Who is the winningest quarterback in college football history?

College football has produced some of the greatest quarterbacks to ever step foot on the football field. Quarterbacks will forever be one of the most important pieces not the most important piece of a football team. Their importance can never be overstated, they underline the whole system of a team’s play and is like the fulcrum, the focal point of a team. In this article we shall see Who is the winningest quarterback in college football history?

The winningest quarterback in college football history is Kellen Moore of Boise State. While being a starter, Kellen Moore lost just 3 games, winning 50 games in four seasons playing for Boise State. By the time Kellen Moore was done with college football, he had won 3 Western Athletic Conference (WAC) titles. It is important to know that in the three losses suffered by Kellen Moore, two of them were one-point losses, with one of the two still being overtime losses. 

Who is the winningest quarterback in college football history?

How Dominant Was Kellen Moore in College?

That is just how dominant Kellen Moore was at quarterback back in his college days. Kellen Moore went on to play six seasons for the Dallas Cowboys in the NFL. 

  • In his first season with the Boise state college football team, he won the freshman of the year award together with making the second team All-Conference for leading his team to an impressive 12 wins and just one loss the whole season. He easily broke through many rankings from passing efficiency to total offense. 
  • Kellen Moore’s second season with Boise state was even more impressive as they went unbeaten with an incredible record of 14 wins and no losses, breaking the school’s record touchdown number, making 39 touchdowns. 
  • In his third season with the team, he became Boise state football player to ever make the Heisman finalist but was unlucky not to win it. That did not stop coaches and journalists from noticing the star, he won many individual trophies for his shining plays and impressive records. 

What is Expected of a Quarterback in College Football? 

What is expected of a quarterback in college football is not much different from what is expected of an NFL quarterback. This is considered by many the toughest job of any player on the field. The quarterback does not necessarily need to be the outright leader of the team, but they do take charge and determine a whole lot of what the other players will do on the football field. The pressure on quarterbacks is immense, week in week out, game after game.

 A quarterback in college football just like in the NFL is expected;

  • To continuously keep learning the game and keep on adapting to the ever-changing style and system of teams and how to approach each team’s defense and keep out its offense. 
  • Quarterbacks are meant to embody leadership and are to carry the team along.
  •  The quarterback must manifest sheer charisma that will make the teammates respect them as that is the first step to winning in college football. 

Quarterbacks as the leader of the offense 

It is right to refer to the quarterbacks as the leader of the team’s offense. The quarterbacks are the ones that touch the ball most on the field and are involved in every offensive play for their team. They call the shots and call out plays for even the wide receivers at all times. The wide receiver depends mostly on the quarterbacks for their touchdowns, and in some cases, these quarterbacks do get these touchdowns themselves. A dead offense often stems from a bad quarterback or a quarterback who is out of form or shape. The quarterback needs to be shaped off his feet and most importantly have a sharp brain, because thinking fast is very salient for one in that position. 


Playing a total of four seasons as a starter heavily helped Kellen Moore to have the most wins as a quarterback in college football history. Many of the greatest quarterbacks that have even gone on to make big names for themselves in the NFL did not play that long in college. For instance, Cam Newton who was a quarterback for Auburn back in his college days played just one season as a starter and went undefeated, winning 14 games in that great run. This is not in any way playing down how great Kellen Moore was, as what he achieved is no mean feat. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. How important is the quarterback in a college football team? 

The quarterback is arguably the most important player on the football field as the majority of the whole team’s plays go through him. He calls plays for the team and makes passes for the wide receivers to go for touchdowns. The importance of a quarterback cannot be overemphasized even if it is college football. 

  1. Is Kellen Moore the greatest quarterback in college football history? 

Many will argue strongly that Kellen Moore is not the greatest quarterback in college football history and you cannot even say they are wrong, at the end it all comes down to a person’s opinion, though influenced by bias most times. However, one thing that cannot be argued is that Kellen Moore is the winningest quarterback in college football history, the record speaks for itself. Fifty wins and just a mere 3 losses in four seasons is outrageous. 

  1. How popular is college football? 

Very popular, college football is one of the most popular sports in the world. These college football games attract crazy numbers of fans. It is now normal to see a massive crowd of over 100,000 at a college football game. These games are even televised because a good number of people want to watch them on television.