Do Student Benefit From a Summer Break?

Do Student Benefit From a Summer Break?

To know did student benefit from a two months summer break…read on this article..

Summer break itself is a break from the regular routine for student and it is benefit for them. It is quite important especially for the students to make them think out of the box. This time allows students to do the activities which they can’t do during their regular classes.

In the present era, the school has engaged students for about the whole day. It can be in the form of homework or any other activities. These too are important but due to their busy routine students develop some kind of stress inside them. They become tired doing all such activities due to which they can’t focus on the things they actually want to do. And because of that, Yes summer break is beneficial for students! 

Summer break – A stress buster benefit for student:

During summer break, student have time to go for vacation, or they can meet their relatives or they can join the course in which they are interested makes a benefit for them.

During this time some students also do some freelance works or some sort of part time jobs to engage themselves in corporate sector and to advance their skills. Some students join extra curricular activities classes such as zumba, singing, dance, Instruments, swimming, sports and many more. These activities help students to refresh themselves and also provide fun and learning.

Why is summer break good for students?

Summer break is essential for various reasons:

  • It allows students to prepare for the next school year.
  • Students complete their homework in their leisure time.
  • The students who manage both school and work at the same time are somehow stressed, and because of that they are unable to give their best in any one of them. So vacations are important for the students.
  • It allows students to self care and to explore several job opportunities in the vacations.
  • Students can set their life goals, what they want to do in their near future or in what stream they can go, what are their interests. This helps them to choose their field carefully.
  • It allows students to take break from their regular routine and join extra curricular activities in which they are interested in.
  • Summer vacations reduces school related stress, which help students to socialize with their friends and relatives.
  • It  allow students to go on holiday trips by which they get relief as the atmosphere changes and they can start their routine with a fresh mind.

Some drawbacks of  summer vacations:

Despite advantages there are some disadvantages of summer vacations which are as follows:

  • It is difficult for the students to adapt their routine after summer vacations as they somehow forget long sitting on desks in schools which make them tiring at the start.
  • Students loose connectivity with the long duration studies which they used to do before vacations.
  • Students somehow become inactive as summer holidays are for longer period and it becomes tiring for the students to rejoin their school routine.

Summer break ‘a part of  life’:

Summer break is a part of life as it allows to spend some family time.

Parents  specially takes leave from their work during summers so that they can spend some quality time with their children, they can go on trips and have fun. It enable them to understand each other and it also provide fun.

If summer break would not be their for students, they can go through depression as they don’t get any leisure time.

During summer break students learn new skills and activities which are not taught in school. It makes students independent as high school students join some internships or jobs during this break. They can earn  some money and save it for some special purpose, it can be for buying a new bike, car or for some other purpose.

Summer break is more advantageous than winter break:

Summer break is long as compared to the winter break. During winters people hesitate to go outside for travelling due to cold weather. So, there is less chance to socialize with friends and relatives.

Winter break is hardly upto 10 days, which is not sufficient to do any kind of internships or jobs. Students therefore need  summer break which is of two months to do something needful.


Human brain needs some break from their daily routine to execute their work properly without any stress.

Summer break is therefore very much essential for students to boost themselves with positive energy and to relax themselves.

Frequently asked questions:
  1. Do summer break make students inactive?
  • No, it depend on students that how they are utilizing their time. They can enhance their skills during this time, can join internships and use it in a profitable manner.
  1. For what duration summer break should be their for students?
  • Summer break is usually for 1.5 to 2 months for students, which is sufficient to do any extra curricular activities and to have travel trips with friends and relatives.