Does dual enrolment affect your GPA in high school?


Dual enrolment is seen mostly in the United States curriculum. Dual enrolment means one student can take up 2 separate institutions which are involved in academics. Usually, it’s in high school that students take up short-term courses or degrees from college or university. Here we will see about Does dual enrolment affect your GPA in high school?

Dual enrollment started in the year 1955 at the University of Connecticut. Dual enrolment was started as the beginning of university life in high school. The program was a method to introduce high school students to college or university life in high school itself.

Also, the University of Connecticut believed that high school was starting to become easy for students and it was challenging them enough and that was another reason to start the dual enrolment program.

Does dual enrolment affect your GPA in high school?

GPA in high school 

GPA stands for Grade Point Average.

GPA is a percentile or total score which is calculated and given to every student at the end of their year.

The score is calculated by adding all the subject scores taken in the year and dividing by the total number of subjects. The score attained is the GPA.

The maximum GPA is 5 or 10. Depending on the school one can opt for a maximum of GPA 5 or a GPA of 10. GPA is one of the most important scores in the education system of the United States.

The GPA score allows the student to get into a good university or be eligible to apply to a prestigious university. 

A student who wants to get into a particular university or college via academics only must have a GPA of 3.5 to 4 at least in their high school years.

For those who want to get into universities, an extra curriculum requires a minimum of GPA 3 in most prestigious and famous universities.

Does dual enrolment affect high-school GPA?

As dual enrolment is extra credit, it does affect your GPA, there can be both positive and negative affect on GPA in high school.

The GPA via dual enrolment is like an AP class, the majority of the high school gives an extra 0.5 points which adds to the GPA.

Some High schools add in a GPA of 1 if the student has taken a dual enrolment. 

This added GPA score will increase the GPA score, making the eligibility of getting into a reputable university or college higher.

Those who want to get into universities or college via the extra curriculum and don’t have a GPA score of 3 or 3.5 can take up dual enrolment which will increase their GPA.

The GPA score doesn’t affect the college score or college credits.

Is dual enrolment important for university?

Dual enrolment is not an important aspect of university. Dual enrolment is just an extra credit taken up in high school to increase the GPA.

If one has taken a dual enrolment course in High school it won’t affect the college credit.

College credit is only affected by the courses taken up in college while enrolled in the university or college, and only some colleges take the extra courses or degrees into credit scores.

Dual enrolment is a great way to increase the GPA score in a short period. The students who have been lagging in their scores or want to increase their scores during high school can turn towards dual enrolment for the increase in score.

Dual enrolment is the same as AP class which every high school provides. One can take an AP class instead of getting into dual enrolment. 

Is dual enrolment better than AP class?

AP class stands for advanced placement which is a college-level program provided in high school.

AP classes is a similar to that dual enrolment where it is a step towards introduction to the college curriculum.

AP classes are easier compared to that of dual enrolment and AP classes can be taken in two years or throughout high school.

Unlike dual enrolment where the student has to attend other organizations or institutions to complete the program or attend it online, AP classes are provided in high school itself either after the classes or during the free hour of the student.

AP classes are available as a choice to the students when they choose their classes for high school. Most students who aren’t good at academics alone take up AP classes.

Sometimes the school gives the student with a lacking GPA the option to take AP classes in the last year of High school so that they can bring up their score.


Dual enrolment is an extra educational course that helps in increasing GPA scores.

The course or degree is associated with other educational institution which provides the course over some time. The classes or study material is provided and the student can attend the classes part-time, usually in the evenings as they have to attend the high school classes in the morning.

Dual enrolment is risky and time-consuming, it requires the student’s dedication and commitment to finish the course after high school.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Is it better to take dual enrolment or AP classes?

You can take anyone as both help in increasing the GPA score, depending on which is feasible you can choose either.

  1. What is the average GPA score for college?

One must have a 3.5 GPA to get into a good ranking college or university.