Is Brooklyn College Prestigious?


Brooklyn College is the first coeducational public University in New York. Connected with the City University of New York (CUNY) program, the college provides various undergraduate and graduate degrees across five schools. It offers a core curriculum for undergraduate education across all affiliating schools. This curriculum provides basic interdisciplinary education to the students in the field of art, science, philosophy, and literature. Established in 1930, the University is committed to providing excellent education to students at an reasonable price. The question arises Is Brooklyn College prestigious?

Ranked among the top ten colleges associated with the CUNY program, Brooklyn College is a prestigious college with reasonable tuition fees. In 2021, In The Princeton Review, the college is at 35th position for its value education. This is the third successive time that the college is included in the list. In a nationwide survey held recently by the state administration, Brooklyn College is ranked 20 for the extent of financial aid given and student satisfaction.

Is Brooklyn College Prestigious?


Is Brooklyn college prestigious? Popularly known as “Poor man’s Harvard”, Brooklyn College was initially tuition fees. However, after the bankruptcy of New York City, the College charged its first tuition fee in 1976. The first campus was established in downtown Brooklyn near a busy commercial complex. Initially, Architect Randolph Evans designed the campus in Georgian – style spread over 35 acres. 

The college was consistently the center of the best students with independent thoughts. During the Vietnam War, it became the center of student protests against the War and emerging ethnic and racial empowerment movements. Due to widespread protests, the reputation of the college suffered for some time. With time, however, the College can regain its previous glory. 

Campus Life

Brooklyn College has a diversified and bustling student life. It has around 16,000 students enrolled in various courses. The college hosts students from 136 countries, speaking more than 96 languages.  The college has more than 100 student clubs and a West Quad Center for gym enthusiasts. The college also has a library café including Starbucks and an online book store, providing complete course materials and pricing options on a single page.

There is a student corner also that is always buzzing with activities. The students are motivated to coordinate and engage in various interdisciplinary workshops including drama, culture, and visual art. Brooklyn students have free access to Brooklyn Museum and Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

Affiliating Schools

Brooklyn University has five affiliating schools. It includes a business school (Murray Koppelman School of Business), School of Education, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, School of Natural and Behavioural Sciences, and School of Visual, Media, and Performing Arts. These schools provide quality education with utmost student satisfaction. 

Library Infrastructure

The college has a state-of-the-art library including a 24 hours internet café. It has two multimedia viewing and listening rooms with a surround sound system. This provides a complete theatre experience. The library has more than one million hard-bound and over 6,00,000 online books available for students and faculties.

The library has three computer rooms containing more than 800 computers. These computers provide high-end computing facilities to the students and faculties. It also has a special collection division consisting of various rare books.

International Students

Brooklyn College is highly popular among international students. Recently, according to a nationwide survey, Brooklyn College has been placed among the top 350 most populous colleges for international students. These students come from every corner of the world but the largest number of students belong to Chinese, South Korean, and Indian nationality.   Many international students are enrolled in Liberal Arts General Studies, Basic Developmental & Remedial Education, and Accounting.

Athletics Team

In 2010 Brooklyn College has adopted Buster the Bulldog as their mascot. It makes regular appearances on campus during sports competitions. Their athletics team is also nicknamed bulldogs. The athletics team mainly participates in basketball, cheerleading, cross country, soccer, swimming & diving, tennis, and volleyball competitions and usually dominates CUNY tournaments.

Residential Facility

Most of the students are daily commuters. Brooklyn University does not provide a residential facility to its non-resident students. However, there are many private facilities are available at affordable prices. 

The University has also set up a separate student division that helps the students to find the best residential facility on a budget. 

Alumni Association

Alumni University has a dedicated office of Alumni engagement to connect with its alma mater. The office regularly emails college magazines to their alumni and informs them about the events happening on campus. More than 1,60,000 alumni are registered with the association. The alumni association works tirelessly to provide services, activities, and programs for its members. Their distinguished list includes Senator Bernie Sanders, Senator Barbara Boxer, Biochemist and Nobel Laureate Stanley Cohen, and Actor James Franco.


Is Brooklyn college prestigious? Brooklyn College is the symbol of education and tradition in the United States of America. It is known to provide affordable education to its people. The college has a reputation for encouraging students to think rationally and take independent decisions. Its alumni have achieved great heights in their respective fields. Their testimonials on social media confirm that they consider the college to be an important pillar of their success. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Brooklyn College offer online courses?

A: Yes. Brooklyn College offers a few online courses. You can check the list of online courses and their schedule on the college website.

Q: What is the minimum GPA required for admission to Brooklyn College?

A: Students with a GPA of more than 3.0 have a better chance to get admission to college.

Q: What food options are available on campus?

A: The college campus has many food joints that provide grab-and-go facilities as well as a cafeteria and Starbucks. You can visit the college administration website for detailed information. 

Q: What is the average fee for graduation and post-graduation courses? 

A: Brooklyn is an affordable college. The fee of a course varies and depends upon the subjects you have taken up. On average, the tuition fee for undergraduate college is approximately $3500 and for post-graduation courses $5000.

The fee structure is different for international students. You should visit the college website for further details.