Different Topics To Talk About With Your Boyfriend Over Text

Different Topics To Talk About With Your Boyfriend Over Text

Texting has revolutionized dating culture since the bright minds that came up with it. The ease with which people communicate with their friends and loved ones has definitely opened the door to having more conversations than one had the option of having in previous times. The benefits of putting your thoughts into the topics you text your significant other cannot be overstated. Else, you come up with lame and tame lines, much like the opening sentence to this article. Many internet search results within this realm revolve around guys looking up witty lines to send to girls, not many cover what girls should text guys. The best conversations are conversations that demonstrate a high level of reciprocity between the conversationalists. This article shall cover the different topics to talk about with your boyfriend over text in enormous detail. Girls, it is time to dust up those thumbs.

Casual Topics

Casual topics are everyday topics bearing light-hearted conversations that can be had over the course of both your days. Many are topics just for the sake of conversation. But, with a boyfriend, no topic is ever just for the sake of conversation. Get comfortable with having these conversations with your boyfriend then move on to the deeper topics.

  1. Talk about his day: Whether the conversation is at the start of the day, sharing the details of his plans for the day, or,  at midday or late in the evening, talking about how his day went, you can never go wrong with asking for the simple everyday details that not many of his friends would ask him about. 
  2. His Favorite Color: Cheesy? I know. But you can never go wrong with ticking the simple things off the list. Plus, this comes in handy if you both ever find yourselves at a couples’ game night.
  3. His Favorite Animal: This is another safe just for the sake of a conversation topic that could easily double as thoughtful and sweet info to have of one’s partner.  By the way, if his answer isn’t “cats, duh!”, it’s probably a red flag, but what do I know.
  4. Music: One of the best ways to get comfortable with your partner or forever person is through music. Knowledge of your boyfriend’s taste in music will develop into long threads of back and forths of music recommendations with little or no words. 
  5. Food: Everyone eats. That simple fact makes this a no-pressure no-brainer. You could end up making plans to meet up for lunch or dinner afterward. More time to spend with boo. You are welcome.
  6. Details Of His Job: Average adults spend the majority of their days at their places of work and businesses. Modern-day offices and places of work are filled with people from different backgrounds, beliefs, races, opinions, etc coming together to achieve a common goal. There is bound to be something to talk about with your boyfriend here.  This is a topic that is certain to get your thumbs moving. 
  7. His Hobbies: This is a broad enough topic that touches on his favorite things, music, and the little sentimental things that made you his girlfriend. If you don’t already know all of your boyfriend’s hobbies, be sure to ask him.
  8. TV Shows: We are in the golden age of television and the choices couldn’t be more difficult. There is so much to choose from that it is close to impossible to come across a person who does not keep up with any television series. Get an idea of what shows put a smile on his face and fuel conspiracy theories in his mind. It’s sure to be a fun conversation that could lead to a few good recommendations. 
  9. Books: Not everyone is a reader. If your boyfriend is a reader, chances are, he would be happy to talk in detail about his favorite books and stories he escapes into.
  10. Zodiac Signs: Despite the ‘bad rep’ Zodiac signs tend to get from time to time, they remain a valid, fun conversation topic. Tease the compatibility or lack thereof of you and your boyfriend’s relationship. Discuss the strong suits and the weaknesses horoscope.com has predicted/discerned from the stars about the future of your relationship.
  11. Hobbies: Find out more about your boyfriend by talking about each other’s hobbies. You can narrow down some shared interests and plan a fun activity afterward.
  12. Favorite Beverage: A simple conversation can go a long way to communicating affection. Text about your favorite beverages and maybe surprise him with a year’s worth of supply of his favorite beverage.
  13. Favorite Spot: Find out that one place he goes to clear his head, distress, and recuperate after an extended period of adulting. This is an intimate thing for most guys. If he shares his favorite spot with you, then he really trusts you.
  14. Pet Peeves: We all have our pet peeves. The things that just turn us off. Familiarize yourself with your boyfriend’s pet peeves as this would help you get to know him better and more intimately. Also, it would naturally escalate into him inquiring about your pet peeves. Ultimately, this chain of messages is going to help you know what to do and what not to do to each other.

Deep Topics

Are the casual topics a little surface level for you? Or do you already know all those things about your boyfriend? Whatever your answers may be to the inquisitions, the deep topics are a way to get into the philosophies that make up the person you refer to as your boyfriend. These topics not only help you know deeper details of your boyfriend but also show you to be a genuinely interesting person. It may not even be a matter of the casual topics being too casual, you may just want more serious conversations that run through the mind of the man you call yours.

  1. What He Wanted To Become As A Kid: This is a topic that is sure to bring back a lot of memories. The good, the bad, the events that shaped career decisions, the events that made his inner kid dream and reach for the stars, He’ll most likely reciprocate and ask you the question. It’ll make for a great late-night text sesh. 
  2. Whether He Followed His Dream: This topic is a natural off-shoot of the former topic. Life tends to have different plans for many people than they had for themselves. Find out if your boyfriend is one of those people.
  3. Racial Inequality In America: Test his understanding of the realities of living in America for the minorities, regardless of what race both of you belong to, awareness is important. Educate him and learn from him. This is a very healthy conversation to have in a relationship.
  4. How He Manages Regret And Disappointment: This is a topic that opens the door to having the vital mental strength conversation that many couples avoid. It is an important question/topic that allows you to see your partner in a different light. This is a vital topic to establish the strength of your partner and his answers may inevitably offer some insight on what to expect should you decide that he is your forever person.
  5. The Greatest Lesson He Has Learnt From Life So Far: Evaluate his self-awareness and self-growth with this topic. A person that goes through life without learning is most definitely not a good choice of a companion.
  6. “Do you sometimes wonder why we are still together?”: Looking for a more personal text conversation, late at night while snuggled up underneath your covers? Get the reassurance we all sometimes crave with this text topic. It is best for long-term relationships. If you have been in a long-term relationship with your boyfriend, this topic unearths nostalgic moments in the life span of your relationship with him. The highs, the lows, the fights, the small and grand gestures, the good, the bad, the ugly, and the make-ups.
  7. “Do you really ever forgive and let go of times that I may have hurt you?”: Relationships go through torrid times. The typical theme of when you and your person start fighting is that the fights always seem to pop up out of nowhere. The best part about being in a healthy relationship is being able to talk about the moments we may have ticked off our person, openly. 
  8. “Why do you think I am worthy of your love?”: This one is both flattering for him and reassuring for you. He will read this as you thinking you may be undeserving of his love and you saying that his love is that much of a big deal to you at the same time. It is sure to drag on into a cute, screenshot-able thread.
  9. “Do you think you fully healed from your past relationship?”: This is one of the topics you want to get out of the way before you get invested in a relationship. However, if you somehow failed to do this at the early stages and now you have a boyfriend, feel free to drop him a text. This one might be nerve-racking to do in person.
  10. “Do you care about how others perceive our relationship?”: This is quite a deep one. In a way, we unconsciously give in to other people’s perceptions of everything we do and try to conform to the expectations people have of us. It is why you would present the same thing in different ways to different people, keeping in mind their expectations they may have of you in relation to what is being discussed. You need to know that your boyfriend is with you fully and his decisions in your relationship are free from external influences.
  11. “What did you think of me when we first met?”: This is one of those late-night topics that put a smile and hopefully a “lmao” expression on your face. Revisiting the stories of the beginning of your relationship is always a cute journey. However, be sure to head out and make new memories.
  12. His Opinion On The LGBTQ Movement: You want to know his stance. Whatever that might be, you just need to know for yourself, to see if they align with yours. 
  13. A Near-Death Experience: Ask about a near-death experience in his life. Many people have a few of them in their lifetime. Find out if he is one of them and how the experience has shaped the person he currently is.
  14. Biggest Regret: Text about that moment in his life he wishes he could take back. There are decisions that people make at the moment that turn out to be bad decisions in the long run. Don’t press, just ask if he is willing to share.
  15. A Decision That Represented A Turning Point In His Life/Career: Get to know your boyfriend on a more personal level. On another side of the spectrum, there are some decisions that signal a time in our lives when everything started to fall into place. 
  16. The Relationship Deal-Breaker:  A relationship comes about by two people from different backgrounds coming together, in mutual acceptance of one another, to intertwine their fates. There will always be friction and differing views and ideologies to scale in this every relationship for this very reason. Text your boyfriend about his relationship deal breakers as part of your text chain. Ensure to share yours too and verify the compatibility between you and your boyfriend.

‘Life-Partner’ Topics

This is a category for you if your relationship has done more trips around the sun, for the times you stare at your boyfriend and have those ‘could he be the one’ moments. This is for you if you are considering your boyfriend as a potential life partner. Many of the topics here cover conversations that would be too heavy to have been had in a casual or short-term relationship. 

  1. Why He Loves You: This is one of those topics that you have an idea of the answer but you talk about any way to feel good about yourself. You love reading the answers and he loves typing out all the things that make you blush uncontrollably at your phone. It’s a win-win.
  2. Where He Sees Your Relationship In 5 Years: If you see your boyfriend as your life partner, this is a discussion you should have in person. However, text messages do not diminish the veracity of his answers. 
  3. If He Ever Wants To Have Kids: This is another topic that is best suited to in-person conversations. But what happens when you are faced with your friend’s newly born and experiencing major baby fever? The most logical thing is to take a picture of the little rascal, and send it to your boyfriend with the caption- “want one of these?” 
  4. How Many Kids He Wants To Have: This is a natural offshoot of the former question. Try not to put too much pressure on the outcome of the conversation. It’s already a win if his views on kids align with yours. And if the both of you don’t want kids, spend all that extra free time baecationing like crazy.
  5. Kids’ Names: This is the natural conclusion of the current line of topics you are discussing with your boyfriend. It is only ideal to get it out of the way after the previous topics. However, you don’t want to have the ‘let’s just get it out of the way’ attitude when discussing this. Else, you risk committing to a name you and your future kid might regret. High School kids are mean, give the kid a fighting chance.
  6. Long Term Career Plans: This topic shows a genuine interest in his professional career. Which, if you are serious about him being your life partner, concerns you both. You can veer off into disclosing your long-term plans with him also. This helps to align the trajectory of your relationship with both your long-term personal goals.
  7. Where He Would Like To Settle Down: The ‘where do you want to live when we get married?’ conversation is a vital one to have, either in person or over text messages. You should go as far as sending memes about locations or neighborhoods that interest you to kick start the conversation and keep it flowing. 
  8. What Type Of Wedding He Would Like To Have: Daydream a little with your forever person regardless of how close or distant in the future your wedding festivities are. No one is completely devoid of their idea of what they want their wedding day to be like. He will definitely have some ideas to run by you and vice versa. Iron out the kinks and plan for your special day.
  9. Where He Would Like To Retire: Australia? His answer better be Australia. It’s roomy and Koalas? Don’t get me started. Create a relationship/marriage retirement plan.
  10. What He Thinks Of Your Family: Assuming, your boyfriend already met your family and things are starting to get serious. It’s okay to ask him for his true feelings about your family.

Playful Topics

A few tips to choosing a partner is to consider the type of interactions you can have with your partner, the frequency of which you have those interactions and, the degree of ease with which you have those interactions. This is especially important for those days neither of you is feeling particularly inspired, these are the topics to help break through the rut in some cases. In other cases, just cuddle.

  1. Movie Franchise Wars: Harry Potter v Marvel Cinematic Universe v Fast Franchise v Star Wars v Indiana Jones v James Bond. Is he one of the misguided few that lists the Harry Potter Franchise closer to the bottom on his ranking? Or are you the culprit? This playful topic is sure to get you typing in all caps and may even break out into an all-out emoji war. Good luck!
  2. Banter About His Favorite Sports Team: Did his favorite team just lose a game? Is he feeling a bit down? Should you be thinking of consoling him in some way, to make him feel better?- probably. But, would you do this? – definitely not. This is the perfect time to send him the funniest trolls of his team’s loss that you can find on Twitter. They say pain only makes us stronger, right? Troll him out of misery.
  3. Milk Or Cereal, Which Goes In First? You may not agree but, this counts as a classic chicken or the egg conundrum. Many seem to downplay what the side of this one stands on says about your entire being. The answer your boyfriend gives to this may make or break your relationship. Tread lightly.
  4. His Craziest Night Out: Trade crazy-fun stories of nights out that almost went wrong, and relive the funniest moments over the phone.
  5. His Opinion On Breakfast For Dinner: This probably qualifies as a ‘Life Partner Topic’. Until then, however, you want to know if the person you call your boyfriend is liberal enough to allow pancakes for dinner. If the situation is that you do not appreciate the culinary masterpieces of breakfast during dinner, then you are the problem. In that case, it’s best not to bring it up, keep it to yourself.
  6. His High School Experience: Good, or bad. The fact remains that he is done with High School (unless you are a very young reader) will make him more open to sharing the experiences. Relive his High school days through his words on your screen.
  7. Would You Rather? You may think this counts more as a game than a conversation topic. But, It’s both. There are many variations of would rather that give a light feel to what would otherwise be heavy conversations to have. Coining a few of the previous topics as would you rather-s will help give a relaxed feel to them, without necessarily taking away the seriousness that would be conveyed had you asked them plainly.

These are the different topics to talk about with your boyfriend over text. The list is not conclusive. The conversations to be had with your boyfriend over text are only limited by your imagination. Get creative, and get typing.