How To Reply To Negative Reviews?- Find out

In today’s business world, there is a great deal of certainty that business owners will have issues of negative reviews to contain. If the negative reviews are not addressed, it can also hurt businesses. Now, you may want to know how to reply to negative reviews. We dug into this, and this is what we found out. Let’s figure out, How To Reply To Negative Reviews?

How To Reply To Negative Reviews

Once negative reviews are dropped, it is the responsibility of the business owner to respond most professionally. Notably, the way you handle negative reviews goes a long way to show how you value your customers’ opinions, whether new or old customers.

Customers who have given a company a five-star rating are more likely to return. Inadvertently, suppose a company has a low star rating, and perhaps, a customer has dropped a negative review concerning that company or business. In that case, it will not speak well of the business. As you continue to read this piece, we will tell you more about negative reviews and how to handle them.

What Is A Negative Review?

Nowadays, people research the product they intend to buy before deciding. They do this by reading such product reviews online, and as a result, they will see all the recommendations given by people or customers who may have purchased such products before.

Usually, a prospective buyer will look at the product description and, more importantly, the reviews. We have two types of customer reviews: positive reviews and negative reviews. Negative reviews show a customer’s past poor experience with your product, which could be either good or bad.

What Impact Does A Negative Review Have On Business?

As we said earlier, people will like to have first-hand information about a particular product before buying them. Therefore, if the person read tons of positive reviews about the product and perhaps came across a single negative review on the same product, at this point, the single negative experience will not hold much weight.

Similarly, one positive review among a slew of negative reviews isn’t going to help build trust. Not every negative review will hurt your business; however, if every review is negative, you’re certainly doing something wrong.

How Do You Respond To Negative Reviews?

If you get negative feedback, you can use these six steps below to respond in a way that will be good for both customers and your brand’s reputation.

Step 1: Stay calm and don’t freak out.

When you see that first negative comment about your business, there is a tendency for you to get panic, but don’t allow this to get you down because the bad review will always happen. So concentrate on the fact that you know how to respond and act quickly.

Step 2: React to the unfavorable feedback.

When replying to unfavorable reviews, regardless of the type, never utilize the same canned comments repeatedly. Customize each one based on the customer’s detailed feedback. Copying and pasting the same message does not make the client feel heard, and it is likely to exacerbate the problem.

Step 3: Look for what you can pick from the negative.

Allow yourself time to process a negative review written by a consumer. Did they have a negative time at your establishment? What had gone wrong? What did they anticipate? 

You may be able to discover and correct internal practices if you answer these questions and understand what happened. And, in the end, you and your organization will benefit.

Step 4: Pay attention to the feedback.

It’s critical to pay attention to what your customers are saying about you. If you refuse to pay attention to what people say, your brand and earnings might suffer. 

Step 5: Apologize for your actions.

Even if the problem is not entirely your fault, it is critical to apologize to your consumer to heal a negative customer experience. Although you may feel reluctant to apologize, a sincere apology can help change a negative situation into a positive one. There’s also no need for a lengthy apology. The ideal answer is always a straightforward apology followed by an offered remedy.

Step 6: Show your gratitude

Take your time to show your customer that you appreciate their opinion, even if it’s negative. Always appreciate the customer for their input, even if it is negative.

When You Receive Negative Social Media Reviews, How Do You Respond?

There’s no denying that as a business owner, you’ll be dragged by internet trolls, keyboard warriors, and even competitors who may act as customers or a genuine customer complaint; regardless of how good your product is or how strong your brand’s customer service skills are, you’ll be subjected to the solid negative social media criticism.

To avoid negative reviews from social media taking a toll on your business, we will advise you to do the following to regain the confident repose of you your customers who patronize you:

1. Respond as soon as possible.

It’s essential to respond quickly, if impossible, on the same day. When you respond to a customer’s negative review timely, it shows that you are not active but eager to know what people say about the company’s product, service, and brand.

2. Demonstrate that you are paying attention.

Restate the reviewer’s original complaint in your response. This demonstrates to the reviewer that you have read and considered their issues. Use their name to thank them and make the response more personal.

3. Maintain an optimistic attitude.

Even if you’re positive, the person is lying about their experience of being a client or customer. Keep it friendly and offer to take action to resolve the problem. If you want to comment that you don’t recall them doing business with your company, go ahead and do so, but keep it light and answer as you would to any other reviewer.


You will receive a negative review no matter how successful your business is or having a solid brand. Though a negative review can’t hurt your business if it comes from a single individual, it will be wrong if most of your customers say the same thing about your business.

Taking the time to connect with clients, whether they have problems, compliments, or complaints, demonstrates that your company is active and responsive. However, when unfavorable evaluations come in, please do your best to handle them. Negative reviews show your clients that you don’t care about their opinion or experience with your goods if you ignore them.