NSHSS Review

The meaning of NSHSS is the National Society of High School Scholars, which provides help to students from different continents who are pursuing a scholarship. NSHSS started its journey in 2002. Since then, it has added more than 2,000,000 young scholars from 170+ countries as members. You can become a lifetime member of the NSHSS by paying $75 only once. The goal of NSHSS is to recognize talented students through academic excellence and honor among high school students, as well as to provide opportunities, resources, internships, counselors, and a network for students to excel in college, providing a perfect platform for students to lead their college lives efficiently with reputable colleges and universities. Let us read to know about “NSHSS Review”

NSHSS follows up on member students after they graduate from high school and assists them in obtaining higher education from prestigious institutes and universities. Although the member students think that NSHSS does not provide enough opportunities for them, NSHSS offers help to only member students. The member students of NSHSS can also apply for scholarships because, according to the official website of NSHSS. It distributes more than $2 million in scholarships to member students. Internships are also offered to students in various organizations.

NSHSS shows the colleges, fees, rankings, eligibility, how you can apply for that institute, and other relevant information regarding higher education. Once you become a member of NSHSS, you will remain a member even after joining the institutes. NSHSS has some respected partners that work with NSHSS to provide efficient services to member students, such as the Central Intelligence Agency, the US Army, the University of California Berkeley, and a few more. As it sends invitations to many high school students, NSHSS has determined some eligibility requirements for students to become members of NSHSS’s higher society, while students feel that this is disturbing and inappropriate. Besides, NSHSS and some other higher education societies do not require membership fees.

Advantages of NSHSS:

When a student is pursuing high school, he starts thinking about his future, like which institute will be better for him and how he can get admission there, and a few more relevant questions arise in their mind. To get a suitable answer to all these questions, you can join NSHSS, because it helps students from high school until their higher education. Here are some of the benefits of NSHSS:

  • If you become a member of NSHSS, you could get benefits like resources, opportunities, content, support, reviews, ideas, and more regarding your university and institute admissions.
  • NSHSS observes the academic excellence and performance of students and sends them invitations to join NSHSS to provide them with appropriate guidance about their careers.
  • It will assist students in becoming members of the NSHSS-connected student community, where they can communicate, exchange ideas, assist one another, and share reviews about their educational careers.
  • You can apply for various scholarships if you are a member of NSHSS.
  • Students get a platform where they can connect with students from more than 170 countries. NSHSS offers a personalized press release where you can share your achievements, lessons, and articles.
  • You can see the reviews of institutes, how to apply for admission, eligibility requirements, and other details about the university or institute to which you are seeking admission.

Disadvantages of NSHSS:

If you saw the pros of NSHSS, you would find that it is good to become a part of it, but it will be more beneficial for you to decide whether to join NSHSS or not when you see some of the cons of NSHSS.

  • Although you may receive instructions and advice regarding admission to universities, it will help you get accepted to some universities, but highly selective and top-ranked universities are not in favor of NSHSS.
  • The NSHSS scholarship scheme is uncertain because many students miss it or believe they do not receive as much as NSHSS claims.
  • Some other high school education societies provide facilities like NSHSS but do not charge a membership fee.
  • You will be a member as soon as your education is over, but NSHSS will only help you get a job based on your qualifications.
  • NSHSS does not favor students according to its vision and mission, as it says at the time of taking membership. According to the reviews of the students. 
  • They feel that the invitation to join NSHSS is relevant.

Scholarship Review by NSHSS:

It could be counted as a benefit of NSHSS as it offers various scholarship schemes for students, which help them pay their college fees and help them apply for other scholarships offered by other organizations or institutes.

According to some resources, NSHSS and its partners earn more than $2 million a year to distribute among the students. If you become a member of an honor society, your chances of getting scholarships increase, and once you get the scholarship, it may give you some relief in paying the fees and other costs of your institute.

The students who are members of NSHSS can apply for scholarships in various fields like the visual arts, engineering, sciences, literature, medicine, fine arts, law, and a few more programs related to STEM.

Students believe that even if they are NSHSS members, they will not be able to receive enough scholarships in any NSHSS scholarship scheme because they have already paid their institution’s fees because most NSHSS scholarships range from $1,000 to $5,000.

According to a report presented by NSHSS, it provided $5,000 to only ten Claes Nobel prizes in the academic session and offered only three NSHSS Ambassador Awards in that same academic session.

NSHSS students can apply for various scholarships if they have membership in it, and even if the students are members, they must apply for the scholarship they want; otherwise, students will not get the scholarship until they fill out the form for it because being a member of NSHSS does not mean that you will directly get a scholarship.

Review of NSHSS Facts:

You may listen to or read many facts about NSHSS on various magazines or websites, and after reading them, you might get confused about NSHSS, like whether it helps students, the benefits of it, and some other facts, but in this section of the article, we will try to provide a correct NSHSS Review of such facts about NSHSS.

When a student joins NSHSS, they think that they will get admission to any university efficiently now, but to be clear, taking membership in NSHSS does not mean that you will comfortably get accepted or that it will boost your career opportunities. NSHSS may only increase your chances of admission, and you still have to appear in different tests for admission and score well in them to get admittance.

NSHSS sends an invitation with its offer letter and link for payment. Students and their families sometimes wonder whether NSHSS is a scam or not because asking for remittance and personal details could be dangerous for them. For this reason, students and their families should contact the school and discuss with the teachers whether the school is compatible with NSHSS instead and whether they should fill out the form or not.

Students’ opinions of NSHSS vary depending on their problems, such as their belief that NSHSS provides them with incorrect information that it is a partner of the national higher education society and that NSHSS will also work following the policies of the national higher education society. Students also have issues with NSHSS’s scholarship policy because they believe it does not provide enough scholarship schemes and advantages for students.

Besides, some other facts fabricate students and their parents confused about NSHSS. For this, they should read the policy, history, performance, reviews, mission, and vision of NSHSS.

Eligibility Review to Become a Member of NSHSS:

NSHSS has established some eligibility requirements for membership in the higher education society. Although the NSHSS decided on ten eligibility levels, you can join the higher education society even if you only have one.

  • Your minimum GPA score should be 3.5 or above.
  • If you took the PSAT, your score should be at least 1150.
  • To become a member, you must score a minimum of 1280 on the SAT.
  • If you want to join NSHSS, your ACT score should be at least 26.
  • The applicant’s AP exam score should be 4.
  • You must have graduated from high school in the top 10% of your class.
  • Your combined IB score should be 36 to become a member of NSHSS.

These are eligibility requirements for becoming a member of NSHSS, and even if you meet any of the above concerns, you can join the membership and enjoy various NSHSS benefits.

Common Problems Occur with NSHSS and NSHSS Justification:

Here is a list of some common problems and reviews about NSHSS are listed and you can also read the side of NSHSS on those problems:

NSHSS sends invitations to the students who are recommended by their teacher or schools that are in contact with NSHSS, and if a teacher sees potential in a student, he informs NSHSS about that student, and then the student may receive an invitation to join NSHSS. However, sometimes NSHSS sends invitations to students with another reference to some other links to contact them and add them as a member of NSHSS.

NSHSS is certified by the Association of Collegiate Honor Societies, and it has some valuable partnerships with US government organizations, which means it is a legitimate honor society. You can obtain all of the information about NSHSS so that students can trust NSHSS’s authorization.

You can apply for various scholarships as a member of the NSHSS, and you do not need to pay extra to put in for those scholarships, and your chances of getting one also increase.

There is a question about NSHSS that is circulating on different websites: is it a scam or not? But it is authorized by distinct government organizations in the USA, and its invitation link for membership is secure, and if students want to put it in, they can open that or neglect it. It tries to provide services as it says to its members, but it still does not deliver enough benefits as it promises, so you can say that NSHSS is not worth its membership fees; otherwise, it tries to follow proper security parameters and provide services for its members.

Purpose, Mission, and Vision Review of NSHSS:

The purpose of starting an Organization like NSHSS was to provide efficient services to students in their education and career, keeping them on track from starting high school till they get a job according to their academic performance. However, according to the official website of NSHSS, it is on the right track to pursuing its purposes, but when you research it, you get combined reviews from the members as NSHSS does not have enough collaboration with top universities and industries. It started charging a membership fee, it does not provide a suitable platform to its members, and they get the same service without paying any fee from other honor societies.

The mission and vision when NSHSS was started in 2002 by Claes Nobel 

was to lead high school students into a bright career ahead, guide them to a suitable university or institute for them according to their academic advancement, arrange scholarships for students so that they have to pay less when they have colossal college fees, organize webinars, establish communication among the students and their parents, and suggest to them a suitable career path for their children. NSHSS arranges and organizes different events and webinars for the students and other members where they can share their achievements in front of everyone and inspire them. If they face any problem in their student or professional life, they can get the solution in such webinars and events of NSHSS.

NSHSS works according to its mission and vision, but that is not proving enough for them as they get combined reviews everywhere. NSHSS says these are only rumors about them and they are providing services as they promised when they started, and members of NSHSS should not pay attention to those reviews.


NSHSS is an honor society that helps students in their education and career. It runs a membership scheme for which you must pay $75 once, and you will become a member of the NSHSS for life. Even if you get admission to the institute, your membership will continue with NSHSS, and you will get a membership certificate from NSHSS. If you join NSHSS, you will have access to various scholarship schemes, and your chances of receiving a scholarship will increase, though the scholarship amounts may not meet the student’s expectations. When the NSHSS Review are combined, you can get some benefits, but not as many as the NSHSS claims.


Can I cancel my membership with NSHSS?

You can cancel your membership at any time with NSHSS. If you want a refund of your membership fee, you should cancel your membership within 60 days after your membership was processed by NSHSS.

When does NSHSS update you about your scholarship status?

It may take four to six weeks to give an update on the scholarship status, and sometimes this time varies according to the scholarship policy. During this time, you may also receive your scholarship.