Do the Marines pay for student loans?

If you’re in the Marines or the military or you’re thinking about joining the military, and you’re thinking about paying your student debt, this article will come in handy. When it comes to military student loan repayment, assistantship programs, or forgiveness, they all vary depending on the branch of the service. Congress can also make changes and the start and end dates can depend on other variables. In this article we shall see Do the Marines pay for student loans?

Do the Marines pay for student loans?

Do the Marines pay for student loans?

Yes, they can! The FY09 CLRP authorizes the Marines to repay up to the full amount of qualifying loans. The Marine Corps pays for education expenses not exceeding $30,000. Qualifying applicants for the program are eligible for 33 1/3% per year until the maximum of $30,000 is achieved. However, an exclusion applies to loans obtained after the commissioning date. The Marine Corps believes that Marines should receive better education to serve even better as Marines. A Marine performs effectively at higher positions and can solve problems with unique solutions.

What we will be discussing further.

  1. Other educational benefits offered by the Marines
  2. The loan repayment program offered by the army
  3. Conclusion
  4. Frequently asked questions

Other educational benefits offered by the Marines

Since the Marine Corps is determined to ensure that all Marines have access to higher education, it offers the following programs:

The tuition support program

The tuition assistance program enables accredited institutions to cover 100% of tuition fees while marines are on active duty. Marine Corps will pay up to $225 per credit, or $4,500 per year if the Marine maintains a C average throughout the studies. The Tuition support program is available at all the duty stations, and Marines who enroll in the program earn bonus points for promotions.

An advanced degree program to cater to the master’s degree

The ADP program helps Marines who have already attained an undergraduate degree enroll for a master’s degree. The students can receive partial funding for a master’s degree, and Marines who are full-time students, the program will cater to their regular salary and allowances.

A special education program 

The special education program allows Marines to pursue a postgraduate degree. In some disciplines, such as communication engineering, computers, and management, Marines get access to advanced degrees at accredited colleges in specific military occupational specialties. Further, they get all the benefits offered by the Marine Corps.

The staff non-commissioned officer program (For Degree Completion)

Marines can complete their undergraduate studies at an accredited college for Four years while still on active duty. The program also allows marines to continue receiving their salaries and allowances. It is available for marines with a minimum rank of a staff sergeant who has enough prior college credits to complete a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science within 18 months on campus. Once they graduate, Marines are required to enlist for Four years.

The Montgomery GI Bill for Marines.

This bill allows Marines to receive tax-free aid for their college education.  Marines interested in the GI bill must contribute $100 per month for a year. They can then enroll in full-time or part-time studies after two years. These funds are available through the Marines’ college funds. Once the funds are available, the Marines can go to colleges, universities, and vocational or technical schools.

Tuition assistance with the Post 9/11 GI bill 

The 9/11 GI Bill enables Marines to pay for full tuition after Three years of active duty in the Marines. After 90 aggregate days of service, The Bill enables participating marines to gain assistance with tuition, fees, supplies, and books. Also, some Marines may qualify for a monthly stipend for on-campus housing. Furthermore, a marine’s dependent may be eligible to benefit from the allocations.

The DANTES Program

Support for non-traditional education defense activities, is simply known as the DANTES programs, offers opportunities for Marines to work towards college degrees through correspondence courses.

Requirements for the program include:

  • Marines can earn college credits through examination, studying independently, or degree programs offered externally.
  • Marines can also earn guaranteed credits after they conclude their correspondence courses.
  • Interested Marines are required to select courses from 41 major universities.
  • Marines can use the tuition assistance program together with DANTES.

The loan repayment program offered by the army

The US Army has a loan repayment program for three years or more of active duty for recruits. Some of the army’s requirements include:

  • The soldier is required to have a high school diploma.
  • On the Armed Vocational Aptitude Battery, the soldier must have a score of 50 or more.
  • The Loan Repayment Program must be guaranteed in writing on the enlisted contract.
  • A soldier is required to disenroll from the GI Bill.

 Many more requirements apply and keep in mind that some military branches sometimes suspend or modify the student loan repayment service.


As we have discussed, the Marines do pay for student loans. The FY09 CLRP authorizes this. The Marine Corps pays for education expenses not exceeding $30,000. For eligible Marines, the federal government may pay up to 100% of educational expenses, such as tuition, Marine Corps College funds, and the GI Bill. We also looked at the other educational benefits that the Marines are eligible too.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are veterans eligible for student loan forgiveness?

Yes, they are! Honorably discharged veterans qualify for student loan forgiveness. It includes all branches of the United States Armed Forces.

  1. Does the military pay student loan for spouses?

Unfortunately, It does not. There’s no military student loan forgiveness for spouses of service members.

  1. How much of a student loan does the military repay? 

It all depends on your branch of service. For instance, the army and navy will repay up to $65,000 of the student loans.