Does Cornell University Accept Dual Credit?

Cornell University is one of the most prestigious private research universities in New York. The process of transferring high school credits to Cornell is simple. Even if the college gives an official college transcript, they do not recognize credit for courses sponsored by colleges or universities but taught in high schools. Here we will see about Does Cornell University Accept Dual Credit?

This article will guide you through the process of determining which credits may apply to you.

Does Cornell University Accept Dual Credit?

Relevant Credits at Cornell University

1. Ap Exam Credit: On a course-by-course basis, students gain credit for their AP exams. A grade of 4 or 5 is expected for course credit.

2. PSEO/Dual enrollment credit: The requirements for dual enrollment credit at Cornell were recently changed. PSEO/dual enrollment credit is limited to six Cornell credits for high school students (or 24 credit hours). With AP test credit, this maximum can be exceeded.

3. Summer Session Credits: Summer session credits in Arts & Science courses can be used to meet the requirements of Cornell University. Summer session credits do not count toward the residence condition for admission to Cornell’s Faculty of World Studies (FWS).

Cornell University Credit Qualifications:

Academic efforts in high school may be eligible for credit if adequate proof shows that:

1. The course was a major requirement for all students enrolled at the college or university.

2. The course is taught by a college or university professor and is taken on a college or university campus with matriculated degree students.

3. The course instructor is a full-time or adjunct faculty member at the college that is offering the course.

4. The course is not listed as a course that counts toward a high school diploma on the high school transcript.

Process for Requesting a Credit Transfer

You can transfer qualifying credits from other universities or count some AP and IB tests toward Cornell University’s requirements in addition to the classes you study there. To learn how to apply for a credit transfer, see the material below.

1. Fill out the Application for Credit from Other Institutions and print it.

2. Submit a written form (along with a syllabus) to the appropriate department for approval for each course.

3. Submit the completed form to Robin Perry at KG17 Klarman Hall for processing once the department has approved the course.

4. Request that the institution offering the course send an official transcript to Robin Perry, Cornell University, Arts & Sciences Admissions, KG17 Klarman Hall, Ithaca, N.Y., 14853, or via email.

Please note: Before completing the “Application for Credit from Other Institutions” form, students interested in transferring Mathematics credits should visit

Eligibility for Cornell University Transfer Credits:

A course must be substantially equivalent in content and rigor to a comparable Cornell course to be eligible for Cornell credit. Content hours, evaluations, and textbooks will all be used to establish this.

The criteria below outline how credits from other universities are assessed:

1. Credit is given for full-time semesters spent elsewhere, up to a total of 60 credits.

2. At Cornell University, a quarter-system credit is equivalent to 2/3 semester credit. Cornell requirements can only be fulfilled with 5-credit or above quarter-system courses. A grade of “C” or above is necessary to transfer a course.

3. All college-level courses taken in high school, as a part-time or non-matriculated student, or after receiving an offer of admission to Cornell must be evaluated according to the current student guidelines. 

4. Resuming students cannot enroll in Cornell courses and courses at an external institution at the same time during the regular fall and spring semesters unless they are part of an official exchange program. These courses do not qualify for transfer credit.


Four semester hours are equal to one Cornell course credit. Only three- or more-semester-hour transfer courses may be used to meet a Cornell major or general education requirement. A four-semester-hour psychology course, for example, would be comparable to one Cornell course credit.

A tentative credit evaluation will be given to an external transfer student who is accepted into the College of Arts and Sciences. The assessment summarizes how many credits/courses they will transfer to the college from their prior institution(s). It prioritizes the courses that will meet college requirements (including foreign language requirements).

Frequently Asked Questions:

To transfer to Cornell, what GPA do you need?

Cornell University accepts a competitive 63.38 percent of transfer applications. You should have a current GPA of at least 3.45, ideally around 3.59, to transfer into Cornell College. Also, you will be expected to submit standardized test results.

To transfer to Cornell, how many credits do you need?

If you graduated from high school and have earned 12 or more credits at another institution or university since then, you must apply to Cornell as a transfer student. You are also considered a transfer applicant if you are enrolled full-time at another institution.