How many Schools are in Victoria?

How many Schools are in Victoria?

There are more than 1,500 government schools. It has more than 500 catholic schools and more than 200 private schools. The figures for private schools include religious associations also. As per 2020 reports, there were 2,277 schools in Victoria. By, 2026 Victoria has planned to establish 100 new schools. Almost half of the government schools in Victoria are considered rural schools which are figured at around 710 out of 1,529. 

Victoria, a state in southeastern Australia is considered one of the finest and most decent places in terms of the education system. Victoria has many schools for growing students. The state has a very unique and perfect learning system which provides the students with all the necessary resources needed to get educated. The schools of Victoria follow a three-tier system of education.

Victorian schools

Victorian schools are the schools which were built during the time of Queen Victoria. When the Victorian era started, there were very few students who went to schools to study and acquire knowledge. Children who belonged to rich families acquired education by paying handsome fees. The children from rich families had not had to go anywhere to acquire knowledge, instead, a female teacher who was called a governess came to teach the students at home. The children from rich families acquired knowledge from the comfort of their homes and the children from poor families did not know anything about education. They served the upper class. After the boys attained the age of 10, they were sent to public schools and the girls continued their studies from home.

Education system of Victoria

The education system of Victoria is a three-tier system of learning and education. The education system of Victoria is supervised by the Department of Education and training and this body is part of the state government. The state government aims to provide education to each child of Victoria. It focuses on providing policies and planning advice for the delivery of education among the children. The three-tier model of the education system of Victoria consists of primary education, secondary education and tertiary education. The primary education system involves the schools and high schools or primary schools. The secondary education system includes the higher schools or secondary schools. In the tertiary system of education, all the universities and colleges come under one system. Between ages 6-17 education is made compulsory for all and this shows how much importance education has in Victoria. 

Government schools of Victoria

The education for the children between ages of 6-17 in government schools is free. However, this does not apply to international students. The government schools take the responsibility of providing education to all those children who come from poor families. They aim to improve their lifestyle by providing them good education and resources. This makes them capable enough to survive wisely. The government schools also focus on the nutrition and health of the students. They provide free midday meals to all the students studying there. Students also get free uniforms here. It makes the students capable enough to meet their basic needs on their own.

Private schools of Victoria

Private schools only focus on the academic excellence of the child and nothing else. It is mostly for those students who come from rich families and can afford the fees of the schools. The children who go to private schools get value-based learning. The teachers at private schools teach the children about religious beliefs too. This creates a difference in the mindset of the students of private schools as compared to any other student of the place. This simply means that the students who study in private schools are under more influenced by religious beliefs rather than practical truths in Victoria.

Is education expensive in Victoria?

Education in public schools is free till the age of 17 years. For higher studies, there is a levy on the student for the education per year. However, the private schools in Victoria are much more expensive and are affordable for children who come from rich families. Victorian schools are very decent. They have well-qualified teachers and a diverse curriculum as well. All these traits are one step higher in the case of private schools. For this reason, private schools are much more expensive than any other school in Victoria. The expensive education in Victoria is also due to the favourable environment which adds up to a learning environment. 

Do international students get scholarships in Victorian colleges?

There are scholarship options for international students. The amazing learning environment of Victoria has attracted a lot of students for studies in Victoria and hence every second student wants to study here. The international students can apply for the admissions online and prepare their college applications which are reviewed by the professors of the college or the universities under the tertiary education system. However, despite all these things, it is tough for international students to get a full scholarship and hence many students get disappointed.    

What are some good schools in Victoria?

Some public schools include:

  • Abbotsford Primary School
  • Airly Primary School
  • Albanvale Primary School
  • Alberton Primary School
  • Albion Primary School

Some private schools include:

  • All Saints Parish Schools
  • Bethany Catholic Primary School
  • Annunciation School
  • Columba Catholic School
  • Don Bosco Primary School

The victorian schools have a separate and very unique system of education. The whole education system of Victoria is under public and private schools. The well-qualified teachers of the schools use their experience to bring out the best in the children. All public and private institutes have their preference. The public schools of Victoria provide support to underprivileged sections of society and help them in their growth. The public or government schools of Victoria provide free education to children between 6-and 17 years of age. For higher education, the children have to pay minimal fees. However, private schools are way too expensive and are affordable only for rich family children.

For international students, the scholarship options are available however, full scholarships are unavailable to the students. It is a bit difficult to get admission to the college for international students.

Frequently asked questions
  • What is the literacy rate of Victoria?

19.5% is the literacy rate.

  • How many students take admissions every year in Victoria?

 27,232,095 students take admissions year-round.

  • Do students have religious classes in Victoria?

Students studying in private schools get classes in a religious context too.