the statement ” what describes your academic status” 
  • One should only use the email address here which they use in their college 
  • One has to upload the proof of the academic status.
  • Enter the name of the school in which the student is currently studying 
  • Also after this student has to explain how they are going to use this pack.
  • After verifying all the details click submit.

The student who has applied for the pack will get a confirmation e-mail if their application is approved. Sometimes it takes time to get approved when there is the start of the new semester.

The reason why the application is not approved 

  • Sometimes the application of a student for the student development pack doesn’t get approved. one of the reasons can be that your academic information is not correct if a student uploaded a blurry photo of their document then one will not be able to verify the details and the application will get rejected.
  • Also, the second reason can be when the email address is not verified by the institution that is why also the application for the student pack gets rejected.
  • Sometimes the student is ineligible for the pack due to his or her age that is they are under the age of 13 that is why also the application for the student development pack gets rejected.
  • Also when the email address is already in use with another account of the student development pack then also the application for the student renewal pack gets rejected.

What are the benefits of the student development packs?

  • There are many different benefits of the student development pack :
  • The student not only concentrates on the mainstream subject or CGPA but also develops their interest in learning other tools.
  • Learning these type of tools help the student to do excellent in their job fields.
  • Also, one of the beneficial things is that the student can start taking benefits of this program at a young age. 
  • Also, this plan is free of cost so don’t get any economic burden on them like repaying the cost of the pack.
  • Also getting approved for this pack is a very simple process to be done.
  • If one will not take benefits of these packs they will not be able to learn practical skills and can get rejected in the job interviews.


The whole article concludes that a student should take benefits of the student development packs and also how he or she can get enrolled in these packs. The article says that a student should not only concentrate on their CGPA should also learn the tools which are not related to their mainstream subjects. These student development packs make the students ready to crack the job interviews by getting excellence in the different programs. Also, the students who learn through student development packs stand out from the students who don’t learn through these packs. Also, these packs develop the student’s knowledge.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Q: Whether a student should only focus on the student development programs?

A: No! These packs are for the further development of the student to make him or her eligible to go through an interview but this doesn’t mean that they should not focus on their mainstream because they have to score in their subjects to pass the exams of university, colleges or educational institute.