Funny Ways to Answer the Phone

Funny Ways to Answer the Phone

Gone are the days of calling people. Most of us are texting people and video calling them. But there are still those old school friends or our parents and relatives whom we call. We receive a call from our parents and relatives because they are not that tech-savvy. On the other hand, our special friends and beloved prefer calling and receiving calls because the emotions and tones of our words are very well understood without any hint of misunderstanding. This is what enhances the bond of our relationships. Here are the Funny Ways to Answer the Phone.

What is the need for funny phone answering greetings?

You might be so caught up in your lives and it might feel like the connection is somewhere lost. It might be a situation where your girlfriend is not talking to you and is mad at you. These funny ways to answer the phone to your girlfriend will be of great use to you. Humour has the power of diffusing any kind of tension or awkwardness in your relationship. Hence, let us go through some messed-up ways to answer the phone.

  1. Change your voice or way of speaking. You can either talk in the voice of the opposite gender or change your accent. It is just the perfect way to make them laugh. It may be possible that they might not even recognize you. If you have just bought a new number, then this is an amazing chance to prank them as well. You can use the voice disguiser as well that you can purchase from the market or buy online. You can also play a dialogue using your friend’s phone. 

  2. Funny ways to answer the phone from movies. Use the dialogue of their favorite character or something from their favorite show. The most amazing dialogues from shows such as ‘The office’ and ‘Friends’ will be great conversation starters for your mentally damaged friends. Such lines are a great point for beginning a heavy conversation where they can share their issues and other mental issues. The laughter will reduce the tension and awkwardness between you too which have been present due to distanced calls. You can also make them laugh for a moment and a long while by reducing their stress or pre-existing mental issues such as anxiety or depression. However, it won’t work in the case of patients who have these mental disorders in a very severe manner. So, you should suggest to them some mental health helplines or a lead of mental health professional. 

  3. Try to scare them off. You can try to mimic the voice of their beloved or their parents as to they have caught their lie. If you do well enough acting, they will believe you easily and will keep on checking the number they have dialed. However, it is important to reveal your prank to them soon. Otherwise, it might lead to a lot of confusion and chaos with their family or beloved. Trying to scare them off will lead you back to your nostalgic memories when there were no social media platforms and the only pranks done were through phone or in person. It will increase your bond with the other person. Making them recall the olden and golden memories will show the small things that you remember about your friendship. 

  4. Ask them for money as a kidnapper does. Again, this fun way to answer the phone is funny for you rather than that of the other person. You can tell them that their best friend is kidnapped. You will also get to see their reaction and how far they can go for you. You can answer the calls this way not only to your friends but also the other strangers or telemarketers. When you respond to wrong numbers or telemarketers in this way, they will not dare to pester you by calling you again and again. So, this is a great combination of fun as well as the solution to a disturbance during your leisure time or your family time. Add a little bit of storyline and dramatic phrases to increase your fun. 

  5. Funny telemarketer. You can target their weaknesses and make sure to market the same idea to them using a funny company name. If they love to eat, you can tease them in a friendly manner by saying that our company named ‘Joey doesn’t share food’ has a great camp for the food addicts. You don’t need to be a great actor for this fun way to answer the phone. It is the content and your creativity that matters and not the voice. Yet, if you can change your normal voice to the robotic voice of a telemarketer, it will enhance their effect. It will make them laugh more and maybe even confuse them for a while. The best part of this funny way is that you can customize it accordingly to the way your friends are. And, hence, you can also use it on your family members and siblings. 

  6. Try to be flirtatious. This is a great opportunity to flirt with your best friend or crush to hint your love to them. And you don’t have to worry if they reject you as you can just laugh it off by saying that it was just a joke. Pick up the cheesiest lines from movies and web series and say to them just like you have heard the actor or the actress say it in the movie. You will understand that this is a very unique and adult manner of teasing your friend. The most amazing part of this funny way is that gives way to one-sided love feelings. Just in case, if they feel the same for you, it is a wonderful opportunity to ask them out. Imagine jokes can be a huge life-changer. Even if you don’t feel anything for that friend, you can always practice your pickup lines on them. Keep practicing and you will finally pick a hot girl in the bar.

  7. Sound like an authority. Be it an emergency number or police number, we always have this fear deep down, to not call them even by mistake. But just think that if they call your number and hear a deep, formal voice of a policeman stating that they have committed a crime. You can also talk like their family doctor where they state that they have just a few days left to live. You need to try the doctor prank only with your close friends, not with any of your acquaintances. It is because of its dark humor. You will terrify the other person the most. It is because you are touching upon their childhood fear. You don’t need to state any other thing to them. You can just be confused as to why have they been called here. Doing more research upon the emergency number, police or doctor’s numbers by watching the videos or in movies, your acting and the way of talking will improve to a great extent. 

  8. Talk like a killer. You can talk to them as if you are coming to kill them. Else, you can act as if they were a partner in some crime. Add lines such as you don’t tell the police or else you will harm them. It will be great fun! They will be left in complete shock. They might even try to remember when did they kill anyone? Their weird and scared, confused responses will simply drive you nuts. Don’t forget to control your laughter for sure because they are going to be so worried and astonished that you will crack up for sure. If you have ever watched detective shows or crime shows, it will be of great help at this point. Not just a killer but you can also try to touch upon any other fear of theirs such as vampires, ghosts and try to talk in a goofy voice. 

  9. How are you still alive? It is a hilarious phrase to say to anyone. They might even be scared of you. Lots of thoughts such as perceiving you as their enemy or murderer might pass on their minds. They might even worry if this life is real or a dream. You might also give them an existential crisis which is surely not funny but a good way to tease your friend. But don’t be so brutal and end this prank soon. You should also not try it with a really sensitive person. He/she might just get frightened and never call you back and pick your phone. You surely don’t want that to happen. But if it is your introvert, old school friend, then you can use it on him/her to help him open up effortlessly. Just think about how great fun it will be for both of you!

  10. Scream like a crazy person. Sometimes, the funny ways to answer the phone are not that difficult. You just have to scream and blabber things like a disoriented person. It will put them in a worry for a moment. It will also make them guilty for not checking up on you sooner. You can stretch it for a longer time as well. They will call you sooner next time and you will be free from distanced calls forever. Don’t tell them quickly about your sanity. When you tell them that it is a secret, they will be in a great dilemma. Keep changing your voice from a sane person to an insane person. It will scare them for sure. Just like the earlier funny ways, it will show you how far they can go for you. You can also add a bit of background noise such as breaking of crockery or banging of utensils. These effects will make them believe as if you have become a madman. 

  11. A call from the future. If you have friends believing in an alternate reality, parallel world or any such non-existing phenomena after watching an influencing web series or movie, it will be a perfect chance to get fun out of them. Though they will be heartbroken after they realize it to a joke and not the reality, you are at least making them aware of the reality. It is always a good thing to snatch your friends from their dreamy world to the reality back again. You can talk in a robotic or alien-like voice and reveal secrets of the universe to them. You can tell them about how the present world will end and change into the world that they are living in. They will just be completely awestruck. You will require a lot of effort to continue with this prank. You need to be in the complete form or character that you are playing. And it will be a major success. 

  12. Talk like an animal. This will crash the hearts of Disney fans because very deep down in our minds, we always dreamt of animals talking in a human voice. You can change animals from different friend to friend. It is going to be child-like fun for both of you. Though it is not something adult-like or naughty, the reactions from the other person will just amaze you; fill your heart with joy. If they understand your hilarious attitude and humor, they will also join you in the conversation. It will turn out to be a fantastic gossip of animals about humans. Too philosophical and a serious conversation it will be, but don’t we all crave to talk with great wisdom and meaning with our friends? It is highly unlikely, but well, you can keep trying your best. 

  13. The person you want to talk to died two years back. We are back at our dark humor once again! So, you can sound like a detached family member. They will feel highly guilty just like the prior funny way. They will be in shock and might even cry. You need to be ready with the story of how you died and how it had affected your family and other tiny details. You can add this dark thing by saying that if they did not call soon enough, you might die for sure. It is a great twist in the story as it helps an unexpressive individual to express his/her deep emotions for the other friend. We usually take things that we get easily, for granted. But it is a wonderful idea to appreciate the small things in life. Let them know that you missed them. You never know how bad someone’s day might be and this statement might just make their day. 

  14. Talk as if you lost your memory. This is the most brutal and yet the funniest way to answer the phone. Act as if you just don’t remember the person on the phone. Even, they will be confused as to whether they called at the correct number or not. If you are doing it with your beloved, it might also turn to a bit of emotional talk. You can ask them to remind you of them. When they use all the beautiful memories that you spent together with them to make you remind who they are, you will feel a new spark in your relationship. Such petty fun things can turn into a significant moment in your life. Surely, calling is the best! You will be able to understand the other person’s emotions that they express through words. Do this prank and you will know how effortless it is to do it. You don’t need to change your voice or tone or anything else. You don’t need to create the background noise too. 

So, if you are lazy and yet want to prank your friends, then this one’s going to be your favorite way of answering the phone. 

Don’t forget these things while doing a prank on them!

  • Don’t lose your character. 
  • Don’t take the fun too far which might hurt them. 
  • Ensure to use the different way every time. 
  • Know the personality of your friend and then customize your way of answering accordingly. 
  • Take the help of your other friend or family member if you face difficulty in changing your voice. 
  • You can also use a voice disguiser, play video or audio in the background if you always laugh in between the prank. 


What is the point in being serious all the time? We have become such boring adults who are dead from inside. We all need to try hard to break off that shell and be lively children again, at least for some time. Laughter is the best medicine, as they say, so don’t shy away or be scared from funnily answering phone calls. So, tell us, which one of these ways are your favorite? Have you decided as to which line to use on which person? Your creativity and humorous attitude will light up things effortlessly.