Do Japanese University Students Wear Uniforms?

Do Japanese University Students Wear Uniforms?


We will see do Japanese university students wear uniforms or not in this article. In every organization, school, or college, there are various means of identification, especially in a crowd. The school of a child can be easily identified through his/her uniform, in some cases through the identification card. But when there is no identity card, the uniform becomes the best way to identify the school or organization of the individual.

Japanese University Students

Japanese university students do not need to wear uniforms, there is freedom of expression for students in the universities about their outfits. This is because, students in the university no longer have to wear uniforms at school, as the university gives them the freedom to select their outfits appropriately.

About Japanese Universities.

Japan has about 780 Universities of which, about 80 percent are privately owned. Japanese universities are focused on making life easier for students, including foreign students, right from their application process.

The government of Japan has also introduced financial support for foreign students. Japanese universities provide a wide range of vocational types of degrees with a strong and highly respected global reputation. The universities prepare students for real life with the necessary skills, knowledge, and training needed to have a successful career satisfaction in the outside world. They are known for academic excellence and great standards.

Japanese Uniform.

Japanese culture has unique trends in its clothing because clothing has been a beautiful part of Japanese history. Although these uniforms can only be worn by the elementary and high school students and those in the defense academy.

About Japan.

Japan is located northeast of the Pacific Ocean. It is an island country in East Asia.

Japan has the 11th largest population in the world with the world’s oldest company in it. It is rich and known for its economic and business prowess with its capital in Tokyo.

Its technological know-how is exceptional and it’s also rich in culture. The major language spoken is Japanese, other dialects are Tohoku, Kyoto, and others. It has four major Islands which include Honshu, Shikoku, Kyushu, and Hokkaido respectively. It is important to note also that, the world’s 5th most powerful earthquake Tsunami happened in Japan in 2011, causing about 57percent of damage to its economy.

Japan has the world’s third-largest economy, despite its challenging domestic economic environment, its companies are still doing great on the world’s economic stage. Japanese companies are known for the production of Toshiba and Sony, and Toyota Motor, among others. It also stresses the need for social conformity.

Importance of Wearing Uniform.

The importance of wearing a uniform is not far-fetched. Uniforms are worn majorly for easy identification and uniqueness of the school or organization.

It is also a means of brand awareness that serves as a walking advertisement for such a brand inexpensively.

Uniforms for schools help to reduce the anxiety of students about what to wear daily to school. They are not faced with challenges of fashion daily and wearing of uniform makes them look confident and proud of themselves.

Wearing a uniform promotes school attendance and instills discipline in students. It also creates a sense of security and awareness in the individual.

Why Do University Students Don’t Wear Uniforms?

University students do not need a specific uniform to be worn to school. This is because it is believed that those in the university are adults who can protect and defend themselves at any point in time. They also have the freedom of association and selection.

University students do not need to wear uniforms because it may be seen as being offensive to their rights as an adult. Again, whether they wear uniforms or not, it does not define their academic success, it may even make them not have enough confidence as an adult should and make them think less of themselves.


In this article, we have been able to point out why Japanese university students do not wear uniforms. It is also important to state that, in the university, there are both adults that are married and not married as well as young adults. They do not expect to be enforce to wear uniforms to school. It would be seen as an infringement of their right to freedom and selection.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Can I wear a particular dress to Japanese University?

Yes, Japanese universities allow freedom of selection of dress decently. They do not take cognizant of your dressing pattern as much as you are decent in it, in respect of their rich culture for clothing.

  1. Do I have to speak Japanese before being admitted to a Japanese university?

It is not a must you speak Japanese to be admitted to a Japanese university. But you have to learn the Japanese language for you to integrate easily into the society and environment, especially if your course of study is to be taught in Japanese.