Examples Of Thank You Notes For Prayers Due To Illness

Thank You Notes For Prayers

One thing that keeps a vibrant individual down on their backs for weeks without being heard or without being able to engage in their usual activities is being ill. Sickness has a way of destabilizing people without seeking their consent, but one thing that keeps an ill person eager to fight for survival is friends and family that are praying for their recovery. Here are the Examples Of Thank You Notes For Prayers Due To Illness.

There are several thank you notes that you can send to those who were praying ceaselessly for your recovery. One example of such notes is this; “I am most delighted at how you tirelessly kept praying for me all through this trying season of my illness. I am sure that my recovery would not have been this quick if not for your prayers, thank you so much Olamide for standing in the gap for me”.

What You Should Know About Falling Ill?

Being ill or falling sick is something that is not desired by anyone, except in rare cases where an individual is trying to be mischievous or feign sickness to get their way with something, otherwise, no one wants to be ill.

Illnesses come with a lot of disadvantages than advantages. The cons about falling ill outweigh the pros of it, this is because of the aftermath of what it does to the victim, that is, the one that fell ill.

Been ill does not only affect the person that is ill, but it also affects everyone that is staying around the sick person, this is because the concentration of those individuals around the ill person will be distorted, all they will be thinking about is how to get the ill person to the hospital or to have a nurse or doctor come to run a check on them to identify what exactly may be wrong with them.

Some of these illnesses come as a result of the individual gene, it is hereditary. So you observe that an illness that was found in the life of a person’s father or mother, you find it reoccurring in the person while some others are a result of errors, mistakes, or an oversight made by the person, whichever the case may be.

Some illnesses take a long time to get rid of while others take a moment or a while, depending on how severe your case may be. But it is best to visit the doctor to make your complaint rather than to self-medicate.

Categories Of Illnesses

There are different categories of illnesses that people suffer from, some are chronic while others are mild.

Typical examples of Chronic illnesses are:

1. Heart diseases  

2. Stroke

3. Kidney or lungs failure

4. Cancer

5.  Asthma

6. Leukemia

7. Migraine

While examples of mild illnesses are:

1. Fever

2. Cough

3. Typhoid

4. Palpitations of the heart

5. Flu

6. Headaches

Many illnesses fall within any of the above categories. Some started as mild cases and because the victim did not pay close attention to them, they became chronic. Some others started as chronic due to the nature of their existence.

Reasons Why People Feign Illness

Have you noticed that some folks feign being ill? It sounds funny, right? But yeah, it happens and sometimes they do that because they are trying to get rid of some things. Here are the reasons why people feign illness

1. They feign being ill to get rid of responsibilities. Some individuals at the workplace are almost always ill whenever a major work project is approaching, they do this so they can be exempted from being assigned strenuous tasks.

2. People feign being ill when they are seeking care and attention. This is another major reason why some folks feign sickness. These are likely to be individuals that are mostly ignored by friends and family probably due to how busy their loved ones are daily but on account of their being ill, they tend to provide care easily. 

Or it could be that these individuals are lovesick and the only way to get the kind of attention they seek is when they feign illness.

These and many other reasons are responsible for why some individuals act or pretend to be ill. 

Best Practices To Engage In That Can Help Facilitate The Recovery Of An Ill Person

Being ill is not something that one should look forward to experiencing, this is because of how excruciating the pain can be. Asides from the pain being experienced, the cost of treating the illness sometimes may be on the high side. Also, being hospitalized or being ill means that you would have to suspend all your social and career activities until you are declared fit by the doctor to carry on with your daily activities.

In times of illness of a loved one, there are certain actions that one should indulge in that can help facilitate their recovery. These actions are:

1. Daily visits

Visiting an ill person is a best practice to indulge in. Though some individuals do not like the idea of receiving regular visits at the hospital because they do not want to feel pitied while some others enjoy the idea of having friends and family stop by regularly to visit them. 

Doing this passes a good message to the ill fellow that they mean a lot to you and you can not wait to have them back on their feet. If possible, friends and family should take turns to visit their sick ones.

2. Going with the ill individual’s play or fun tool

This is another thing that you can do for a sick person. Some people have a particular thing that they love to do now and then for leisure, fun, or to pass time. These playthings could be; reading magazines, fashion or news magazines, drawing or painting, knitting, etc.

There are quite a few playthings that people engage in. You can visit the sick fellow with any of their play tools as long as it is not energy consuming and it is allowed by the doctor. This will help aid their quick recovery and it will help take their minds away from their pain. 

3. Keeping the ill person updated on major happenings in their lives, families, businesses, career, or neighborhood

This is yet another important activity to engage in for a sick person. Most people feel sad when they are ill, not only because of the pain they are feeling or the amount of money that is been spent on their treatments, rather they are sad because of their inability to be at the center of decision making or their inability of having first-hand information of what is happening in their homes, businesses, career, etc. One thing that can help uplift them from their sad state is when you help them to stay updated on what is happening in those vital parts of their lives.

4. Constant words of encouragement

Some people are not as self-believing as others are. Some people would like to be talked into believing that they will survive the health ordeal that they are currently involved with. This helps to flood hope into their hearts which in the long run gives them strength to prevail over the sickness. You cannot go wrong with words of encouragement for a sick person, it is medicine on its own.

5. Engaging the individual in activities that will aid their quick recovery

Several activities can help a sick person recover quickly, it ranges from; taking them out for a walk and site seeing, having very important or key persons visit them, have them watch the news or their favorite TV programs, etc. Activities like this are soothing to their minds, it helps them stay relaxed in the middle of their health crisis.

Some people fail to look to the brighter side of life, they think that having a chronic or mild illness that has kept them down is a big deal, and most times they fall into depression. This should not be the case for anyone that has a family. Family members are meant to be there for their loved ones in trying times like this helping them to make the most of their time while they still can in case of eventualities.

6. Constant Prayers

This brings us to the most vital point of all, constant prayers should be made for the ill person. Praying for the sick to recover cannot be overemphasized, this is the backbone for any and every recovery process. Asides from taking regular prescribed medication you also need to indulge in regular prayers too. People die every day from the hospital, whether from a chronic illness or a mild illness, so there is no guarantee that a person with a mild headache will not die from the pains, but there is a strong guarantee that prayers can help to prevent the loss of a person during illness.

Giving gifts to a person when they are ill is good, but one gift that exceeds all other gifts is the gift of prayers. Nothing is as tasking as engaging in consistent prayers for someone to recover, it is time-consuming, energy-sapping, and requires discipline. For someone to engage in this spiritual exercise for you, it is a clear indicator that the person loves you and is eager to see you well recovered

An individual that can pray for your recovery is one to keep close to your heart and a company of individuals who are committed to praying for your speedy recovery is a team. If persons who are worthy of being called your family, do not trade them for anything.

Examples Of Thank You Notes From A Recovered Ill Person 

What do you do right after you are fully recovered from an illness? Every recovered person always exudes that excitement leaving the hospital or sickbed rest assured that they can now breathe a breath of fresh air. The joy of recovery is priceless especially when it was a hopeless situation, a situation that probably defied all chances of you getting back on your feet.

What is more exciting is knowing the investment that was made in prayers for your recovery, either by the members of your religious group, family members, friends, or colleagues at work. Being recovered and standing on your feet calls for a very important action to take and that is the act of thanking all those who said a word of prayer for you. There are several ways of doing this, either by writing a note of thanks or paying them individual or group visits, etc.

Leveraging on thank you notes, there are several examples of thank you notes that you can write to those that prayed for you, here is a list of different categories of people that may likely have prayed for you and the examples of thank you notes that you can write to them:

1. Thank you note to your family

Dear all,

Words will fail me to express my deepest appreciation to each one of you for coming through for me during my trying times. These past few weeks were the worst periods of my life but what helped me keep faith alive was my awareness of your consistent prayers for me.

I heard of the midnight warfare praise and prayer that you held every night for my quick recovery. I heard of how you took turns to lead the prayers not skipping a day. Now I know that family is everything.

There were nights I battled in pain on the hospital bed, but all I could say was “Lord, if not for anything, for the sake of my family that is praying for me right now for my recovery, save me from this pain”. God answered if not I would not be here today. 

Thank you for not giving up on me!

Thank you for being my strength these few weeks.

Thank you for visiting me on several occasions at the hospital.

Thank you for proving your love for me.

I will never trade you for anything, now and always.

God bless you Bunny, your wife, and your children. God bless you Alex and your fiance Kyle.

I love you all!

2. Thank you note to your religious body/association

Dear members of St. Thomas Anglican Church, 

I am most delighted to write to you from the comfort of my house today. I am writing to inform you that I am fully recovered and I am back in my apartment.

In the course of my stay at the hospital, Pst. Wilfred when he came visiting informed me of the prayers that were made for me every service day for my quick recovery. I must confess I was moved to tears. God blessed me when he helped me to become a member of this religious family. 

To all those who took out time to visit me at the hospital; sisters Patience, Joy, Courtney, Adren, deaconess Stephanie and Brothers Paul, Keidi, White, and deacon Brown, may God bless you accordingly.

I look forward to seeing the entire church during my Thanksgiving on Sunday.

God be with you all!

3. Thank you note to your friends or neighbors

Dear All, 

How have you been? I missed the hood greatly while I was away, it was not a funny experience staying weeks away from everyone. Laying on the hospital bed knowing that I was missing balling with you guys was the worst feeling ever.

The nights of staring at the ceiling made me miss our nights of sitting out and talking late into the night. But one thing that kept me strong was my knowledge of your constant praying for me.

I heard of how you held a prayer vigil for me at the playground every Friday. I also heard of how you all took turns to take my kids to school and back, and you helped Miya mow the lawn. I couldn’t have asked for better friends and neighbors like you.

Thank you for being there for me and my family, my recovery is because you prayed for me.

See you soon!

4. Thank you note to your colleagues/subordinates or associates at the workplace

Dear All,

How have you been holding up? How are sales going? I am writing to thank you all for not turning your backs on me and for hanging on until now.

I heard of the times you joined the prayer vigil to pray for my recovery and you all had to leave from the prayer venue to work every time it was held, how sacrificial that was. Thank you all!

I am fully recovered now and I will be resuming work on Monday. I hope to meet everyone at their best.

Thank you!

5. Thank you note to your wife, husband, fiance, or fiancee 

I do not know how these past few weeks would have been without you in it. You are one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life.

How you spent nights by my side nursing and comforting me, assuring me that we would get through this together were my best moments at the hospital.

Never once did you ever complain about the several backs and forth movements to get me what to eat, wear, and what to keep me company. You were readily available to pay the bills at home, run our businesses and care for the kids in my absence, what more could I have asked for? Your strength was my push, your faith in me was my resting place and your prayers were the beginning of my recovery process.

Thank you for not looking down on me throughout the times I cried in your presence for fear of giving up. Thank you for not taking advantage of my vulnerability all the times you had the chance to.

Dr. Billy said, ” if not for anything, because of your wife, fight harder, she has been through a lot to get us to this point”. I am glad I heeded his advice. 

Thank you baby for not giving up on me, thank you for being strong all through and not breaking down.

I love you now and always!

6. Thank you note for your religious leader

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your immense contribution to my speedy recovery. I thought I would not pull through, but you kept showing me constantly from the bible that I will recover.

You never considered it a bother all the times my wife called you to come to pray with us. You made it a duty to assemble the brethren to lift their voices of intercession for me, I could not have asked for a better pastor. 

Your labor of love will not be forgotten sir, they will speak volumes at the appointed time. My family and I are grateful to you, your family, and members of the church board.

God bless you abundantly sir!


Falling ill is not a thing to desire or pray for. Most times it is advised to prevent falling ill by keeping a healthy lifestyle rather than falling ill and trying to treat yourself. Doctors advise that you go to the hospital for regular examinations, this will help you track your health conditions. 

However, in times when you get caught up by daily activities and you lose track of how healthy you are and eventually fall ill, you should stay with family so that you can be well catered for. Knowing that you have a group of people that want to see you in good health is a good feeling that should be cherished and utilized when the need arises.

Knowing that you have a group of people that want to see you in good health is a good feeling. Having people that can pray for you when you need those prayers the most is priceless. One thing you owe them when you are fully recovered is a note of thanks or appreciation, please do it right.