Is Auburn An Ivy League School?

Auburn University, earlier known as East Alabama Male College, is one of the nation’s prime public land-grant schools, with U.S. News & World Report ranking it among the highest fifty public universities. As an R1 university, Auburn maintains high levels of analysis activity and teaching excellence, giving bachelor’s, master’s, and academic degree degrees within the arts and sciences, agriculture, design, business, engineering, nursing, pharmacy, and medicine, among alternative fields. However the question is, is it one of the celebrated Ivy League school? Here we will see about Is Auburn An Ivy League School?

Brown University, Columbia, Cornell University, Dartmouth, university, the University of Pennsylvania, Princeton, and Yale University are the eight Ivy League schools and universities. Auburn isn’t one of the eight Ivy League school and universities.

Is Auburn An Ivy League School?

 What is an Ivy League School?

The Ivy League (also called the traditional Eight) is a body athletic conference within the US that consists of eight private universities within the Northeast. On the far side of athletics, the name “Ivy League” is often accustomed as a bunch of elite schools with implications of educational brilliance, admissions selectivity, and social elitism. Ivy League universities are thought to be the foremost elite in the world. 

Although not a member of the Ivy League, Auburn is a charter member of the Southeastern Conference (SEC), which is currently composed of 13 large Southern public universities of the US and a private university – Vanderbilt.

About Auburn University

Auburn University was founded in 1854 and is one of Alabama’s most prestigious universities. Auburn or the initials AU are used as an acronym for the university. President Jay Gogue presently oversees the institution, which is located on a 2000-acre residential area field. Auburn University additionally features a sister campus in Montgomery, that serves roughly six thousand additional students, increasing the entire variety of scholars at Auburn University to around thirty thousand.

Many notable personalities have graced AU as instructors or students over the years. Sports heroes like American Football’s John Heisman, Bo Jackson, and Pat Sullivan; Basketball’s Charles Barkley, Eddie Johnson, Jamison Brewer, and Chuck Person; and Baseball’s Josh Hancock, Terry Leach and Scott Sullivan are Auburn University alumni. Cartoonist Bill Holbrook and author Paul Hemphill area unit 2 non-sport alumni. 

Is Auburn University prestigious?

Although not a member of the Ivy League, Auburn is no-doubt a prestigious university in America. U.S. News & World Report’s annual Best schools edition for 2022 lists Auburn University as one of the nation’s best public establishments, ranking forty second among public faculties and 99th overall. Auburn is categorized among the best universities within the country, in step with the rankings. Whereas these rankings positively mirror the university’s continuous commitment to serving the state through outstanding tutorial, research, and outreach programmes, they additionally honor the work of the college, staff, and therefore the university’s mission.

Auburn is additionally ranked thirty fifth within the country for first are empowered by resources meant to assist them grow, with several probabilities to get involved, get support, and build the talents they have to succeed. The student experience is outstanding, and these rankings mirror Auburn’s positive impact on the lives of its students. 

What is the acceptance rate at Auburn?

With an acceptance rate of eighty five percent, Auburn admissions are somewhat selective. Auburn accepts students with a median SAT score of 1150-1320 or a median ACT score of 25-31. Auburn’s standard admissions application date is February 1. Interested students can apply for early action or early decision. December 1 is the early action deadline, and December 1 is the early decision deadline. 


Academic action, a healthy work atmosphere, student participation, and a beautiful campus have all attained the university national recognition. Auburn University is a land-grant college dedicated to improving the lives of individuals in Alabama, and the world through innovative education, life-changing analysis, and altruistic service. 

Frequently Asked queries

  1. Is Auburn academically better than Alabama?

Ans. in step with a WalletHub analysis, Alabama is better than Auburn and therefore the state’s finest university. Auburn University has been ranked ninth in the United States, slightly ahead f Alabama-Huntsville. 

  1. What tier is Auburn University?

Ans. As a top-tier research university, Auburn is among the best in the United States, however they are additionally better-known their “Auburn Family,” a world of the world’s prime fifty alumni networks. 

3. What majors is Auburn University best known for?

Ans. Business, Management, Marketing, and connected Support Services; Engineering; Biological and medicine Sciences; Health Professions and connected Programs; and Education area unit among Auburn University’s best-known majors. 

  1. Does Auburn University have a pleasant campus?

Ans. In step with The Princeton Review’s 2020 rankings, Auburn University, that is located in the “Loveliest Village on the Plains,” has the happiest students within the country. Auburn students are content as a result of the university being more than a schoolroom, an athletic facility, or a certification.

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