Best Birthday Invite Text Messages

Best Birthday Invite Text Messages

Birthday month is the best month. It’s full of excitement and celebration. It’s time to put on a birthday bash! Different people have a different outlook about their birthday celebration. Some throw a grand party, some celebrate a simple get-together with their friends, some celebrate indoors with their family. Here, let’s know some of the Best Birthday Invite Text Messages.

Are you planning to host a birthday party for yourself or someone? Do you want to have your friends and family be present? For inviting them, you will need to send invitations. No matter how simple or grand your birthday planning is going, the words/message in an invitation card should be good. 

Here, we have a good collection of invitation messages/wordings with us. These lines will surely be impactful. Keep in mind that you don’t miss other details such as date, time, party location, or themes. 

In this article, we have different ideas for birthdays of different ages. 

Below, you can find:

  • Invitation message for kids birthday party 
  • Invitation message/wording for surprise birthday party 
  • Invitation message/wording for adult birthday party
  • Formal birthday invitation wordings/messages 
  • Birthday invitation wordings based on different themes (with examples)

Invitation message for kid’s birthday party 

  1. We hope you will join us at our cute munchkin’s birthday party. We heartily welcome you. 
  2. Your presence makes us feel blessed. Please come and bless our tiny, on the first birthday. 
  3. Our munchkin is turning one! We are throwing a party on June 26th. Join us for his very first birthday party.  
  4. We are happily celebrating our daughter’s fifth birthday. Come and join us on Kyle’s second birthday. 
  5.  We have a lot of cake and snacks for you. But why? Booyah! It is our Julia’s birthday party. We invite you to join us. 
  6. John is turning seven. The date is near, and we want you to hear. Come and join us! It’s party time. 
  7. It’s the birthday of our tiny Tina. A lot of goodies are waiting for her Foodie friends. Welcome to her birthday party. 
  8. Let us have a wild ONE. Come! Help us! To celebrate a Cool, Wild, amazing party for our princess’s first birthday. 
  9. Hip Hip Hurray, it’s Kendall’s eighth birthday! You are invited to tumble with lots of balls to play. 
  10. Our child is now TWO cool to school. Join us at his Special BBQ birthday party with an extra cake on your plate. 
  11. Hey! It’s my birthday month! I am turning one tomorrow! To wish me a happy birthday please do come. 
  12. As I turned ONE, I am ready for fun. If you want to have fun, come to hotel Aran. You are welcome to my birthday party, see you all soon. 
  13. Brunch and bubble! As my darling is turning twelve. Please, join us to make her birthday fabulous. 
  14. Fantastic fifteen! A cardinal invites me to my sweetheart’s 15th birthday. Bless her with your wishes. 
  15. Birthday bash! Woohoo! Come sing with me! My birthday is coming, hope to see you all, the Prince and Princess, to the cake with me. 

Invitation message/wording for surprise birthday party

  1. Shhhh! It’s a surprise! Join us at a surprise birthday party at Maxwell’s.  
  2. Hey! If you can keep a word of wisdom. Do not forget to come early, because it’s a surprise. Welcome you all to Nicoll’s 25th birthday.
  3. Let’s surprise! It’s Fenni’s 40th birthday! You are invited surprisingly to the show because she doesn’t know. 
  4. Upps! Do not siesta, because it’s a fiesta! It’s a surprise birthday party for our Jason. Do join us! 
  5. Please save the date. We are throwing a surprise party, isn’t it great? We welcome you to Sarah’s 50th birthday party on Saturday at noon. 
  6. Shhhh! It’s a secret! So keep Alice’s birthday bash a surprise under wraps. 
  7. Let’s get together and have a co-conspirator to keep Jenifer’s birthday party a surprise. Join me on May 7th to fulfill this mission.
  8. Hey! Let us keep this a secret! Come and join us for a surprise party for Garnet’s 50s.
  9. Gather together for a big day, as it’s my Granny’s birthday. But wait! Wait! Wait! Do not tell her! Let us conspire against her and throw a surprise party.  
  10. It’s a secret! Keep it under wraps! Join us for Rachel’s 15th birthday. 
  11. A warm invite to a surprise party! Keep it secret, and let’s take a wicket! Ha-ha, jokes apart! We welcome you all to our Granny’s surprise birthday bash. 
  12. Shhhh! Let not the wall here, as it’s my mom’s 30th surprise birthday party. Join us to make it a grand day for her. 
  13. It’s time for a trickster to get tricked. Let’s Trick Lauren, a trickster of our squad, with a wild surprise birthday party. Woo-Hoo! Now it’s her time to get surprised. 
  14. Shhh! we have to keep Justin out of the loop, and then Boom! Let us surprise Justin on her 25th birthday with a birthday blast. 
  15. Hey guys! Let us complete this Special mission of Moorish’s birthday. Join me and let us have fun this Sunday. 
  16. 4oth birthday surprise party! An honorary invite to Jaffa’s birthday. We will be waiting for you to join us in our happiness. 
  17. Let us seal your lips till Monday, June 8th. A hearty invite to a surprise 10th birthday party for my daughter. Join us on this auspicious day.
  18. Angle turning 15. Shhh! It is a surprise birthday party full of food and dance. Come and join us! We will be waiting. 

Invitation message/wording for adult birthday party

  1. Join us to celebrate our father’s birthday. His birthday will not be complete until you come. 
  2. Hey Foodies! A warm invite to my crazy friends for a salad party. Jokes apart, see you all at my castle. Tee-hee
  3. Welcome you all to my sister’s 30th birthday party. Come and bless her and let us have fun. 
  4. Time flowed very fast within a blink, and now it’s time to celebrate Mr. William’s 50th. Invite you all to his birthday party. 
  5. A small get-together at my residence to celebrate my 40th birthday. Hope to look forward to your presence. 
  6. It’s James’s birthday. He is turning 45. Join him at cake cutting and be a part of the part, as it is a milestone. 
  7. Kate turned to her 40s. Your presence will overwhelm her. Be a part of her celebration, and let us chill together. 
  8. I am forty and fabulous. Old friends give me the feeling that I am still young. It’s my birthday! Come and join me. 
  9. I am wild, free, and single. Join me as I am going to be thirty. 
  10. Hey-ooo! I am turning to 3-oh. Come on and pour some wine with my toast of thirty.
  11. Cheers! To fabulous sixties! Join us to celebrate Allison Peterson’s 60th birthday. Let us make her young again. 
  12. Happy 50th birthday! Forties were good, but let us make my 50th great. An honour invitation to you, see you soon. 
  13. Fantastic fifty! Let’s drink to Corinne! Elizabeth’s 50th birthday party celebration. 
  14. A cardinal invites you to Granny’s 67th birthday party. Please join us in honouring Morgan Mellon on November 14th. 
  15. Sweet sixteen! Save the date for Sheryl’s birthday. We welcome you to wish her quinceanera. It’s party time.

Formal words/message ideas

  1. A hearty invite! With great pleasure, we wish to inform you that our Sarah turned one. We will be celebrating her first birthday with a small get-together. The party is at 9:00 am, see you at the venue. 
  2. We are going to celebrate our daughter’s 5th birthday. With great pleasure, we invite you to come and bless her. A cardinal invites you to be a part of the beautiful day. 
  3. A joyful invite! Our father is going to be in his 50s soon. He is worth all the focus because it’s his birthday. We would highly be obliged to have it on this auspicious day.
  4. Dinner and drink! We welcome you to Richard Jones’s 40th birthday. Celebrating this day with you will be honourable. Please, join us and have fun. 
  5. We heartily invite you to join us for a small get-together on Saturday, October 25th, at 2:00, as we are celebrating Ross’s 32nd birthday. We hope to see you there, looking forward to meeting you.
  6. We are pleased to invite you to my 21st birthday party. It’s a get-together for all our family and friends on October 7th, at 7:00 pm at our residence. To have you as our guest would be a wonderful delight. Please join us!
  7. I invite you to a family party for my son Joshua’s 23rd birthday. It is a surprise part., we hope you see you early, before 7:00 pm, at our residency. We will be grateful to have your presence. 
  8. A cardinal invites our friends, family, and dear ones! We are blowing up balloons and icing the cake! There is a big birthday party organized for our Princess, Elizabeth. We request you all to join us and celebrate it. 

Birthday invitation wordings based on different themes

Animal theme

  1. Yippee! It’s Cyril’s fifth birthday! Join us for a birthday Paw-ty.
  2. We are calling all the animals for Taylor’s fiesta. The king of our jungle is having his birthday party. 
  3. As we celebrate Vashon’s birthday, it’s time to get WILD. A cardinal invites you. We will wait for all the animals.
  4. The little king of our jungle is turning one. Join us to celebrate in our backyard. 
  5. My jungle friend, let’s have fun, as I am turning one! Come! Come! Let us run! A cardinal invites you to my birthday. 

Pool theme

  1. Woohoo! It’s my birthday time. Come on! Buddies! Join me at a pool party. Let us have a blast. 
  2. Boys and girls out there come to take lunch by the pool under the sun. So get together to have some fun, as it’s my birthday time. 
  3. Leave your shoes on the door, come and join us for dinner at the shore. 
  4. Hey Buddy! Come and join me in swimming. What are you waiting for, Splash! Splash! It is my birthday!
  5. The water is Cool! So come party in the pool. Bring your towel and suit, because we have a cook. Join us on May 6th for Jordan’s birthday. 

Halloween theme

  1. Spiders, bats, cats, cake, snacks, food, and many more Let us see what the Halloween birthday party has in store!
  2. Black, grey, dark, and night, how you are going to hide. Hey guys! Join us at a Halloween birthday bash on Brylee’s 8th birthday. 
  3. A witchy invite to all the ghouls and ghosts out there. Welcome you all to Jamie’s mysterious birthday party.
  4. My birthday night is just right to give you some fright. You are welcome to have some Spooktacular soiree. 
  5. To all the goblins and ghouls with scary demons and monsters we would like to party with you. Come and join us for our pumpkin’s birthday party. 

Royal birthday theme

  1. A royal feast is waiting for you! The King and Queen, along with Prince Alex, request your presence at their castle to celebrate Princess Alexa’s first birthday. 
  2. A Royal in the home of Princess Anna, We cordially invite you to be a guest of honour. 
  3. Babbitt Bobbitt boo! A princess party is waiting for you! See you soon! Attend Princess Marie’s first birthday ball at her castle. 
  4. Hear you! Hear you! It’s Jubilee time! By Royal order! We invite you to join us for a Royal birthday celebration of Prince Michael.
  5. Time for a Royal feast, as our Prince is turning two! By royal decree, you get invited to Kendall’s birthday. 

Sea birthday theme

  1. Let us have some under the sea adventure. Splish! Splash! Come and Swim over for Bretlie’s birthday. 
  2. To my mermaids and friends underwater, Hope to SEA you. Come and join me in making a splash at my birthday party. 
  3. You are O’ fishly invited under the sea. Come! Join us! Let us have a whale of a time at Zach’s 4th birthday.
  4. Friends of the ocean, you are heartily invited to come and celebrate Rose’s 5th birthday. Let’s go under the sea and make a splash! 
  5. Mermaid Paisley invites you to come and have fun under the sea. It’s my birthday time! Calling all the mermaids on August 26th

Carnival theme

  1. Step in and join the fun! This carnival party will be the best one! A warm welcome to Aiden’s 8th birthday.
  2. Step in one! Step in all! Step right up and get the ball! Come and celebrate Moorish’s 2nd birthday party. Yeah! It’s carnival time! 
  3. Carnival! Carnival! Carnival! Foods, games, candies, and a lot more. Come all! Join us! It’s Lauren’s birthday. 
  4. Hurray! Hurray! It’s Rachel’s Birthday. Here’s your ticket! See you at the top of our way! 
  5. Come and join Sadie’s carnival birthday party. Let us laugh and play on her special day.