Can I Get Into Bridgewater State University?


Education is a necessity that is needed by everyone in this era because, without education, technological advancements, and growth opportunities, this modernizing world will be a place where everything will feel of no use. No doubt, with experience, you can learn anything, but education makes this process a bit faster. Because from childhood, when it’s your first day in primary school, to the day of your degree or the day you graduate, this education teaches a lot of things that a person needs to understand and survive in this world. Education not only opens doors but also makes clear what we need to search for in that room whose door has been opened. Can I get Bridgewater state University?

Bridgewater University is an educational institution that was founded by Horace Mann in 1840. It was established as an institution to train teachers on its campus, and now it has the largest enrolment in the teaching field.

Can I Get Into Bridgewater State University?


Bridgewater University was established with a vision to educate and train teachers of schools in its academy, and now it has the highest enrolment in Massachusetts for teaching classes. It not only provided its students with a world-class teaching style but also enlightened many of them for their future careers.

This university offers 36 graduate degrees and 80 master’s degrees that are taught in its 6 colleges. This institute holds a history of 180 years, being one of the oldest campuses in America.

Back in the 1840s, education opportunities for women were very limited because, back that time, women were thought to be housekeepers, whose main job was to take care of their families. At that time, this institute’s first batch consisted of 21 women and 7 men. Horace Mann’s vision was very clear: he wanted to make a difference in society.

The old Bridgewater Town Hall, but with passing time and with an increasing number of students, the need for a bigger institution was felt, and with state donations and fees, the university underwent many transformations on its campus, and today the university campus is situated on 270 acres of land with many facilities.


The University offers 80 master’s programs and 36 undergraduate program options for which students can apply. Apart from this, it offers courses like music, fine arts, painting, criminal justice, etc.

The admissions at this university have a very high standard, meaning that the university seeks talent and good academic scores, so for admission to this university, students need to maintain their academic scores. The university is known today as the birthplace of teachers in America, and to maintain the same decorum and fame, the admission criteria of this university see through the applicants.


  1. For the undergraduate program,

For admission to this program, students need to maintain a few things:

  1. The student needs to maintain GPA requirements of around 3.13. That needs to be maintained.
  2. Students need to appear on SAT and ACT exams and present their marks to the admission counter.
  3. Must have filled in the application form.

The SAT score that is required is around 1000, and international students must have appeared in the English Proficiency test and have qualified for the exam; otherwise, the university declines the admission request.

The ACT score that needs to be maintained for the selection process is around 22. The admission rate is quite high, around 90%, but the requirements for the mark are quite hard to achieve.

After admission to the program, students need to maintain at least a 3.0 GPA. If it reaches below 3 GPA and above 2.7, then students get a one-month probation period in which they are downgraded, and if the student score gets low from 2.7, then the university has the right to dispel the student from the university.

  1. For admission to the master’s program

Aside from good academic performance, the following must be maintained:

  1. To have an application filed with a $50 application fee
  2. Presenting a resume with the application form
  3. should have all the mark slips from an undergraduate program.
  4. A minimum GPA of 3.0 is required to fill out the form; the higher your GPA, the better your chances of admission.
  5. GRE scores that are above average
  6. If the student has field experience, then that counts as a preference, and the university needs such students.
  7. If the student has at least 3 letters of recommendation, then that counts as a good thing.

These are the requirements that need to be fulfilled for admission to the master’s program and international students. The list adds three more things.

  1. A minimum SAT score of 960 is required.
  2. An ACT score of at least 19 is required.
  3. and a good score in exams that are conducted for English prophecy in different nations.

The university has 11,000 students on its campus, and if any student fails to maintain the required GPA in their academic year, then the university can expel that student without any further notice.


Bridgewater State University is one of the oldest universities in America and it has a vast history of excellence in its field. It is the first university in Massachusetts where teachers are trained and are given world-class facilities.

This university was one of the first in the world to have women on its campus. Their first batch of students included 21 women and 7 men. The University offers 80 undergraduate programs and 35 master’s programs in different fields of study.

The admission rate for this university is around 90%, and the university maintains a decorum in terms of grades and students. They need to maintain the mark criteria, otherwise, the college may expel students.

The admission criteria at this university for undergrad and master’s programs are a bit tough as they need to present a lot of certifications and SAT and ACT scores, and for master’s programs, they need to present some more details that include previous degree marks, a proper resume, experience, and a letter of recommendation, which are preferred by the university.