How Much Does Interlachen Country Club Cost?


The Interlachen country club was founded in 1909 by vivacious golfers of Bryn Mawr golf club. It is located in Minneapolis, United States. They have extended the holes from a count of nine to eighteen by the time. It covers a land of 146 acres. The Interlachen country club is one of the premier clubs in the United States. How much does Interlachen Country Club cost?

The cost of joining the Interlachen Country Club is around 105,000 dollars which is considered to be the costliest among twin cities. Added with that monthly due are expected to be paid which could be a few hundred dollars. 

How Much Does Interlachen Country Club Cost?

Interlachen Country Club: An Overview

The Interlachen Country Club is reserved. The membership can be availed with the help of the current members. That is the nominees must be countersigned by the current members and they will go through an election. The selection of the Interlachen Country Club members will take place irrespective of any features. 

There are three types of memberships available 

  • Social membership
  • Golf membership
  • Tennis membership

The Social and Tennis membership allows its members to attend all social events. They are subjected to aquatics and tennis courses. They can use fitness services. The members can avail all dining venues.

Golf membership users have the privileges of using everything that the society members have and added to that they are allowed to use the golf courses. 

Cost Of Interlachen Country Club 

The Interlachen country club has an initiation fee of 110,000 dollars for the golf membership. The monthly dues for golf membership may be nearly a hundred dollars. While for the social membership the monthly due is about a few hundred dollars. These monthly dues are excluded from the minimum fee for food. 

The membership can be availed after being on the waiting list for five years. If a particular member does not have golfing privileges, they have to pay $60 to $220. The green fee depends on the time of year you visit, and the number of holes played by the member.  

The Interlachen country club provides private lessons, tournaments, and leagues conducted. The cost of these may be added to the budget. The cost of the Interlachen Country club may seem to be costly but it is reported that it is worth the budget.

Rules Of Interlachen Country Club

Always make sure to know the rules of the Interlachen Country Club when you go to the club. The rules can be seen on their official website.

  • Reserve locker rooms before you go to the club.
  • Cell phones are expected to be on silent at all times. 
  • The members are expected to come in appropriate golfing attire. 
  • The members are expected to complete their golf course in less than 4 hours and make sure it doesn’t extend the time.

Golf Course

The Interlachen country club’s golf course is considered one of the best golf courses in America. The golf course is developed into an 18-hole course with a play area. The Golf membership members can avail the benefits of all the amenities available. The Interlachen Country club gives private and public golf classes through professionals.  

Tennis Course

The Interlachen country club’s tennis facilities include selecting from the two courts available. The tennis members can avail the two locker rooms which contain changing facilities and showers. 

The members can rest in the rooms available. The members are provided with refreshments or food. The tennis course is governed by certified professionals and desk attendants. The Interlachen country club offers adult tennis programs and young tennis programs.   

Amenities Available   

The Interlachen country club’s members can be benefited from the wellness center by availing of the available services that include

  • Manicure/ pedicure
  • Body therapy
  • Massages
  • Spa 

The other amenities available in the Interlachen country club are the swimming pool with six lanes and 25 yards which is 12 feet deep. 


The Interlachen Country Club is one of the premier clubs in the United States. The process of availing of membership is a long process that can take years to be done. The Interlachen Country Club is considered to be the costliest club because of its prime features. The club’s premier services make it the best place for entertainment. The members can have a wonderful time with their family during winters. The Interlachen Country Club has been awarded multiple times for its services.  


  1. Can I become a member of the Interlachen Country Club?

It is an invite-only club in which the membership is provided by the reference of the existing members only.

  1. Does the Interlachen Country Club provide swimming lessons?

Yes, the club provides private and public swimming classes.

  1. Are the members allowed for the social events conducted in the club?

Yes, the members can attend the social events that are conducted in the club.  

  1. Do they provide spa services for both genders?

Yes, the spa services are provided irrespective of gender.