What Is The Enrollment At Kansas State University?


Kansas state university is also known as KSU and K-state is a public land-grant research university. It was founded in 1863 and was the first and the oldest institution providing higher education providing college in the state of Kansas.  The university’s motto is to rule by obeying nature’s law. The university is constructed of nine colleges in the departments of Agriculture, Arts & Architecture, Planning and Design, Business, Education, Technology and Aviation, and many more. Let’s discuss what is the enrollment at Kansas State University.

It has campuses across Manhattan, Olathe, Salina, and Global.

The university has recorded its highest enrollment in 2014 with 24,766 students enrolling. Its 2020 fall enrollment in undergraduates is 16,257 students with 51% male students and 49% female students. It is the number one university and top 2 party school in Kansas. It offers 96% job placements for undergraduates and 97%  job placements for master’s degrees. It offers more than 250 undergraduate programs, 43 graduate programs, and doctorate programs as well.

What Is The Enrollment At Kansas State University?

What are the rankings of the university?

It ranked in The Princeton Review for various categories.

#1 for the happiest students

#2 for the colleges loved by students

#3 for providing the best health services and best quality of life

#7 for best counseling services

#9 for best sports faculty

#10 for providing the best career services.

#11 for best run colleges

#13 for being the best campus food

#17 for the most active student government

#20 for the best college dorms

What master’s program does the university offer?

KSU offers a wide range of exciting courses. It is also the best place if you want to change career paths. The university believes in discipline learning while in the lap of nature. 

The master courses they offer are:-

  • 28 master’s courses in Education & Training
  • 26 master’s courses in Business & Management 
  • 26 master’s courses in Natural sciences & Mathematics
  • 23 master’s courses in Social Sciences
  • 20 master’s courses in Engeerining & Technology
  • 18 masters’ courses in Art, Design, and Architecture  
  • 17 master’s courses in Medicine and science
  • 16 master’s courses in Applied Physics
  • 12 master’s courses in Agriculture and Forestry
  • 8 master’s courses in Humanities 
  • 7 master’s courses in Computer Science and IT

And courses in Environmental Studies, Journalism & Media, Law, Hospitality, Leisure, and sports.

The university also offers 218 pre-bachelor’s degrees, 76 online courses, and 44 PhDs.

What are the different services the university offers?

Housing services

From freshers to honors students, everyone gets to have housing services. The university owns residential halls, apartments community, leadership and scholarship houses, and houses for honor students. 

The campuses are huge and widespread helping the students stay close to the campus, thus providing students a place to call home. 

ICT services

These services are provided for both students and faculty. The students are provided with these services to increase knowledge gaining, computing, and research. The faculty use these services to offer experiential learning in networking, technology infrastructure, and university teaching for the students. 

Library services

The campuses have large and award-winning libraries. It is a paradise for education and knowledge. They believe that the key to everything is the right knowledge and that can be made available only in a library. The data is stored in the form of videos, thesis, paper reports, and documents.

Medical services

The college aims in providing the best service possible irrespective of the cause for anyone with the requirement of medical aid. It even provides various medical insurance plans which even include dental and vision. They aim in allowing you to meet your family’s requirements and need.

How is the campus and student life at the university?

The university has its charm and versatility. It upholds its history with pride and continues its legacy with grace. 

  • The university is a hub for many Museums, Galleries, and Auditoriums. 
  • Exhibitions featured the artwork of students and faculty, an insect zoo,  Historic Costume, and Textiles Museum, and are known for their lecture series where the speakers are high-profile members. 

It is a place where the students can relax, feel free and enjoy learning. 

  • It has more than 400 student organizations 
  • It constantly holds performances, plays, concerts, and dances for the students to entertain themselves
  • It’s the best place for the students to use their skills and leadership and gain greater experience in life.
  • Student leaders work hard in providing better on-campus living experiences for the students. 


The university is known for its research achievements and credentials. And its long last interest in agriculture is known by its former names such as Kansas state university of agriculture and applied science which fell out of use over time. It has given more outstanding research contributions in the field of agriculture, radio & television. Their contributions are stored in the university library in the form of a thesis, reports, and research papers for the future generation to refer to and know about. There is a local branding of the K-State research exchange.


KSU debuted in intercollege sports in 1890 and the team is called wildcats their official color being royal purple makes it one of the few colleges having only one official color. They participate in NCAA Division1 and the Big 12 Conference. Their fight song is wildcat victory. 

The sports offered by the college include football, basketball, cross country, track, baseball, golf, tennis, rowing, soccer, and volleyball. They provide scholarships and leadership opportunities for the students as well.


The university is one of the oldest and most known-for universities in the united states. Anyone who is getting into this college has done the best thing ever. This university is the best place for getting a quality education and does not have complicated admission processes. It is a considerable achievement to get into this college. It is the best college any student can ask for. They have splendid career opportunities for their students and aim to provide the students with the best knowledge. If you have this college on your list then go for it as it will give you a lifetime of experience and skills.