Do student pilots need a medical?

Many people around the world have asked what are the job roles of student pilots in the school or country. Now, the job role of student pilots are pretty straightforward. They just need to act as the pilot in command and have a solo endorsement every 90 days. Other than that, they are also required to have hard training on the program that they have enrolled for the pilot.  Here we will see about Do student pilots need a medical?

Interestingly, people have also asked whether student pilots need a medical background or a check. Fortunately, yes, all the student pilots need a medical check. They will require a third-class medical along with recreational and private pilot privileges. When it comes to medical student pilots, these are strictly required as a priority. 

Additionally, these students are required to complete a small medical certification course if they have enrolled under the pilot segment. Having a basic medical background in the related field is very important, and pilots are taught on a priority basis. 

Do student pilots need a medical?

Medical Certification for Student Pilots

The medical certification for all student pilots is compulsory to have and obtain. Without this, the course of being a successful pilot is unsuccessful and incomplete. Every student who has enrolled themselves in the related field will need to go through a third-class medical certification course that is held by all the concerned universities themselves. 

Interestingly, having a medical background in the field is one of the first focus that a university does. The flight instructor of the students will surely direct the student pilots to the local physician who is designated to perform FAA. They will perform some physical examinations of all students and then make a final report out of that. 

The students not only require medical education but they are physically examined as well for the knowledge gained. The medical examination conducted includes the completion of an application for the medical certification called MedXpress. Interestingly, this course is conducted on both online and offline platforms. One can easily complete it on the online platform. 


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Requirement for Student Pilot Certification

Now, the student pilots can easily complete their certification from various colleges or universities around the country. But, one need not worry. All universities conducting such courses will surely do a medical course and physical examination for all students who have enrolled themselves in the particular field. 

Now, to finish the student pilot certification course, one will need to go through a few requirements and eligibility criteria. An individual will need to complete an application through the Integrated Airman Certification and Rating Application, also known as IACRA. This application is easily available on the official website of the same name. 

The student will need to give all the necessary information related to the field and proceed further. Then the authorized and concerned department will process and shortlist the enrolled students for further process. The shortlisted student will require to submit the application and all the required documents to the Airmen Certification Branch. The Airmen Certification Branch will further check all the documents and details. Once they are approved, they will send a certificate to the residential address provided by the user. 

The eligibility criteria for becoming a student pilot are very simple, and one must follow them the same. The student willing to take up the course must be at least 16-years-old. If they are below the asked age, then they will not be allowed. They must be able to read, speak, and understand English. 


This is how one could become a student pilot and need a medical background for the same. Most governmental services and professions focus more on the medical background of the student or any individual pursuing them. This is the same case with students willing to become a pilot in the future.