Gift Ideas For Sorority Sisters

In the United States, there are many sorority communities in which many girls live and new girls come to life every year. The girls have to choose their bigs and littles and after choosing bigs and littles by using unique big little reveal ideas, they go on dates and give each other gifts. Gifts given by sorority sisters always have another kind of importance in their life. Every sorority sister gives gifts and hence they are always in search of unique gifts so that they can make them memorable. It is confusing and hence here we are to remove your confusion in this article. Let us know ‘Gift Ideas For Sorority Sisters’.

Gift Ideas For Sorority Sisters

To give something as a gift ideas to your sorority sisters, you can consider anything she likes or needs. If you don’t know what she needs, then it’s totally up to you to select a gift for her. You can choose customized T-shirts, mugs, necklaces, or picture frames. Also, you can give her college survival kits, cozy blankets, water bottles, or any item from cosmetics. It’ll always be your choice and affordability to select a gift. Though you are selecting a gift for your sorority sister, you always know what she needs these days and you should prefer buying a gift that she can use in her daily life. 

Keep on reading this article so that you can explore the best and most unique gift ideas for your sorority sister

Best Gift Ideas 

From the minute you are selected on Bid Day until the last day when you have to say your goodbyes at the final sorority meeting before graduation, it’s your sorority sister that remains always at your side. Though giving a present to your sisters is not required but it is always appreciated and gives both a pleasant feeling. 

So, if you’d like to send your sorority sister something a bit more special than a handwritten note as your thank you, we are here to give you the ideal gift suggestions you can pick for her. 


T-Shirts are always loved by girls and especially sorority girls. They like both oversized and full-sized t-shirts. You can buy a beautiful colored t-shirt for your sorority sister as a gift. How many T-shirts do girls have, they are always less for them. So it’s a good idea to give your sister a cool unique t-shirt. 

You can have customized T-shirts only for you and your big or little sister. You can have sorority letters, or any themed or pictured t-shirt of your favorite colors. These shirts become ideal for showing off your pride in sporting your sorority sister. You can wear the shirt out and about on campus. Another good thing is that you will have plenty of opportunities to capture cute group shots if you wear the same t-shirts on your date or reveal days.  

Though giving her a t-shirt the same as yours is a great idea, you can have fun also if you have slightly different shirts. It makes it a bit more interesting for everyone. By doing so, you can effectively demonstrate how you are all unique individuals who belong to the same group. So it will be the best idea to give your sorority sister a customized or a similar t-shirt. 


Jewelry can always be a wonderful gift for any girl. As a big sorority girl, you can gift your little one anything from a wide range of jewelry that she likes. The same is the case with littles if they are buying gifts for their big sorority sisters. A nicely wrapped piece of jewelry whether it is a ring, bracelet, necklace, or earring is always considered a warm and heart-touching gift. 

You can select customized necklaces as a gift that are more often used by girls. You can choose sorority bar necklaces also. Additionally, you can both consider having matching necklaces. It will be a great gesture and will keep you together for a long time as sorority sisters. 

Not only necklaces but also, you can select beaded bracelets with sorority letters or sorority pins as a gift. Bracelets can be usually given to bigs while pins are more likely to be given to little sisters. As pins are small and easy to lose, you can consider packing them in a beautiful box. You can select sorority ring dishes also to give to your sorority sister who used to wear lots of rings and bracelets so that she can keep them in one place. 


For giving gift ideas to a sorority sisters, mugs could also be a good option. You will already know about your sister’s morning habits, whether she likes to have morning tea, a strong black coffee, or hot chocolate. According to her choice, you can choose a fun mug for her. 

Still, there are options to have personalized mugs also. You can consider having sorority letters printed on the mug with her favorite colors. Or if you are no longer a fresher and know her very well, you can print her favorite quotes or poetry on the mug or even her name or picture. You can make it more emotionally attached if you print it with a memorable picture of you two. 

Also, you can choose to have the same mug for yourself so that you both can have the same mug that makes the other person memorable for you more often. So it will be a very good idea to give a gift of a mug to your sorority’s sister. 


Giving her a fluffy blanket will help her feel cozy when it’s dark and chilly in the hostel. Everyone misses home when they go to study somewhere else so when she is missing her home and looks for something to make herself feel cozy, this will certainly be the finest gift. 

You could even make the blanket specifically for her if you can afford it. If you are close to her, you can create personalized photo blankets with your favorite images to help her remember her best days of life. This is a wonderfully beautiful and unique present idea that will be well-valued and will undoubtedly bring comfort to her when she needs it. It will be a very useful gift for your sorority sister. 

  • Water Bottles 

Girls have a craze for having different types of water bottles. You can consider giving a water bottle as a gift to both your sorority’s big sister and sorority little sister because this is a thing liked by every girl. 

Again you can choose a bottle with sorority letters that will look elegant and stylish. Like customized mugs, you can have customized water bottles also. So both of you sisters roam with these bottles on the campus, everyone knows because of your similar bottles. 

You can have different types and styles of water bottles in an affordable range. You can purchase two similarly designed bottles or you can buy them and design them on your own with your favorite colors. 

College Survival Kits

Another great idea you can consider while choosing a gift for your sorority’s sister is buying her a college survival kit. It’s not necessary to run out of money to buy gifts for your sorority sisters. Sometimes you just have to use your creativity. And this creativity can be easily used for making a college survival kit. 

It is always beneficial for freshers to have a college survival kit. As you have already experienced these things, you should buy your sister a kit so that she shouldn’t have any issues during her time in college when she is new. 

A DIY survival kit created by you will be greatly appreciated by your little sorority sisters. You can buy a ready-made kit or if you want to make it more special and unique, you can make a beautiful basket on your own and load it with the college necessities like a calendar or planner, highlighters, pens, notebooks or sticky notes, etc. 


Cosmetic products can always be a great idea when it comes to giving a girl a gift. Every girl likes and uses many cosmetic products in their daily routine. Every girl likes a gift of cosmetic products. 

If this is affordable for you, you can make a bunch of products in a handmade basket. You can add the products that your sister likes and uses in her daily routine which may include lipstick, lip balms, mascara, eyeliner, or skin care products like face wash, facial masks, sprays, or makeup removers. 

If you can’t afford multiple products, you can consider buying just one or two of her daily routine. You can pack the product innovatively in a unique way. You can even buy a makeup bag also to gift her so that she can keep her stuff gathered in one place. You can have anything your sorority sister uses in your daily routine from a small thing like a lip balm to a large one like a whole makeup kit. 

Some Other Gift Ideas 

We have mentioned here the best seven gift ideas for you so that you can easily select a gift for your sorority sisters. But if still you are confused about finding a gift, you can have a look at the given list of gift ideas also. 

  • Picture frames 
  • Cute Wall Decor 
  • Crewnecks 
  • Customized journals 
  • Canvas
  • Sorority letter flag
  • Rain jacket
  • Wooden signs 
  • Pillowcases 
  • Key chains

You can choose something from the above-mentioned list also. It’s always on you what you want or what your sister wants as a gift. 


Your sorority sisters are the ones that always stand up for you during the whole stay. You should have to thank them for their help and support and giving a gift is the best way to thank anyone. In this article, we have provided you with the best gift ideas you can select for your sorority sister to thank them. You can also use your creativity and make the gift unique and can attach more feelings to them. So that your sister will remember them for her whole life. 


Can you buy similar gifts for bigs and littles? 

Yes, you can always buy similar gifts for your bigs and littles and yourself also. It makes you a team and strengthens your bond. 

Is giving a gift to your sorority sister necessary? 

It’s not necessary but it is traditional and it shows your gratitude and love toward your sister. If you can afford a gift you can make it with simple things but you should give them a gift.