Is College Free in New Mexico?

Is College Free in New Mexico?

New Mexico’s cost of living is less than the national average in the U.S but is college free in New Mexico? Studying in the state of New Mexico is a special experience. The outstanding mountain views that keep going, the clear sunny skies and the deep-rooted culture and art are something to marvel at. There is so much about New Mexico that makes it so unique like the diverse people who live there, you will hear people speaking English, Spanish and other languages. The state has so much to give and it is affordable to live there too.

College is expensive and finding financial assistance for your studies is not always easy. Fortunately, New Mexico is one of the 33 states in the U.S that provide tuition-free college. Most of the residents of New Mexico can go to a public college for free. New Mexico governor Michelle Lujan Grisham signed a New Mexico Opportunity Scholarship Act in early March 2022 that provides free college education for most people that reside in New Mexico. 

Is College Free In New Mexico?

If you are a resident of New Mexico, you can go to college for free through the New Mexico Opportunity Scholarship Act if you go to a public college and you meet the minimum requirements. The scholarship is also available for community college students and part-time students. This is what you need to qualify for the scholarship, 

  • Proof that you have been a resident of New Mexico for a minimum of twelve consecutive months.
  • Proof that you have been admitted to an approved higher education institution for six credit hours per semester.
  • You need to keep a minimum GPA of 2.5.
  • You should be studying for your first career certification, associate degree, or bachelor’s degree.
  • You need to register for each consecutive semester of your chosen course.

What is The Application Process for The New Mexico Scholarship?

You do not need to apply for the New Mexico scholarship. If you meet the criteria for the scholarship all you have to do is go to the financial aid office of the New Mexico public college, you are enrolled in, and the staff will help you get the scholarship.

How Much Is the College Tuition In New Mexico? 

If you are not eligible for the New Mexico college scholarship, you can still find an affordable college to go to in New Mexico. Colleges in New Mexico are affordable compared to colleges in other parts of the U.S. Public colleges are more affordable than private colleges. On average, you can spend $6850 for a year at a College in New Mexico. While nationally the cost of a year in college is around $10,230 for state residents and $26,290 for other people. These are the things you can do to help you pay for college,

  • Apply for another scholarship that you are eligible for. If you perform well in High School, you can have many scholarship opportunities. There are many scholarships out there for different people. There are scholarships for people from minority groups and single moms too. When a scholarship is awarded to you, you don’t have to pay it back. 
  • You can apply for a college grant if you can show that you don’t have the financial means to pay for college. You can go to your college’s financial aid office to see which grants are available for you.
  • Getting a part-time job can also help you to pay for college. There are  work-study programs available in colleges, where you can work on or off-campus to pay for your studies

How Many Colleges Are In New Mexico?

New Mexico has 18 public colleges; the rest are private institutions or public 4-year institutions. This gives you a variety of colleges to pick from. You can have a look at the different programs offered at each college and see which one is best for you.      

What Is Major College in New Mexico?

The University of New Mexico is the largest university in New Mexico. The institution is in the city of Albuquerque. Albuquerque is the capital city in New Mexico, and it is the most populated city in the state. The University of New Mexico is very diverse because it is in a city that is filled with culture. You will see people from Native American, Mexican, and Anglo backgrounds, meaning you will hear people speaking different languages on campus. 

Besides being so diverse, the University of New Mexico prides itself on its academic accomplishments, advanced research, and resources to support its students. There are a range of things you can participate in at the university like their academic workshops, sports events, live performances and see the college museums. 

Is the University of New Mexico Expensive?

The University of New Mexico is generally affordable on average you can expect to pay around $8,863 for in-state and $24,924 for out-of-state students. There are cheaper colleges in New Mexico but compared to the national average (around $10,230 for state residents, and $26,290 for other people) the university is affordable. 

How much is room and board at the University of New Mexico? 

Staying on campus at the University of New Mexico will cost you around $4,890 for a typical room and for on-campus meals you can expect to pay around $4,500. If you want to save up on university costs and your family lives nearby, rather travel to university from home every day. If you commute to school instead of living on-campus will make a big difference in your college cost. 


If you decide to go to a college in New Mexico there is a lot to look forward to. The state has a unique aesthetic that you won’t find anywhere else. The people, the scenic mountain views, the art, and beautiful architecture make it a place worth living in. In addition, the state has various colleges that are generally affordable. New Mexico also has a free tuition scholarship for New Mexican residents if they meet the specific criterion. The scholarship is given to students going to public colleges, community college students and part-time students. If you meet the criteria, you can go to college for free in New Mexico.