How to be a Good Boy?

How to be a good boy?

Nobody likes seeing a disobedient kid throwing tantrums over his mom over something as silly as not buying his/her favorite chocolate when he/she is sick. Being bad is just very easy, it takes zero effort, and that’s why most kids don’t realize that they are being difficult and even if they know that they are being different they don’t know how to deal with it or what to do when someone says “Be a good boy”. In this article, we will be discussing a few behaviors that are considered good by society. Here, let’s know How to be a Good Boy?

Being good is a choice, a tough one but the best. When you are good from a young age you will be able to lead your life with discipline and bring success to yourself. Firstly, listening to your elders will get you a lot of wisdom and advice. It shows that you respect your elders’ words. Learn behaviors that are respectful and useful.

In a child’s life, there are three areas of their lives where they can be good

• At home

• At school, and

• In public 

How to be a good boy at home?

Your home is where you will spend most of your time with the people who love you more than anything in this world. When you are a good boy at home, things become less stressful for your parents.

• Listen to the elders at home:

This is the best and simplest way to be a good boy. Listen to what your parents or grandparents have to say or ask you to do. Do what they ask you to without much complaining. If at all, what they ask you to do seems unreasonable, you can decline but in a calm respectful way.

• Do chores:

Help clean up messes rather than creating them. Being a good boy means that you will have to do chores in your home, which is not a bad thing. You are responsible for the mess you make, so it’s not wrong if your parents ask you to clean them. It’s even better if you clean them by yourself without your parents saying anything. This would bring immense happiness to your mom and dad. Not just your mess, you must help clean the home in general. 

• Be good to your siblings:

Another way to be a good boy is to be nice to your siblings. If you are the older sibling, work towards being a role model and if you are the younger sibling, avoid teasing your older sibling and give them space. Remember that nobody likes seeing siblings fight all the time. This just gives the impression that you both can not be left alone and need constant supervision, which is not what you want. Avoid picking fights with your siblings.

• Learn good habits:

Learning good habits such as greeting elders, doing your homework, completing your chores, Will help you be a good boy. These habits make you more valuable and hence a boy with discipline.

• Apologize when it’s your mistake

Being a good boy means asking sorry when necessary. Instead of blaming others, ask sorry. Don’t be rude, it’s okay to make a mistake, but it’s wrong to not apologize and create a nuisance. When you apologize, it simply solves the problem and the elders feel a little more at peace. The best kind of apology is when you are genuinely sorry for what you did and you show it.

• Respect the rules at your home:

Every home has its own set of rules like leave your shoes out or no screens after 9 pm, no matter what it is, learn to respect them and follow them. If your parents make a rule, they know that it’s good for you and you must follow them. Not obeying means that you do not respect your parents, which is not what a good boy does.

• Make your parents’ lives easier:

Your parents do a lot of work and go through stuff that is hard for you to understand, so when you act inappropriately, it makes it harder for them. Be nice to your parents, show them appreciation. Do work even though you are not asked to and study well. All this will keep them happy and be grateful to you. Parents get easily overwhelmed by the workload they have and get upset. In such times, do things to make them happy like cook them a simple dinner or do the chores.

How to be a good boy at school?

A school is a place where you learn the world and discipline, the two most important aspects of life. Hence, you have to learn to be a good boy at school, with your teachers, friends, and classmates.

• Listen to your teachers:

Your teachers work harder than ever to make sure you learn about the happenings in the world and you must listen to them. They are humans too like you and will appreciate more than anything if you pay attention to what they have to say. If the teacher is happy with you, there will be no complaints about you and hence your parents will be happy too.

• Maintain class discipline:

Don’t be that guy who always picks fights, never does his homework, and is just trouble in general. Be a good boy, talk politely with your teachers and classmates, do your homework, study at your home, learn good manners, etc. Most importantly, follow the class rules set by your teachers to avoid a bad reputation.

• Study well

It is not necessary that you have to score all As in your exams, but efforts are what amount to something. Do your homework and study regularly. Good boys tend to score well in exams as they make efforts to learn. When you study, you respect the idea of education.

• Be kind to your classmates:

A good boy doesn’t bully his classmates. It might look cool and feel good, but in reality, it’s very wrong. Help your classmates, be nice to them. Don’t be arrogant and try to be the smartest of all. Be modest.

• Respect everyone at school:

You might feel a janitor wouldn’t need any respect and you can behave however you want with him, but that’s what a bad boy would do. Whoever works in your school is your elder and is working hard to provide you with education and comfort. Everyone deserves equal appreciation and respect.

How to be a good boy in public?

In public, you might be alone and you might not. In either situation, you need to learn to be a good boy. Being a good boy in public will bring you respect and adoration from the people, which will, in turn, bring happiness to your parents and siblings.

• Don’t be rude to your parents in public:

Disrespecting your parents in your home is one thing, and disrespecting them in public is another. When you don’t listen to your parents in public or act rudely in public, you embarrass them and yourself in front of everyone, so avoid arguing, making a scene, behaving rudely, or ignoring them. 

• Don’t throw trash on the road:

It’s not good for you to throw trash on-road as it dirties the place, instead, throw the garbage in a nearby public dustbin. If you don’t find one, carry it to your home and throw it there.

• Feed the animals in society:

Animals are lives too and a good boy cares for everyone in society. Remember that just because animals cannot talk doesn’t mean they don’t feel what we feel. When you see a dog walking at a distance, try giving it water or food instead of picking at it or hitting it.

• Help the elders and the ones in need:

Another way to be a good boy in public is to help the elders and the ones in need, such as a disabled person. You can help them by crossing the road, carrying their things, etc. 

Being a good boy takes a lot of work, but remember all that effort is worth the smile on your parent’s face. Show respect and be kind to everyone around you. A good boy will not be rude to his family, friends, and teachers instead will make them happy with his behavior.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.   Why do I have to be a good boy?

A: When you are a good boy, you will be loved by everyone around you. You will be a lesser burden to your parents and they’ll be happy to have a son like you. Things will be calm at home and there will be fewer fights. At school, you will have good friends and the teachers will be proud of you. You will be able to score well and study better, shaping your future. You will learn to be more disciplined and respectful.

2. What do I do if someone is bullying me?

A: Do not resort to physical violence. It will not do any good. Talk to a trusted person. It could be your parent, friend, relative, or teacher, and let them take action.