Gift Ideas Sorority Sisters

Your sisters are nothing less of a family for you, always ready to support one and all and never leaving any of the sisters behind. And for all the kindness, maybe now you decided to give them a big thank you and wanted to gift something that they would keep with them for a long time to come. Let us know about that the Gift Ideas Sorority Sisters.

Gift Ideas Sorority Sisters

Best gift you can give to your sorority sisters

A gift should always be thoughtful, keeping in mind the other person and who they are and what they are and if you think about all of this then just the art of giving it would be the perfect sentiment to attach to the thoughtful gift. Down below is the list of some of the best and most special gift for your sorority sister family that says thank you to them but in a cliché note on a piece of paper but which they would absolutely gush over and would be really helpful and a great reminder of you as they see it every day or use them for many years to come. Let’s look at the list:

1.      A coffee mug

What a good way to make someone remember you as soon as you wake up while they pour down the coffee and see the printed mug with a special message from you and smile and start their day with happiness. The best feeling ever. A mug would be the perfect gift to give to your sorority sisters and pretty sure they would thank you for it for many years to come even after your graduation. 

2.      A wooden sign

A good sorority is always in need of an attractive but thoughtful and kinda cute sign to signify the sorority one represents. This would be an ideal gift for your sisters to put up in the dorm room or in their own room along with some fairly lights attached to which would be a nice touch of aesthetic to their room and would be a great reminder of the times that you and them spent together and of course they would want to have the sign of the sorority that was or is such a big part of their academic life. 

3.      A make-up bag 

You would be the super sorority sister who helped a fellow sister in the time of need if you plan to give this gift to your sorority sisters. A make-up bag is a lifesaver especially when there is an urgent need of a touch up whenever your fellow sisters would need a touch up, or maybe they use it for women essentials or just carry it day to day to the classes with classroom essentials such as pencils and such they would definitely thank you for giving them this gift and if the bag is small and fits all the essentials they would be even more thankful to you and this would make for a perfect gift for them.

4.      A personal journal

A journal like anyone would agree is a good gift, especially for the even planning and list for doing things around the campus. And what would make this gift even more perfect is a personalized journal with their names on the cover and maybe a special bookmark with a compliment or maybe something you wanted to tell them as a quote. A journal is very important and if your sisters keep one whether it be for management or just for putting out their thoughts into it. This would be very thoughtful on your part and useful on their part.

5.      Tote bag

The most practical gift on this list is the tote bag, it can help your sorority sisters that are already very busy running around campus arranging events and participating in activities on behalf of her sorority or just busy running to one class to another, it can carry everything your sister may need in day to day everyday life and carry everything with ease and with style there are a lot of cute and stylish tote bags in the market appreciate would be much higher if there is touch of style in the gift too.

6.      T-shirts and tops

Yet another practical gift, You know how much clothes are appreciated at the sorority retreats comfortable ones, stylish ones. So wouldn’t be a surprise a sorority girl would love a gift such as a comfortable t-shirt which she can wear to almost anywhere daily and would be such a subtle but great reminder of you giving your sister that gift. Or maybe you can pick out a stylish top to wear at a party or maybe a dress to wear at a social gathering, well whatever the occasion it’s absolutely certain that they would be very thankful when they make a great impression and receive a lot of compliments while wearing your gift.

7.      A script necklace

A little trinket around the neck can add up to be more valuable in form of a gift, You can get custom script necklaces maybe the name of your sister or maybe better the name of your sorority that they can keep close to their heart at all times and be reminded of the happy memories along with you for giving such a sentimental gift to your sister and that would make them very happy whoever you plan to give it to.

8.      Silk pajama set

This one’s the gift your sister would be thankful out of all on the list. A silk pajama set, so your best sister can be comfortable whether at a retreat or an out-of-the-blue slumber party or just watching some Netflix, it makes the perfect lounge wear. Whatever they decide to do these would be perfect for the occasion and keep them comfortable all the time when they wear it, and they make a terrific set when sleeping a good quality sleep would be highly acknowledged and guess who gets the credit.

9.      Scented candles

It’s not necessary ideal that your sorority home, which you are going to spend the rest of the college year after joining, smells like rotten tomatoes. And even if it doesn’t smell like something foul you have to spend a lot of time there and scented candles after a long day would be a perfect fix to keep the aroma around the house fresh and sweet and would make your and the other sister’s day a bit better.

10.   A crew neck 

By now, we’ve established that clothes are the best gift for sorority members, but a crew neck is just perfect, and you can customize the t shirt just a bit to have your sister’s name imprinted or maybe the sorority name on it, and they can flaunt the t shirt in classes and library and even around the house, and it would make for a perfect all round cozy gift from you to them.

11.   A blanket 

A cozy gift with a cozy feeling, not only for winter sometimes nights on campus can be pretty chilly and this gift would keep them warm in such a time like this. Whether they use it when they sleep or during a late night study session the warm feeling it provides can be very helpful and when they remember who is it that they got it from it will fill them up with more warmth, and it will be the most thoughtful gift ever to tell them how much you care about them and what would make this even better is if it has some design which they like or just some pretty colors that are their favorite.

12.   Bath towel

Everybody loves a good vacation and living on campus can be quite exhausting and daunting at times, and your sorority sisters will be looking forward to one indefinitely.

So what better way to make their beach vacation more enjoyable and comfortable than a bath towel which would be a great additional essential to keep in the packing bag for or if they plan to go swimming in a pool during the time off and a bonus is that you can save money by buying high quality bath towels from the store in bulk so that means a gift for every sister and without actually breaking your bank. And the ones that practically are aqua babies would be thankful to you.


Now this list would help you to choose a perfect thought put gift without much effort and would make a proper and well deserved thank you for your sorority sisters for being there for you and supporting you throughout the college. Go on and buy out the gift. 


Q. Does every gift have to be colorful or popped up with sorority colors or theme?

A. No, definitely not, although some sororities would appreciate a little pop of colors for their sorority house or dorm rooms, but not everyone. A gift can only be special if it has been given by a special person, and if that person knows what the person actually like or not.

As said above, a thoughtful gift would be much more appreciated than just picking anything off the shelf of a supermarket, and it can vary too a practical gift with not so much glimmer nowadays would be much more appropriate rather than something that just lights up or sparkles.