Is It Hard To Make Friends As A Commuter Student?


Getting into a college is a dream come true for any teenager. It is an important phase of life and everyone makes lots of plans for it. Making friends and having fun along with long study hours makes everyone excited. Residential life adds charm to college life as you can hang out with your friends throughout the day as well as at night. The idea of having study nights is certainly awesome. Is it hard to make friends as a commuter student or not? Let’s see

However, if you are a commuter, you may be missing out on some fun. The residential students stay with each other, away from family. Thus, it is natural to get connected more easily. The commuter, however, either lives with their parents or in a different facility. Therefore, a commuter can face more difficulty in adjusting and making friends. 

Is It Hard To Make Friends As A Commuter Student?

It is better to accept the situation as soon as possible and work toward changing your disadvantages into advantages. Here are a few pointers that you can use to make good friends in college despite being a commuter. 

Join a club or activity as soon as possible 

Participating in any activity on campus is the best way to meet other people of similar taste. It is a great way to make friends and enjoy your college days.

Network and set up meetings

Always keep in mind that you are not the only one facing this problem. Thus, start meeting other commuters and try to network with them. A few of them may live nearby and have similar interests. You can start hanging out with them and meet other people also.

Sleepover in a friend’s room

If you know a few hostel resident friends, you can arrange a sleepover with them. This way you can enjoy residential life and make new friends too.

Invite your friends to your home

You can invite your friends to your home for a sleepover or spend time. It is a great idea to spend time with your friends and share gossip. You can also invite them to complete project work at your place.

Be generous and offer frequency. However, if others invite you to come over, always bring something for them. It can be a box of cookies or homemade sandwiches. Your host and his/her family will surely appreciate the gesture.

Be there

Sometimes your classes may get over before time. Do not head back to your house for taking a nap. Stay on campus and hang out with your coursemates. You can make many friends this way. It is also a good idea to volunteer in various social activities. Never miss out on an opportunity to work with others.

Take initiative and plan weekends

Try to plan weekends and discuss them with your friends. Ask them to feel free and bring their acquaintances. You can plan a karaoke night, a movie plan, or just hang out at their place.  Invite others to your place also for a cup of coffee or for watching seasons of FRIENDS.

Keep in touch with old friends

Do not lose friends in the process of making new ones. Your school friends know you for ages. You can call them on weekends or invite them over whenever you plan something with new friends. It is always good to remain connected.

Help residents with your knowledge

Residents are new to the town. They may need some help in various ways such as bus routes, local markets, and knowing hanging joints. You can offer your guidance whenever they need it. This way you will be their go-to person and you will be popular among them.

Being a resident is not always a disadvantage. There are many positive aspects also. You can work on these aspects and gain maximum out of the situation. 

Listen to recorded lectures and podcasts

You can utilize your commuting time by listening to recorded lectures on important topics. This way you can be a step ahead of your coursemates. You can also listen to the podcast on current topics.

Finish your assignment in route

If you are taking public transport back home, you can finish your home assignment in your commuting time. This way you will get more time to catch up with your friends after reaching home.

Rest and meditate

Public transport is indeed chaotic. It is difficult to sleep in the noise. However, once you learn to cut off the noise, you can utilize the time to sleep, meditate or rest. You can also chit chat with other commuters. 


College life is always full of fun and learning. The people that we meet on campus are most likely to remain with us throughout our lives. Therefore, make friends and enjoy every moment of your college life. It does not matter if you are a commuter, what matter is the effort.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have got an acceptance letter from a nearby college. I want to enjoy my college life to the fullest. What should I do?

A: You can always enjoy your college days. Being a commuter does not affect it. You should decide on college based on quality education, fee structure, the course offered, etc.

Q: I am a freshman. People often comment that I am missing out on the fun. Is it true?

A: It is not true that commuters miss out on the fun of college life. You should participate in all the activities of the college and make many friends.

Q: My school friends are making a plan to meet. Should I go?

A: It is always a good idea to meet old friends whenever possible. If you have no other plan, you should go. Also, invite them to your place to meet.

Q: I have to take a 2-hour ride every day for college. Should I shift to a college residential facility?

A: You can utilize the commuting time for various activities. However, if you feel, that shifting to a residential facility is also a good idea to concentrate on your studies.