Words to Describe Your Boyfriend- 10 Best Words

Words to Describe Your Boyfriend

Having someone you can call your own is a truly amazing thing. It is one of the best things that can happen to anyone. Imagine having someone you can call when you feel lonely when it seems like all your friends are out doing one thing or the other. You feel like talking to someone, because all of a sudden, the house becomes too quiet, so, imagine having someone you can call when it gets to those times, you can call them up, talk, laugh, joke, even get serious, talk about anything and everything. But I guess you do not have to imagine, because you already have such a person, right?. Yes, here are some of the Words to Describe Your Boyfriend.

When you have a boyfriend who is just the absolute best, he treats you right, gets you, is the most caring person you know, and loves him so much when he is all these things and more. You want to let everyone know what you have. You want to shout it out to the world, want to scream it out on the rooftops, but sometimes words fail you. Because he is just so amazing and literally everything you have ever wished for and been waiting for your whole life, words fail you because no praise or compliment seems to be enough, no matter what word you think of, it just all seems to come short of describing him.

But you still have to do it, eh? Lol. Words that describe his personality, his awesomeness, how amazing he is because I bet he wants to hear them all. One common mistake we all make is to assume guys are not into hearing sweet words. Well, trust me, they are. They want to hear it all! Every mushy word, every cute word, every adorable word, they want to hear it all.

And to be honest, saying things like that to him will help to strengthen the bond between the two of you because those words will show that you appreciate him, you acknowledge how amazing he is, and you love him for it, saying those words tells him you see him. So when asked who your boyfriend is, either by family members, friends, colleagues, even your parents, finding the right word to use to describe him is very important. It will help tell the type of person he is to your loved ones.

Pleasant Traits That Can Be Found in Your Boyfriend

There are many traits in your boyfriend, things that make him the sweetheart you know him to be, which make you grateful he is yours. So when you have a boyfriend, and you are looking for words to describe him, the perfect words that will make him smile, it means he is a very special one to you, it means you have seen a lot that pleases you, in his behavior, in the way he treats you, and others, in the way he speaks, wisely and maturely, in his heart, his feelings on things, people and situations.

  1. Pleasant Personality – This is his behaviors; his actions on things and people, the way he treats you and your friends, the way he treats outsiders. Because of his pleasant personality, he treats people with the utmost respect and courtesy, he is not rude, neither does he act proud, he is respectful of elderlies, cheerful with his peers, and understanding with the little ones.

    In situations, he does not act rashly, he listens, carefully and to both sides, before giving his opinion on any matter, he is just and fair, wise and sensitive. And to you, and in your relationship, he is supportive, fun, sexy, determined to make your relationship work, and above all, your best friend. You can always count on him to make you laugh, he is playful, and yet the most hardworking person you know, he is a combination of all.

  2. Pleasant Speech – This is the way he talks; his words and opinions on things and people, the way he talks to you, your friends, your family, even outsiders. He always speaks with respect and confidence, he is not shy of his opinions, but neither is he proud, he knows when to talk and when not to talk, he make jokes and can engage in serious conversations, all at the same time, all because of the trait of pleasant speech in him. In sticky situations, you can always trust him not to speak out of turn, because you know he will listen, carefully and to both sides, before saying what he feels about the whole situation, he will not play favoritism either, because he is reasonable and unbiased.

    When it comes to your relationship, and the way he speaks to you, he respects you and it shows in the way he talks to you, his joke make you laugh so hard, and when you need his speech to be a little on the naughty side, he always delivers, he is in love with your relationship as much as you, and when you need someone to talk to about the deep stuff, you know he is the only one you would rather go to. He is your best friend.

  3. Pleasant Heart – This is his feelings; the most sensitive part of him, the way he feels, about things and people, outsiders, your loved ones, his loved ones. In your relationship, the way he feels about you, the way he respects you, the way he always wants to see you smile and the way he tries to make you laugh, the sparks between the two of you, sexually, and the way he tries to please you, and even when in the heat of the moment, you need to talk, the way he adjusts and takes interest in what you have to say. The way he loves you.

The way he loves with all his heart and is not afraid to show his feelings, the way he knows when you need comfort and when you need to laugh it off.

Words to Use in Describing Your Boyfriend

When you need to describe your boyfriend, it can be with words ranging from his looks to his attitude, to his special features that only you know about, wink! Lol. But, seriously, it could be anything, anything and everything. The end goal is to say something to make him know just how special he is to you. Below are some of the few words that would do just that. Of course, there is a lot to pick from, but these are just the best ten you can use:

  1. Dreamy – I start with this because this is my favorite, and take it from me, if you have a guy that is just this, dreamy, then you have it all, at least in the looks department. Dreamy describes the perfect looking boyfriend in one word when he is so extraordinarily handsome, so strikingly good-looking, you almost weep, you have got a dreamy boyfriend.

    When he is so beautiful, and you always get lost, and you do not want to find your way back either, mind you, when you look in his eyes, when he just pulls you in every time he looks at you, and he always, just simply, takes your breath away, dreamy is the word for him. And you should tell him this, not only girls like to be complimented on their looks, guys put in a lot of work to their appearance and would love to be appreciated for it too.

  2. Brawny – This is my second favorite, right after dreamy. When you have dreamy and brawny in one man, then you are very lucky, lucky indeed, my friend! It is the stuff of fantasies, having a strong, calloused, well-built, well-developed, strapping man (yes, I really went all out with the adjectives, lol!) and he is the dreamy too, well, what more could you ask for, really. I like the word ‘brawny’ because it describes everything that a man is, in muscle and strength, it basically means he is in great shape. He probably gyms and is aware of what he eats, that is, he does not just anything, he is pro-fitness and he does his best to keep fit. A brawny man consists of complete six-pack abs, maybe even more, a filled-out chest, toned legs and arms, and his muscles are also always well defined.

  3. Sexy – Yes, I line them up according to how very important they are. Although the physical things are not all that matter, they are certainly important, they are, after all, the first things that attract you to a person. There can be no denying the attraction you feel to your boyfriend, it is always there, simmering just below the surface, there are different things that different people find sexy, it is different for everyone, it could be a voice for you, and for another, it could be the eyes. Personally, it is both, for me, lol. There are a variety of things that could make him attractive to you, and only you would know that, well, except your best friend, of course. So, whatever it is for you, learn to say it out loud, tell him, let him know you dig it, and him. Telling him will make him feel great.

  4. Debonair – Now, this is a word you probably don’t hear every time. If your boyfriend is debonair, it basically means he is charming, confident, and sophisticated. A lot in one word, I know, but it really is the best word to describe your boyfriend, if he is any of these things. If he dresses nice, neat, and smart, and he takes his time in doing so, meaning he is very dapper, that means he takes joy in dressing up and looking good. This means he would probably appreciate you noticing, and saying something about it, so don’t be stingy with your words and say it. When asked about your boyfriend, and you are looking for words to describe him, there is a word for you, it will help people to know what type of guy you are dating, it will be a reputation that would do well to precede him.

  5. Caring – Now we are getting to the deep stuff, as important as the physical is, the emotional part is pretty crucial too, it is what binds us, what keeps the flames burning long after the physical traits burn out. So, even if he is dreamy, brawny, and even sexy, and he is lacking in the caring category, then you have probably not got the best boyfriend. But, if he is the type that is in touch with his soft side, has a warm heart, loving, kind and gentle. The type that is not too ‘mature’ to do silly things like holding hands, kissing in public, spontaneous hugs, and is good with just showering you with praises, even when you do nothing, the type that is the envy of all your single friends, the type that calls when exactly he says he will, the one that never forgets your birthday. Yeah, that guy.

  6. Reliable – If your boyfriend is caring, then he is probably reliable too, they seem to come hand in hand, being reliable and able to depend on is a part of caring. He is the type you can always count on to be where he says he will be, the one you are so sure he will turn up, the one in which your faith never wavers because he had never given you cause to doubt him. He is steady and dependable, so when asked who your boyfriend is, ‘reliable’ is the word you are looking for, it fits him perfectly because you can always rely on him to deliver, and as a result, your friends, family member, and loved ones can also rely on him. This is a very great trait, so if your boyfriend is all this, make sure to let him know you know it, and appreciate it.

  7. Honest – This is perhaps one of the greatest traits your boyfriend could have, so if he is honest, hold on to him very tightly, tell him frequently how much you live and admire that trait in him, let him know you know just how hard it is to find a true and honest guy. He is the type that will not cheat on you because he knows how much that will hurt you, he is clear in his dealings with you, and other people, he does not keep secrets, he is transparent with his thoughts, feelings, and actions. He would not do anything you would not like, or that could cause a rift between you two, he steers clear of shady things and you can rely on him to always tell the truth. It is indeed a rare and very beautiful trait, to be found in a guy.

  8. Humorous – On a much lighter note, you can describe your boyfriend as ‘humorous’ if he makes you laugh, all the time and without ceasing, he cracks you up with his jokes, you have a lot of fun when you are with him, he is cool with acting silly and he likes to see you smile, so he does a lot of funny stuff until you do. He has a great sense of humor, without being creepy, and he likes to have fun. He also tends to be really laid back, which is a good thing, it keeps the fights to a minimum, he does not get angry easily, he lets things roll off his back, he is free with everyone, again a good thing, it means he would most likely hit it off with your friends and family. This is a personal favorite of mine because I believe there should always be fun in everything.

  9. Assertive – Another commendable word worthy to be used to describe your boyfriend is ‘assertive’ or ‘confident’. When your boyfriend is the type that is sure of himself, always secure in his decisions, sure of his actions, rarely doubts himself, then ‘assertive’ is the word for him. When asked to describe your boyfriend, and he has all these traits, you say he is ‘assertive’, thus not only helps paint him in a good light, as a confident person, it also helps to build his character in the minds of people. Having an assertive boyfriend is a really good thing, because his certainty in things he does and says indirectly helps in your own self-confidence, it helps to boost your own certainty, you believe in yourself even more, because confidence begets confidence. It would not hurt to let him know it too, either, that is always a good idea.

  10. Straightforward – This is the last on the list and probably the best, nothing beats straightforwardness in the guy you are dating. He is not cunny and does not try to cut corners, or be sly, he is direct and upfront about his plans. He is not into impressing anyone, and so all of his actions are not measured by how people will react, he is true to himself and his values. His morals are unshakeable, and he is as real as they come. He does not really care what people say or think about him, it is a really admirable trait to be found in a guy, in this time and age, where we are all trying to impress one another. So, when asked to describe your boyfriend, and he is the truest person you know, you call him ‘straightforward’, and people will know exactly what you’re talking about.

Now, we know nobody can be perfect in all they do or in who they are. So, even as we list all the good things we could use to describe a boyfriend, there are the not-so-good things. And, although we might feel tempted to leave these out, saying them also is not bad, it just shows we are okay with it, and we understand nobody is perfect. And, the best part about it is that there is always a positive side to these unpleasant traits. So, when asked to describe your boyfriend, saying the stuff that is not such pleasant shows that you are in a relationship, and it is perfectly fine to have flaws. But I will not expatiate a lot on them, why focus on the unpleasant, right?

  1. Stubborn; Yeah, a stubborn boyfriend can be quite a handful. But, on the other hand, it just means he is very passionate about that thing he is being stubborn about, and passion is a good thing. He just becomes stubborn when he is unbending, and he is not willing to look at things the other way.

  2. Jealous; I was not even sure if I should put this here, in the unpleasant category, because, I don’t know about you, but a little jealousy on my man’s part, is actually fun, and sexy. Lol. But, yeah, it could also be annoying when he takes it too far and gets jealous when any guy so much as breathes your name. We are independent women, and we do not like to be treated as some property that cannot be shared. 

  3. Scruffy; There is a difference between rugged sexiness and scruffiness. When your man is scruffy to the point of being dirty, well, scruffy becomes the better word to describe him.


  • When do I call my boyfriend adorable names?
    Every time. This cannot be over-emphasized, you can shower your boyfriend with ridiculously cute names, every time. When he does something to make you happy, when he just sits there, hell, even when he just breathes, compliment him, make him blush.

  • What do I gain when I call my boyfriend these cute names?
    A lot, actually. A lot that you do not even realize, because unknowingly, you calling him all these names and describing him with the best words, possibly, helps to make him happy, which in turn helps the progression of your relationship with him.