Does UCLA Have A Good Dance Program?

The University of California, Los Angeles is a prestigious academic institution in the United States. A highly sort after university, it receives a record number of applicants year in and year out. The university-run has a lot of programs both in the arts and sciences departments, with all programs doing so well in their ability to attract students from everywhere. Dance program in colleges is a thing that has come to stay, many colleges and universities invest so much in having a good and up-to-standard dance program. Engaging the best dance and art tutors in the country and taking related competitions very seriously. In this article we shall see Does UCLA Have A Good Dance Program?

Yes, the University of California Los Angeles has a good dance program, one that is highly ranked not only in the state of California but in the whole nation. The University of California awards both bachelor’s degrees and master’s degrees in dance majors. The dance program at this university is very diverse on both gender and ethnic basis. The university dance program is under the school of arts and architecture’s department of world arts and culture/dance.

Does UCLA Have A Good Dance Program?

Dance and Art Showcases

 The university dance program engages in joint art and dance showcases and even competes nationally with other great dance programs in the country. The dance program is a major focus of the university to make it as diverse as it can be and be the best it can be. The university dance program has graduated many dance icons that impressed me nationally and internationally.

 The UCLA dance program made the

  • Top 25 best dance programs in the country 
  • Top 4 in the state of California. 

In 2020, 26 graduates bagged their bachelor’s degrees from the UCLA dance program. These 26 graduates are of diverse ethnicity, ranging from; African Americans, Latinos, Asians, Whites, and other races.    

What Majors At UCLA Are Similar To The Dance Program?

There are many majors similar to the dance program and UCLA offers a host of them. The whole world of arts and music has been the major support system of dance and they always go hand in hand. Some of these majors are;

  • Music
  • Design and Applied Arts 
  • Drama and Theater Arts 
  • Music Performance 
  • Musicology and ethnomusicology 
  • Liberal Arts
  • Design | Media Arts

Creativity in UCLA Dance Program 

Generally, the school of the arts and architecture is focused on uplifting creativity and creative research. These majors collaborate from time to time in organizing showcases and diverse stage performances to promote their different arts and at the same time entertain. Art is about creating beauty, and all these majors embody this completely. The dance program is designed to cover all important facets of dance. Choreography, videography, and performance, are some of the areas covered by this program.

How To Get Into UCLA Dance Program? 

To get admitted into the UCLA dance program; 

  • The applicant must first fulfill the general university requirements for admission before coming down to what the dance program requires specifically. 
  • In the applicant’s application to the university, he must include as his first choice major, Dance.
  •  It is when this process is done that the applicant can get his university application ID that he will use to complete the department application. 
  • The department application involves; a questionnaire, sample research paper, personal statement, dance audition, and unofficial transcripts. 

During the COVID-19 period, all of these were done online. The dancers were expected to video themselves dancing and send the video to the department. 


The University of California is one of the U.S.’s best universities that do have a dance program competing with the best out there. Dancers hoping to bag a bachelor’s degree or even a master’s degree in dance can heavily consider the university of California. The university dance program has a long list of great alumni to testify and speak well for it. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Can one be in two programs at the same time? 

Yes, this is possible. Though, it means extra workload and time exhaustion involved. It is expected that the two majors are not related, but can both be at one university. The student must be capable of convincing the university to allow him to offer both programs and his ability to cope well with both. 

  1. Is UCLA’s dance program the best in the country? 

No, other dance programs are ranking ahead of the UCLA dance program. UCLA has a great dance program, but in the United States universities like the Oklahoma city university, New York University Tisch School of the Arts, and Point Park University, make up the top 3 best dance programs in the country. 

  1. Does one have to be an experienced dancer to join the UCLA dance program? 

Maybe not that experienced but one must be a good dancer to make it into the UCLA dance program. In the application process, the applicant is expected to send in a personal dance video to be accessed by the department in charge.